Conservative Washington Post Columnist Pens Scathing Mockery of Trump’s Incompetent, Corrupt Administration

While it’s true that most conservatives sold out to Donald Trump, with many serving as nothing more than puppets in his own version of state-run media like we’ve seen on Fox News, there are still a few out there who’ve refused to compromise on their principles, ethics, or humanity to support and defend this “president.” […]

Breitbart: Roy Moore Preying on Underage Girls No Big Deal Because He was ‘Romantic’

Following a stunning article published by The Washington Post concerning allegations by several females against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, Breitbart was quick to come to the defense of his alleged inappropriate sexual contact with teenage girls. Yes, mark November 9, 2017 as the day Breitbart, as well as many Republicans, defended an alleged pedophile […]

Washington Post Op-Ed Appallingly Defends Teacher/Student Sexual Relationships and Rape

It takes a lot to shock me.  Sure, I get frustrated and appalled by some of the things I read, but to truly shock me takes quite a lot.  Well, an op-ed written by Betsy Karasik and published by the Washington Post simply blew my mind. Not because it brought up great points, because it surely did […]