SC Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve Blacks, Cites Religious Beliefs

In South Carolina, a BBQ restaurant owner claimed that he was within his rights to refuse service to blacks based on his religious beliefs. In the case brought before the Supreme Court, Maurice Bessinger stated that his religion required him to keep black people from eating in his restaurant, although he was perfectly OK with […]

6 Stores You Can Feel Good About Shopping At Instead Of Wal-Mart

I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to complain about Wal-Mart and their business practices, yet they’ll often follow those grievances with “but I really don’t have anywhere else to go” as an excuse to shop there when it’s convenient. Sure, Wal-Mart is often really convenient when you need to buy bread, cheese, bullets, […]

Meet The Employee-Centered Company That Could Eventually Take Down Wal-Mart

Prices as good or better than Wal-Mart? Healthcare coverage with dental and vision as low as $40 a month for employees? It’s not some stereotypical crunchy granola liberal health food co-op store in Brooklyn or San Francisco, it’s a company that has expanded across the Western United States (including Arizona and two new stores just […]

Wal-Mart’s Greed Continues, Announces Deep Cuts to Workforce

Ah yes, the greed of Wal-Mart continues.  Maybe some of you have heard, Wal-Mart has announced that it will be cutting 2,500 Sam’s Club associates effective immediately.  The cuts are primarily focused on assistant managers, but will impact some hourly employees as well. As some of you might know, I once worked for Sam’s Club and […]

Wal-Mart Seeks Police Protection While Stocking Water in Crisis-Stricken West Virginia

Things are really bad in West Virginia right now.  If you haven’t heard, there’s been a chemical spill that’s contaminated the drinking water for nine counties in western West Virginia and impacted approximately 300,000 people. About 5,000 gallons of a chemical used by the coal industry to wash coal of impurities spilt into the Elk […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Will the Real Slim Franky Please Stand Up?

There I was, rolling down the King’s Highway, top down on the Pillow-mobile, pancake houses to my left, Atlantic Ocean to my right. Then Mr. IROC-Z pulls up alongside me at a red light, St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in the background. The red driver-side door of the aged Camaro doesn’t exactly match the rest of […]

Don’t Like Wal-Mart’s Policies? Here’s An Idea… Don’t Shop There!

This morning I had to run an errand up on 86th St. and Lexington Avenue. On the way, I stopped to get a mini bagel at a place on 86th and 1st. After waiting on the line for over 10 minutes, it was finally my turn to order. “Mini-bagel with cream cheese,” I said to […]

Recycled Confirmation Bias Does Nothing to Further the Progressive Movement – Stop Rewarding It

Over and over again, I see opinion pieces thinly disguised as news stories with titles like “The GOP’s SHOCKING problem with racism” or “You won’t believe what this GOP congressman said about minorities! (VIDEO).” Go to Reddit, Facebook and anywhere else and you’ll be inevitably deluged with this flood of recycled news stories from a […]

When Corporate America Doesn’t Pay a Fair Wage, Guess Who Makes Up the Difference?

One of the things we have heard over and over again is that with just one more tax break, if we’ll just give a few more subsidies to corporations, the magical fountain of trickle-down economics will overflow and we’ll be awash in a warm sea of prosperity for all. The facts have proven otherwise. Corporate […]

Nixon’s Approval Ratings After Watergate were up to 4 Times Better than our Current Congress

It’s no secret that Congress is extremely unpopular these days. They’re so unpopular that they’ve hit an all-time low approval rating of 10% — or even 6% according to In fact, Richard Nixon was up to four times more popular after Watergate than our 113th Congress is right now. Not content to stop at that, while […]