After Disbanding Voting Commission, Congress Needs to Investigate Trump for Fraud

I’d like everyone to take a moment to let the reality sink in that this current “president” just created, then disbanded, a federal commission supposedly looking into “massive voter fraud” during the 2016 election in a matter of only a few months. Keep in mind, Donald Trump still maintains that millions of people voted illegally […]

Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Pushes Ridiculous Conspiracy About Voter Fraud

Since Republicans realize they can’t win elections based on their outdated (and often inhumane) policies, over the last few years they’ve taken to pushing the myth that “rampant voter fraud is a threat to our democracy.” That’s been the absurd argument Republican-controlled legislatures all over the country have used to support the strict voter ID […]

Ted Cruz Claims Most Violent Felons Are Actually Democrats

On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz told a talk show host that the vast majority of violent criminals are Democrats. In the wake of the recent attack on Planned Parenthood by a man who apparently espoused right-wing conservative ideas, this is obviously an attempt by Ted Cruz to reinforce the idea with his base that this […]

Hillary Clinton Just Completely Exposed the GOP’s Constant Efforts to Disenfranchise Voters

The continued attempts by Republicans to rig elections are something I wish more people would care about. While I know it’s not exactly the most exciting of topics, and most people only seem to care about voting every couple of years or so, the process by which we vote is probably the most vital aspects to the […]

Hillary Clinton’s Skilled Move on Voting Rights Just Put Republicans in a No-Win Situation

While I know the opinion of Hillary Clinton by some on the left is rather divided, some people still seem to forget that she’s a very skilled and experienced politician. And while many liberals want to keep pushing the narrative that it’s Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders, the real battle is ultimately during the general […]

Fox News Hosts Utterly Appalled at the Idea that Every American Might Vote (Video)

It’s not exactly a shock to see various Fox News personalities “outraged” or “shocked” over something President Obama has said or done. After all, this is the network which tried to attack the president for buying his daughters sweaters – seriously. So when I heard that President Obama mentioned that a way we might increase voter […]

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Is More than One Sentence Long

If you ask conservatives, the entirety of Dr. King’s legacy falls down to this passage: “I have a dream that little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” It is all they know, and they use […]

My Experience Dealing with the Poll Tax I Must Pay Before I Can Vote in Texas

Election day is quickly approaching, and all over the country there’s talk of strict new voter ID laws that have been passed in many Republican-controlled states. And as it just so happens, I live in Texas; one of the many states that have passed these new strict voter ID laws. Well, by complete and total […]

5 Ways Liberals Are Much More Constitutional Than Conservatives

I’ll admit, this article is a direct result of a back and forth debate I had this afternoon with a conservative. This debate centered around this person’s belief that conservatives are people who support “Constitutional values,” while liberals are constantly trying to undermine our Constitutionally protected rights. So I decided I’d list my top five […]

Supreme Court Gives Republicans Another Huge Victory in Their Attempt to Rig Elections

When it comes to voting, I live by a simple rule: Anyone who’s trying to make it more difficult for Americans to vote shouldn’t be trusted. There’s no logical reason why anyone would support making voting more difficult for Americans, other than doing so because they had some kind of ulterior motive behind it. And by that I obviously […]