Tapper Lays Out a Key Argument for Why Many Believe Trump’s Being Blackmailed by Russia (Video)

While there are many reasons why people believe Donald Trump has been compromised by Russia and is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin, in my opinion, one reason above all others stands out: the fact that he refuses to say anything negative about Russia or Vladimir Putin. It makes absolutely no sense why someone who’s repeatedly […]

So You Think It Was Hillary Clinton, Not Trump, Who Colluded with Russia. Congrats, You’re an Idiot

With Robert Mueller’s investigation clearly getting closer to finding out the truth about Donald Trump and his campaign’s involvement with Russia during last year’s election, it’s not exactly surprising to see the current “president” and his supporters grasping at straws while trying to create as many distractions as possible. Though I will say, pushing the idea […]

Here’s Why Trump, Fox News Claiming Clinton Colluded With Russia Makes Absolutely No Sense

As much as I’d like to have respect for most Republican voters, it’s incredibly difficult based upon what I see from so many of them. For instance, the renewed push to scandalize the Obama administration approving a deal that allowed Russia to buy Canadian-based company Uranium One in 2010. The reason the previous administration had […]

Two Huge Stories on Monday Painted a Picture of Corruption Running Deep in Team Trump

As time goes on, the timeline connecting the dots between Donald Trump and the Kremlin continues to paint a clear picture of corruption and collusion. Two massive stories that broke on Monday, one from The New York Times, another from The Washington Post, offer some of the most damning pieces of evidence yet pointing toward […]

Attention Trump Supporters: No, It’s Not a Good Thing that Putin’s Defending Donny

If you ignore reality, in an ideal world, yes, having a strong relationship with Russia would be great for the United States, and the world as a whole. Of course it’s better when two nations with most of the world’s nuclear weapons are working with one another as opposed to against. Unfortunately, reality can’t be […]

There’s Another Disturbing Reason Why Russia Might be Helping Donald Trump’s Campaign

By now it’s essentially unanimous that most security experts (not alt-media bloggers or Trump supporters, but experts) believe that Russia is behind the recent hacks of Democratic officials that WikiLeaks has been releasing over the last few weeks. Judging by everything we know, it looks like the Russian government is actively trying to influence a presidential […]

Russia is Trying to Help Elect Donald Trump For One Very Simple and Terrifying Reason

Mounting evidence continues to indicate that the hacks (some successful, some not) that have targeted not only the DNC, but many levels of the Democratic party, were orchestrated by Russians – more specifically, Russia’s government. We saw some of the results of this illegal hacking surface a few weeks ago when Wikileaks published nearly 20k […]

Here’s Why Vladimir Putin Wants Donald Trump To Be President

Vladimir Putin has been fawning all over Donald Trump recently. It’s a bromance between two egotistical maniacs, and Donald Trump has welcomed the attention from Russia’s elected dictator. Just a couple of decades ago, if a Russian leader had endorsed a presidential candidate during the Cold War, it would have been the end of their […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow, Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, Jr. Walk Into a Bar Mitzvah

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Jerry, Jr., Franklin. Franklin, Jerry, Jr. I can hardly believe this is the first time the three of us have met—though of course I knew your fathers well. Sorry, Franklin, don’t want to bury your dad alongside Jerry, Sr., quite yet. But even I’ve got to admit that Billy would probably […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Deacon Duvet Gives Thanks in Pastor Pillow’s Stead

Hello, I’m Deacon Duvet! Welcome to our Thanksgiving Day potluck at Cubic Zirconium Ministries! And my apologies on behalf of Pastor Pillow, who is unable to join us this evening. As you may be aware, he’s been called away to provide political futurism advice (or prophesying, as we call it behind the pulpit) for the […]