Bernin’ the Midnight Oil on the Congress Campaign Trail

Mom taps me on the shoulder and whispers, “Arik, you’ve fallen asleep at your desk again.” “Living wage,” words uttered through my slumber.  “Healthcare, human right.” She taps me again.  “Son, wake up.” I open my eyes.  My elbow is resting on the keyboard, and my upcoming presentation draft has become a screen filled with […]

Here’s Why I Am Supporting Bernie Sanders Instead Of Hillary Clinton

On social media and elsewhere, there is a lot of animosity between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. Before Sanders announced that he was running, I was prepared to accept Clinton as the nominee, because I didn’t expect any credible candidate to run against her. And yes, I was more than happy to vote for […]

Bernie Sanders Represents America’s Working Class, Not Donald Trump

Here in Louisiana and across the country, many white working class people have subscribed to the rhetoric of Donald Trump’s campaign and have rejected Bernie Sanders as being a “communist” – despite the fact his policies would benefit them. Faced with growing income inequality, rising healthcare costs and a lack of jobs, they have blamed […]

Bernie Sanders Is Changing The Course Of American Politics, and the Democratic Party Should Thank Him For It

Before Bernie Sanders got into the Democratic race for president earlier this year, I was reluctant but ready to vote for Hillary Clinton. Granted, I’m still going to vote for her if she is the nominee (she is a hell of a lot better than anything Republicans seem able to offer), but Bernie Sanders really […]

Fox News Guest Proposes Publicly Humiliating Welfare Recipients

Whenever possible, the conservative media loves to shame people who receive welfare. It’s a surefire way to gin up their followers who still believe that the American Dream is accessible to anyone who works hard enough and votes for Republicans, despite the fact that red states receive more in federal funding than they pay in […]

Are Fox News And Wall Street Really Terrified Of Bernie Sanders?

I’ve been told by told by quite a few folks that Bernie Sanders is “unelectable” and “too extreme” when they’ve asked me about who my presidential choice for 2016 is. While I am not a registered Democrat, I consider myself to be a center-left independent who tends to vote for Democrats, and I don’t see […]

New Hampshire Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Quickly Closing In On Hillary Clinton

The first contests of the 2016 Democratic primaries are still over 7 months away, but Hillary Clinton’s inevitability is suddenly looking not quite so inevitable after all. While the Republican primary field resembles a gathering of political has-beens and religious snake oil salesmen, the Democrats have just 4 candidates in the race so far, with […]

Elizabeth Warren Shreds Clueless Chase CEO For Saying She Doesn’t ‘Understand’ Wall Street

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has based a large part of her time in the Senate on opposing big banks and Wall Street in general. Her belief, like millions of Americans all across this country, is that there are far too many crooks making themselves rich by screwing over the American people. She has been, by […]

Bernie Sanders Shreds The Belief That Republicans Believe In ‘Family Values’

My mother bought a new Toyota Tacoma the other day and she was raving up and down to me about how awesome it was to have Bluetooth and Pandora for her drive to and from work. However, she found it puzzling that Pandora would play political ads for Bernie Sanders to her, something I explained […]

Bernie Sanders: “Too Big To Fail Banks Are Too Big To Exist”

Remember seven years ago when the big banks were begging us for a bailout which President Bush eventually signed off on, to the tune of $700 billion? Senator Bernie Sanders remembers, and after six big banks just admitted to manipulating lending and foreign exchange rates, he wants the largest of the financial institutions to be […]