Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hammers Trickle-Down Economics At Labor Summit

A couple of years ago when I still had my old page “Whiskey and the Morning After Blog,” I created this image about trickle-down economics which quickly went viral. In it, I addressed two of the tired old talking points I hear from conservatives ad nauseam which are that trickle-down economics works and that President […]

Now More Than Ever, Democrats Need The Working Class

There’s a feeling that both political parties no longer represent the working class, and to some extent, that is true. As we saw in the disastrous aftermath of the 2014 elections and evidenced in the lowest turnout in over 70 years, Democrats are doing a really piss poor job of connecting with those of us […]

Overlooked Supreme Court Case Pits Workers Against People With Disabilities

If you’re like me, you were probably following the Hobby Lobby V Birth Control Supreme Court case for the last year or more, so Monday’s ruling was highly anticipated. It was also nigh impossible to not witness countless arguments on the subject. While it was and is and will be an important case and needs to be […]

Union Busting with Pepper Spray Drones?

Union busting is a practice that has been around since before unions. The classical mode of suppressing workers organizing for rights and fair pay has been, literally, to bust heads. After the death of 34 mining strikers by police last year in South Africa, one company has the ever-so-brilliant plan of arming drones with industrial pepper spray […]

Republicans Love To Interfere With Business When They Can Screw Workers

When it comes to business relationships, Republicans like to trump out the rule of Non-Interference. Government shall not regulate nor involve itself in the affairs of private businesses because government is wasteful and toxic while businesses are efficient and profitable. But this rule is always trumped by the ultimate Republican rule: Never miss an opportunity […]

Union Organizers Win, Anti-Labor Governor’s Family Store Is Now Unionized

Governor Haslam of Tennessee is no fan of unions. That was quite obvious when he and other GOP lawmakers recently did everything they could to stop VW plant employees from joining the UAW. Ultimately they were successful, and for now VW autoworkers do not have any union representation – despite the wishes of the VW […]

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Frozen in Carbonite

As most of us were told in school, fifty years ago a great man made a great speech in front of a bunch of people. And then Black people everywhere were saved and racism ended (or this is the impression we got). Many of us received some variation of that abbreviated lesson early on in […]

The Bankruptcy of Detroit is the Future of America under the GOP

Today it was announced that Detroit was filing for bankruptcy, making it the largest US city to go belly-up in our history. While it was no surprise that this was something that would eventually happen, the scary thing is that many other cities and even our own country are headed in this same direction. This […]

Think Walmart is an Evil Empire? Wait Until You Read This…

I have a confession to make—I once worked for Walmart Stores, Inc.  Not in a Walmart store, but a Sam’s Club—which is owned by Walmart. Now I’m sure many people have read many stories about the evils of Walmart, but you don’t see many about what it’s like to actually work for the company.  Let […]