Pope Francis Proves Once Again Why He’s Changing the Way Many People View the Papacy

While I know he still has a long way to go to “fix” the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has done extraordinary things during his brief time in his position to bring real change to how the church operates. His most recent gesture involves an Easter tradition. In the past, popes have washed the feet of […]

Pope Francis Makes Bold Move to Address Vatican’s Scandal-Plagued Finances

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Pope Francis.  For a few weeks, toward the end of 2013, it seems he was in the headlines at least twice a week.  And deservedly so.  In my lifetime, I’ve never seen a Pope who’s clearly on a mission to completely revamp the Catholic Church.  Something […]

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Your Holiness: Please, allow me to begin by presenting myself as a not particularly perfect Catholic.  Simul Justus et Peccator and all (that jazz). Beyond that, my journey to Rome has been an interesting one, to be sure. It began with a call to the faith, in universum, from Billy Graham.  There I sat before […]

Pope Francis Removes U.S. Cardinal Popular with Conservatives from Powerful Vatican Position

You can bet this is going to get a reaction from quite a few conservatives.  Pope Francis has removed U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, popular with many conservatives for his outspoken stance against abortion and same-sex marriage, from a powerful position within the Vatican. Cardinal Burke was taken off the Congregation for Bishops, which is the […]

Bush Makes Ridiculous Accusation Against President Obama Over Vatican Embassy Closure

You know, sometimes I think Republicans just sit in rooms playing a game called, “How can we blame _____ on Obama.”  I truly believe that if President Obama cured cancer, Republicans would say he was trying to kill the cancer treatment industry. Jeb Bush becomes the most recent Republican to make a completely absurd accusation. […]

Sarah Palin Implies Pope Francis is Too “Liberal” for Daring to Act Like a Christian

The tea party “expert on everything” has once against blessed us all with her extensive knowledge.  In a recent interview, Sarah Palin said of Pope Francis, “Having read through media outlets, he’s had some statements that to me sounded kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me.” I’m almost sure she’s referencing the […]

Pope Francis May Not Be The Pope We Want, But He’s The Pope We Need

Normally, I tend to defer to Arik Bjorn when it comes to writing about matters of religion, but with the most recent proclamation by the Pope, I am going to have to make an exception to that rule. Every time a new Pope is elected by the conclave of cardinals, we see a number of […]