The Detroit Water Shut Off: A Violation of Human Rights

In efforts to gap its increasing debt, Detroit is shutting off water for up to 3,000 households a week. This travesty of justice is an effort to shake down half the town who have not been paying water bills. No one should have to pay for the luxury of basic living necessities. Activists are right to contact the […]

Union Busting with Pepper Spray Drones?

Union busting is a practice that has been around since before unions. The classical mode of suppressing workers organizing for rights and fair pay has been, literally, to bust heads. After the death of 34 mining strikers by police last year in South Africa, one company has the ever-so-brilliant plan of arming drones with industrial pepper spray […]

How the World Cup and Olympics Hurt the Poor

While many of us enjoy a good night out with the fútbol and international sports fans, whether we’re interested in the actual games or checking out the crowds (soccer fans are pretty intense and I think they talk funny), or whether we’re cheering on the Red, White & Blue athletes and the accumulation of medals, we should […]

Elizabeth Warren Sets Paul Ryan Straight About Poor and Unemployed Americans

Without a doubt, Democrats need more senators like Elizabeth Warren.  She’s one of the few politicians who I feel is actually genuine when she speaks.  Not only that, her message is that of someone who seems to have the primary goal of fighting for the middle class.  Needless to say, I’m definitely an Elizabeth Warren […]

Paul Ryan Wants Bagged Lunches of Republican Ideas

You may want to sit down for this one: I agree with Paul Ryan. If given the options and the means to make bagged lunches for my child every day or have her eat school cafeteria food, I would choose to bag them. Whoa! I can hear the booing and the hissing through my cheap […]