Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill To End Federal Ban On Marijuana

Currently marijuana is legal for recreational use in four states and the District of Columbia. In twenty other states, it is legal for medical use, although the laws in all of these states are in conflict with federal law. The federal government lists marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which is in the same category […]

Ferguson Is Proof That Every Election Matters

All too often, I will hear people say “how did this guy get elected?” as they complain about the latest politician who has done something stupid. The volume is even louder when the idiot in question is from an area that is supposed to be liberal. We honestly aren’t surprised when Texas elects the likes […]

A Liberal Civil War Brewing in California Over Marijuana Legalization

States like Colorado and Washington get the most headlines lately when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, and rightfully so. They became the first two states in the United States to legalize the substance for recreational purposes. But it was actually California that laid the groundwork for marijuana 20 years ago when it became […]

President Obama Opens Up About Marijuana Legalization, Says All the Right Things

Some might call it playing politics while others might call it an evolution on an idea, but President Obama’s recent comments about marijuana legalization were a clear step toward accepting legalization. And while I’m sure many marijuana advocates will say his comments weren’t enough, I personally thought everything he said was spot-on. President Obama said, […]

This is why I’ve Reversed My Position on Marijuana Legalization

Once upon a time I used to dismiss the argument for the legalization of marijuana pretty quickly because I honestly didn’t care.  I didn’t care because when it came to that issue I was completely ignorant. Honestly, it’s a plant people smoke to get high — who cares, right? In fact if I leaned either way, […]