Vet Groups Bash GOP Senator for Blocking VA Benefits: ‘You Clearly Represent the Worst of Politics’

The scandals that have come to light concerning the VA should have been a moment where everyone in Washington came together in one cohesive voice declaring, “This stops right now!” – then actually doing something about it. But, no.  Instead both sides have (as expected) turned it into a partisan issue.  Democrats have bashed Republicans […]

Republicans Using VA Scandal to Attack Obamacare Don’t Know What the Hell They’re Talking About

You had to know it was coming.  A hospital governed by the federal government entrenched in a scandal about improper care being administered to patients was undoubtedly going to lead to conservatives trying to use it as a way to bash the Affordable Care Act. Rush Limbaugh even tried to imply that these are the […]

‘Fix This F*cking Thing’: Jon Stewart Goes Off Against Inexcusable VA Incompetence

Leave it to Jon Stewart to properly cover the incompetence surrounding VA hospitals better than anyone.  And while there’s absolutely nothing funny about these horror stories that have surfaced about secret waiting lists and veterans dying waiting for care, Stewart managed to bring everything together as he mocked the hypocrisy shown by so many who claim […]