The Consequences Of Voters Staying Home: Ted Cruz Will Now Oversee Science and NASA in Senate

It’s becoming too common of an occurrence that when I run across a real story concerning something conservatives are doing, I have to ask myself whether or not it’s real or satire. It’s like a line I often use to “troll” conservatives I run across, “There’s no reason for progressives to lie about conservatives, the […]

The Humiliating Statistic From This Year’s Elections That Republicans Don’t Want to Talk About

It’s only been a week since this year’s midterm elections, but it seems like it’s been much longer. Since the elections, there’s been an endless parade of Republicans on just about every news outlet boasting about the massive victories experienced by their party this year. And they’re right. For Republicans it was a great election […]

A Message to All Liberals: Stop Complaining, Get Off Your Asses and Go Vote

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more frustrated with liberals than I have been heading into this year’s midterm elections. If Democrats lose the Senate in a couple of weeks, we might as well just write-off the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Because if you thought Republican obstruction has been bad these last […]

Ferguson Is Proof That Every Election Matters

All too often, I will hear people say “how did this guy get elected?” as they complain about the latest politician who has done something stupid. The volume is even louder when the idiot in question is from an area that is supposed to be liberal. We honestly aren’t surprised when Texas elects the likes […]

Liberal Apathy is What Gave Republicans Power in Congress

It goes without saying that I follow a lot of political news sites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages.  It’s no secret Republicans strongly dislike President Obama, but it also seems there are quite a few liberals who want to dislike him as well. Both political parties have these groups of people — I call them […]