A Call to Young Voters: Guest Post by Madison Kimrey

Madison Kimrey is passionate, eloquent, astonishingly intelligent, and an outspoken advocate for voting rights. Living in North Carolina has allowed Madison to witness voting legislation aimed squarely at making it more difficult for young people to exercise their right to vote. But instead of standing silently by, Madison has chosen to become an activist. She […]

Unconstitutional Republican Voter ID Law Slapped Down, Again

Tuesday, April 29th, saw the latest step in the dance between Republican legislatures and the Constitution as a judge ruled that Wisconsin’s voter ID law was unconstitutional. This means that the Badger State joins such states as Pennsylvania and Arkansas (just a few days before) in having their hand slapped for reaching too far in […]

North Carolina Republicans Respect the Constitution Like 16 Year Olds Respect Their Parents

In June, the Supreme Court invalidated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which paved the way for states to move forward with strict new voting laws. The case I’m referring to is Shelby County v. Holder. Many states with Republican controlled legislatures and Republican governors, including North Carolina, did just that. They swiftly began […]