Rush Limbaugh’s Ridiculous Claim: Obamacare Has Been the “Biggest Presidential Lie in Our Lifetimes”

I rarely write anything about Rush Limbaugh, mostly because he doesn’t say much of anything worthwhile.  I damn sure don’t listen to his radio show because I think more than ten minutes of hearing him spew his hate, paranoia and fear would just make my ears bleed. Between him, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah […]

Nixon’s Approval Ratings After Watergate were up to 4 Times Better than our Current Congress

It’s no secret that Congress is extremely unpopular these days. They’re so unpopular that they’ve hit an all-time low approval rating of 10% — or even 6% according to In fact, Richard Nixon was up to four times more popular after Watergate than our 113th Congress is right now. Not content to stop at that, while […]