Burger King Is The Latest Corporation To Consider Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

It may be time to let our voices be heard over at Burger King. According to Reuters, Burger King Worldwide, Inc is in talks with Tim Horton’s for a merger which would make the company a subsidiary of the Canadian company and lessen their tax responsibilities here in the United States through a process known as […]

Walmart Strikes Again With A New Attempt To Further Destroy Small Businesses

Walmart is a bit of an enigma, isn’t it?  I rarely meet anyone who enjoys shopping there, and the company itself has an atrocious PR imagine, yet it still manages to be an absolute corporate powerhouse. But when it comes to Walmart, most of us picture their massive 24-hour “supercenters” that sell everything from groceries […]

Fox Business Host Calls Walgreens ‘Shameful’ for Not Using Loopholes to Avoid Paying Taxes (Video)

If you haven’t heard of the term “inversion,” let me try to simplify it for you.  It’s a trick some companies use to claim that their profits are mostly made overseas so they can avoid paying taxes here in the United States.  Granted, it’s slightly more complicated than that, but that’s generally what the process […]

If Corporations Are People, They Should Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us

This morning, I came across an article by Jonathan Alter over at The Daily Beast that makes a lot of sense in regards to the practice of corporate inversions. In this piece, he argues that American companies should have to sign a contract, or “non-desertion agreement” in order to keep receiving federal contracts. In addition, […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Blasts Corporate Tax-Dodgers: “The Tax Code Is Rigged”

I don’t normally use words like “BLASTS,” “EVISCERATES,” or “DESTROYS” in headlines because I find them hyperbolic, and often an exaggeration of the actual story. In this case, “Blasts” is a pretty accurate description of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s harsh words for corporations like Walgreens that are moving their headquarters overseas to get out of paying […]

Senator Bernie Sanders Blasts Walgreens For Tax Evasion

In a recent article submitted to Reddit, Senator Bernie Sanders blasted Walgreens for their plans to possibly move their headquarters to Switzerland in order to pay less taxes. The drug retail chain, which is the largest in the United States, has been considering the move which would allow them to pay nearly $800 million less […]