Conservative Tennessee Law Proves Anti-Drug Trumps Pro-Life

In a nation that is ever advancing in its ability to treat an increasing array of maladies and issues, there is an atavistic impulse in some quarters to revert to a state of affairs where women are controlled “for their own good”… and the supposed good of their offspring. The legislation coming out of places […]

The War On Women Continues: Alabama Is Preparing To Pass More Anti-Choice Legislation

This morning, a friend sent me a link reporting that Alabama is preparing for the newest round in the War on Women – reproductive rights to be precise. An ACLU blog is reporting that Alabama Senate lawmakers are preparing to hold debate on a bill that would allow hospitals and medical professionals to refuse to […]

Rand Paul Uses Monica Lewinsky to Attack Bill and Hillary Clinton, Defend GOP Record on Women’s Rights

At this point I can’t quite figure out what’s more ridiculous – the actual stances Republicans take on issues pertaining to women’s rights or their comments trying to defend themselves against these often outdated and ridiculous political beliefs. I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the “libido” comments “women’s rights genius” Mike […]