Reaching New Lows: Republicans Attack President Obama for Putting His Foot On a Desk

Republicans should be very thankful their supporters don’t like to think for themselves.  This inability to form their own thoughts and ideas makes them very easy to manipulate and control.  It’s how you get millions of poor and middle class Americans to vote for policies which hurt them, yet benefit the rich. Simply yell out […]

Despite Republican Efforts, “Scandals” Actually Cause Obama’s Approval Rating to Rise

Well, it appears I might have been on to something when I said these “scandals” were good for President Obama. According to two different polls, one by CNN/ORC International survey and the other Gallup, Obama’s approval rating has largely remained unchanged or gone up since Republicans went all-in with the run of “scandals” this past […]

Attacking Obama Because of an Umbrella, Republicans Reach New Lows

I thought I had seen every possible kind of ridiculousness when it came to the desperation of Republicans attacking President Obama—but then just yesterday I logged onto Facebook.  There, I saw a picture posted by some of my Republican friends of Obama giving a speech with an umbrella being held over his head by a […]