How Bernie Sanders Will Make Hillary Clinton A Better Candidate In 2016

As you now know, Sen. Bernie Sanders will be announcing on Thursday that he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for president. Other than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is the only other candidate so far to enter the field on the Democratic side, although former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is expected to also make his […]

Ex-Wall Street Titan Agrees with Elizabeth Warren, We Need to Bring Back Glass-Steagall

It’s not often you see common sense coming from “Wall Street people,” but in a rare showing of it, an ex-titan of the financial sector has spoken out in favor of logical legislation to curb rampant corruption going on in our banking sector. John Reed, a key architect from the 90’s who was vital in […]

Republicans Walking Out on the GOP – Should Anyone Be Surprised?

As discontent with the GOP builds, a whole group from Maine just announced they were leaving the Republican Party. Effective immediately, we the undersigned are unenrolling from the Maine Republican Party. Furthermore, those of us who hold official Party positions, be they at the Republican National, State, County or even Town Committees, hereby resign. (Bangor […]

Forget spying on average Americans, the NSA should be spying on Wall Street

After the recent confirmation of what many of us already knew about the NSA collecting surveillance on domestic data, I had an idea — why don’t we redirect their efforts to something worthwhile? How about a place where our national economy is in peril every single day, hinging on the ebb and flow of shady […]