Fifty Years on the So-Called War on Poverty

Having just completed fifty years in the Lyndon B. Johnson War on Poverty, I do not see a lot of fanfare for this particular war. No country songs. No gripping 24/7 wall-to-wall patriot bombs. No graphs by CNN displaying the wonders of the Poverty Bomb on leveling economic inequality bunkers. This may be partly because […]

GOP Sends Memo Coaching Republicans on How to Sound Compassionate About Unemployment

Well, if you can say one thing about Republicans it’s this — they never fail to surprise me.  Honestly, I wake up some days almost excited to see what kind of new foolishness the Republican party will bring me to talk about that day.  Usually my hunt doesn’t take that long. Take for instance the […]

President Obama Makes a Bold Challenge to Congress Over Unemployment

Anyone who’s paid attention to the news lately knows that extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans has been a hot-button issue. Of course the story is pretty common.  Democrats want to extend the benefits while most Republicans do not.  It’s basically what we’ve seen the last few years from both political parties — Democrats […]