Here’s an Appalling List of All the Times Trump’s Disrespected Our Military and Veterans

I remember when, a few years back, Republicans and the conservative media had a mini meltdown because Barack Obama saluted the Marines standing outside Marine One while holding a coffee cup. In their minds, that was the ultimate sign of disrespect. For those who may have forgotten, or think that I’m joking, I’m being absolutely […]

WWII POW Delivers Powerful Message to Donald Trump About His Disrespect of Veterans (Video)

Of all the things Donald Trump has said during his campaign, the one comment that sticks out to me most was his blatant disrespect for veterans, and in particular POWs, when he said that Sen. John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he “likes people who weren’t captured.” However, as we all know, that hasn’t […]

Veterans Group Blasts ‘Cheap Fraud’ Donald Trump for Lying About the Money He Raised

Of all the things Donald Trump has said or done over the course of his campaign, the one thing that I feel exposes the true hypocrisy and ignorance of the average Republican voter was when he mocked Sen. John McCain’s war record, saying that he didn’t consider POWs war heroes because he “likes people who […]

Amazing News: Texas City Announces It’s Ended Veteran Homelessness

If there’s one “bipartisan” issue in this country both sides can agree on, it’s that our military and our veterans deserve universal and unconditional praise for their service to our country. Well, unless you’re GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who publicly stated nearly a year ago that he doesn’t consider members of our military who were POWs […]

America’s Fake Patriotism Is An Insult To Our Veterans

At every sporting event I’ve been to over the past couple of decades, there has been some sort of tribute to the armed forces. Even at the SPHL hockey games here in Louisiana, we have everything from ticket giveaways to veterans to military recruits taking their oath of enlistment on the ice in between periods. […]

Sarah Palin Exploits Veterans at CPAC in Desperate Attempt to Save Her Public Image

To say the last year has been a rather rough one for Sarah Palin would be an understatement. While she remains a constant favorite among millions of ultra-conservatives, she’s made an absolute fool out of herself on several occasions. I even wrote an article last summer expressing a legitimate concern that something just isn’t right […]

Conservative Disregard For Veterans Exposed After “American Sniper” Loses At Academy Awards

The Academy Awards were presented Sunday evening. Winners included Eddie Redmayne for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, Common and John Legend for their song “Glory, written for the film “Selma,” and the documentary “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1.” Late Sunday night, many felt a ripple in the fabric of the conservative universe, as if millions […]

Maddow Blasts Republicans For Blocking Veterans Bill that was Passed 93-3 in Senate (Video)

It always makes me laugh when Republicans say that President Obama is the reason why Congress has failed to get anything done the last few years.  Because, you know, he was the one who held the debt ceiling hostage, shut down the government, refused to allow a vote on a bipartisan immigration bill and set […]

Let’s Be Honest, Most Politicians Just Use the Military as Political Props to Make Themselves Look Good

I’m sure this article might ruffle a few feathers, and that’s okay.  I think sometimes the best discussions are developed from topics that are controversial.  And in light of these recent VA scandals, I’ve reached a point with the finger-pointing between both political parties that I simply can no longer stomach it. Because when it comes […]

Jon Stewart Praises Bill O’Reilly, Points Out Long History of U.S. Screwing Its Vets (Video)

While I’m glad that the inadequacies of the VA system are finally getting some much needed attention, the way some have tried to turn our failure to take care of our vets into a partisan issue is nauseating. The harsh reality is that Republicans and Democrats alike are both equally guilty of screwing over our veterans. […]