Story of a Trump Supporter Who Just Experienced Why For-Profit Health Care Doesn’t Work

I spent some time contemplating if I was going to write this article. While I saw the value in the message, I also felt like I might be exploiting a bad time in a friend’s life just to tell this story. Ultimately, I chose to go ahead and write this because I felt this event […]

Jimmy Kimmel Crushes Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Over Health Care in Epic Takedown (Video)

Most people reading this are probably aware of the health issues Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son has with his heart; a medical condition that’s already required one surgery, with two more currently planned, according to the late night talk show host. His story gained national attention a few weeks ago when he surprisingly revealed what his […]

GOP’s Twitter Account Tries Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Plan, Fails Miserably

It’s no secret that most Republicans oppose any mention of a single-payer/Medicare-for-All health care plan. Despite the fact that nearly every other major country on Earth has some form of universal health care system in place for its citizens, the vast majority of the GOP is staunchly against ending the for-profit model we have here […]

Here’s How I Got a Trump-Loving Republican to Admit For-Profit Health Care Doesn’t Work

People who follow me are probably aware that I’ve written a few articles in the past about various debates I’ve had with Republicans and/or Donald Trump supporters. I like writing these types of pieces because folks have told me they enjoy them and I like sharing various tactics I’ve used in these political discussions I’ve […]

Trump Humiliates Himself, Praises Universal Health Care – Bernie Sanders Quickly Chimes In (Video)

House Republicans passed Trumpcare 3.0 on Thursday, a move that was comically celebrated by Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and most of the party’s leadership as some sort of a “win.” I say they “comically celebrated” because this was nothing more than a symbolic vote on a bill that stands absolutely zero chance of […]

It’s Time For Republicans to Admit That There’s Only One Way We Can Fix Our Health Care System

The solution to the “health care debate” in this country couldn’t be any more obvious, yet it’s the answer to a hotly debated topic that almost no Republican will admit is true: We need a single-payer/Medicare-for-all health care system. If we can, for a few minutes, let’s ignore the partisan propaganda, talking points, and fear-mongering. […]

Turing CEO’s Disgusting Disregard For Humanity Shows Why We Need Universal Health Care

I’m a firm believer that some industries shouldn’t be “for-profit.” In my opinion, essential services should not be run by corporations that have but one goal in mind: Making as much money as possible. Take for instance our nation’s health care system. I am a firm believer that our health care industry should be for-patient, […]

Republicans Continue to Beat the Drum for True Universal Health Care in This Country

I try my best to avoid the health care debate when I’m dealing with conservatives. It’s maddening to me how idiotic so many of them are when it comes to this issue in this country. Even when you point out that our life expectancy in the U.S. sits closer to Mexico than it does Canada, and […]

Recent CDC Study Debunks Common Right-Wing Propaganda Against Socialized Health Care

In a fairly hilarious twist, an article I ran across on of all places (re-hosted from the Associated Press) tells us of new data coming from the CDC that shows historic improvements in the average life expectancy for Americans. It also states that while our infant mortality rate dropped to historic lows, it’s still […]

Do You Make $34,000 Per Year? Congratulations, the Koch Brothers Say You’re Part of The 1%

First, let me clarify that this is not satire.  That being said, I still don’t think I’ve fully wrapped my mind around what I just watched, which prompted me to instantly stop what I was doing and write this. It takes a lot to render me speechless, but that’s exactly what happened after I watched the Koch […]