Dear Michael Moore: You Should Really Learn When To Just Be Quiet

I’m willing to admit that once upon a time I was a pretty big fan of Michael Moore. I liked his work and his passion, even if I didn’t always agree with everything he said or did. And for the most part, I still think he does a decent amount of good. That being said, […]

President Obama was Right: The Truth About Violence and the World in Which We Live

On Friday, President Obama made a comment about social media that’s apparently offended a few folks. Shocking, right? That never happens. Well, this particular comment pertained to social media and how it affects how we view the world. Obama said, “And the truth of the matter is, is that the world has always been messy. In part, we’re […]

The Truth About ISIS Isn’t What Many Americans are Going to Want to Hear

By now I’m willing to bet that most Americans have heard of the terrorist organization known as ISIS (also referred to as ISIL). This group is quite possibly the most organized, and extreme, Islamic terrorist group we’ve ever seen. To give everyone an idea of just how extreme this group is, even al-Qaeda pulled away […]

Rand Paul Makes Ridiculous Statement about Hillary Clinton and Democrats

I’ll be honest, it’s really difficult for me to take anything Rand Paul says seriously. This is a guy who had such an inept staff that he was caught plagiarizing various sources, including an article in the Washington Times.  He was also one of the key figures a few months ago who was trying to ridiculously use […]

Caught Between Two Fires, The Citizens of Gaza Are The Real Victims

Monday morning, the Abu Jameh family pulled 26 bodies, 19 of them children, from the rubble of their home near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, the largest toll from a single strike since the battle began July 8. Four people were killed at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, the main one serving the center […]

Union Busting with Pepper Spray Drones?

Union busting is a practice that has been around since before unions. The classical mode of suppressing workers organizing for rights and fair pay has been, literally, to bust heads. After the death of 34 mining strikers by police last year in South Africa, one company has the ever-so-brilliant plan of arming drones with industrial pepper spray […]

Godzilla & the Little Girl Who Prayed Her Papa Could Stop the Next Cold War

As my six-year-old daughter and I drove home from her school on Tuesday, I informed her that something important had happened to the world map.  A conversation ensued about the Crimean Crisis. We pulled to a red light and sat in silence for a bit.  My mind drifted… … Earlier in the day, I had […]

A Peace Option for Syria that is So Crazy It Just May Work

Between the constant War As Viagra updates by the likes of Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the non-interventionist talk of the likes of Sen. Rand Paul (which make such a violent person appear to be pacifist. Do not fall for it) — both voiced as the only options by the dialog on national […]

What the Hell was John McCain Doing in Syria?

Last week it was widely reported that Sen. John McCain had made a little trip over to Syria; on taxpayer funds might I add. While the details of the trip are fuzzy, and certain facts about who he visited with and what he did while he was there are still being debated, the real question […]

5 Quick Reasons We Need To Stay The Hell Out of Syria

You know what I don’t want? I don’t want the U.S. to go to war with Syria. Know why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are the five biggest and quickest reasons why. #5. John McCain’s Hard-On For War Easily one of the biggest reasons to be wary of entering the Syrian […]