Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Child Abuse, Pearls of Wisdom & Plumbing Tube

I would like to think that the reason the All-Knowing Tetragrammaton failed to include prohibitions against child abuse on the stone tablets of the Decalogue was not because the tablets were only yea big, but because the Creator of the Universe considered the subject so obvious that not even human beings needed to be reminded […]

The Caterpillar that did not Die in Vain: A Progressive Parable

When I picked up my daughter Katherine from school the other afternoon, her class was on the playground. From a distance, I noticed that she and a number of her preschool classmates were huddled around something. There was so much shrieking and hullabaloo that at first I wondered whether the throb band One Direction was […]

Progressivism vs. The Universe: A Redwood in a Thunderstorm

Even a casual student of history understands that the world—hell, the universe—has not changed much with respect to violence over time. Maybe a better way to frame this is to say that the Big Bang is more a fan of the Fourth Crusade than of Christ and Gandhi. One of the most common water cooler […]