5 Reasons Why Tuesday Was So Incredibly Embarrassing for Trump, Republicans

In case you hadn’t heard, Tuesday was a fairly bad night for Donald Trump and the Republican Party, especially in the states of Virginia and New Jersey where Democrats won both governorships. No matter how the conservative media might spin it (or ignore it, apparently), Tuesday evening was an incredibly embarrassing night for Trump and […]

Virginia Revokes Out-Of-State Concealed Carry Permits, Gun Fanatics Flip Out

Concealed carry laws allowing people to carry concealed handguns are in place in many states across the United States. In the hands of a responsible individual who is trained and understands the laws, the ability to carry a weapon isn’t necessarily a bad thing – an opinion I know many liberals will likely disagree with […]

Parental Freakout Over Islam In World Geography Class Causes Augusta County, VA Schools To Close

Periodically, I go back to read the local news on The Daily News Leader, the website for the paper I grew up reading. Nearly 15 years ago, I packed up my stuff and left Augusta County, Virginia – and haven’t been back since 2004. The Shenandoah Valley area is where I was born and raised, […]

Ted Cruz’s Virginia Campaign Co-Chair Once Compared Women’s Health Providers to Nazi Death Camps

As Republican primary voters slowly begin to lose their fascination with Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Ted Cruz is poised to make a move toward winning Iowa and New Hampshire. The Iowa caucus is just a few weeks away, and nobody has the campaign infrastructure around the country quite like Cruz does. While Carson and […]

Bernie Sanders Is Right, America Was Founded On ‘Racist Principles’

Senator Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop at right-wing evangelical Christian Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia after which he made a statement that will anger a lot of conservatives. The fact that a Democratic presidential candidate would even appear at a private school that is to the right of Fox News when it comes to […]

America’s Gun Violence Problem Spiraled Out Of Control Long Ago, And We Just Don’t Care

The latest national news story involving gun violence comes from Smith Mountain Lake, about 90 miles from where I grew up in Virginia. This morning, two employees of the TV station WDBJ7 were shot during a live broadcast at Bridgewater Plaza, apparently by a disgruntled ex-employee who I will not name here. WDBJ7 photographer Adam […]

I Am A Southerner And The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Represent Me

I grew up in rural western Virginia back in the 80s and 90s, surrounded by many of the battlefields and other historical sites from the Civil War. Up and down through the green fields and small villages of the Shenandoah Valley, both Union and Confederate soldiers fought and died until the guns finally fell silent […]

Anti-Immigration Groups Are On The Wrong Side Of History

In Augusta County, Virginia, a couple dozen anti-immigration protesters stood on an interstate overpass the other day to hold signs voicing their displeasure with immigration and of course, President Obama. What was really grinding their gears was the fact some Central American refugee children were being held at a local juvenile detention center while the […]

5 Things Democrats Need To Learn From Eric Cantor’s Defeat

The dust hasn’t yet begun to settle and I’m sure that somewhere, John Boehner is on his 3rd $200 bottle of merlot, trying to come to terms with the fact that Eric Cantor lost what had been seen as a perfunctory primary. Not only was the second most powerful member of Congress dispatched in a […]

What Eric Cantor’s Loss Really Tells Us About the State of the Republican Party

For the first time since 1899 when the position of House Majority Leader was created, a sitting House Majority Leader didn’t even win their primary election.  Whether or not you like Eric Cantor, we all just witnessed American history. And while the tea party is as giddy as a small child on Christmas Eve, the […]