Former Watergate Prosecutor Says There’s Enough Evidence to Impeach Trump (Video)

In the 90’s, Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. While he wasn’t removed from office, he was still technically impeached. Fast forward to today, and there’s a very good chance that Donald Trump could be facing charges related to obstruction of justice in his attempts to undermine, if not try to […]

Ex-Nixon Advisor Says Trump’s Obstruction Could Be Worse Than Watergate, May End Presidency

Several months ago I wrote an article where I told people that it wasn’t a matter of if Donald Trump was going to fire Robert Mueller, just when. In that article I said the following: Ultimately, Trump’s going to do what he always does — whatever he feels is in his own best interests. Once he feels […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Ridiculous Claim: Obamacare Has Been the “Biggest Presidential Lie in Our Lifetimes”

I rarely write anything about Rush Limbaugh, mostly because he doesn’t say much of anything worthwhile.  I damn sure don’t listen to his radio show because I think more than ten minutes of hearing him spew his hate, paranoia and fear would just make my ears bleed. Between him, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah […]

Nixon’s Approval Ratings After Watergate were up to 4 Times Better than our Current Congress

It’s no secret that Congress is extremely unpopular these days. They’re so unpopular that they’ve hit an all-time low approval rating of 10% — or even 6% according to In fact, Richard Nixon was up to four times more popular after Watergate than our 113th Congress is right now. Not content to stop at that, while […]