Gun Fanatic Larry Pratt: Obama Is Like Hitler And Wants Take Away Our Guns

Whenever I post something on my page concerning guns, two things inevitably happen. First, if I mention that I am a gun owner, some liberals get upset that someone on the left would have the nerve to own guns. Second, I get swarmed by people who make remarks about how President Obama is going to […]

Nazis, ISIS, Guns & Open Carry Texas: The CPAC 2015 Recap!

The annual meeting of the minds that is CPAC (Caucasian People Are Perfect) came to a close on Sunday. Rand “Water Buddha” Paul won the straw poll, Sean Hannity revealed his super power, Scott Walker proved his readiness to fight terrorists, Donald Trump identified our new enemy, and Phil Robertson talked about STDs. Of course, […]

Black Gun Owner Assaulted In Florida Walmart, NRA Predictably Silent

The hardcore, paranoid members of the NRA are always happy to applaud stories of guns being used to deter crime. Inside the first couple pages of the NRA’s monthly magazine American Rifleman, you will find tales of armed private citizens who used their guns to stop a crime, sometimes with lethal force. You can find […]

From Sandy Hook To Arizona, The NRA Has Blood On Their Hands

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about the 9-year-old girl who accidentally shot an employee of a gun range with an Uzi. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary. A family on vacation in Las Vegas decided it would be cool to go to a place called “Bullets & Burgers” where you can shoot […]

Statement on UCSB Tragedy from Wayne LaPierre

Forward Progressives has obtained a draft of Wayne LaPierre’s statement regarding the UCSB mass murders of last Friday. Please note: this is a draft; we do not have the final document. Also please note: this is satire. Sort of. For Immediate Release. Dateline: Northern Virginia My fellow God and Gun Loving Americans, It is with […]

Too Many Have Died

“Too many have died.” Richard Martinez, his voice raw with grief, yelled those words at the world during a press conference. His son Christopher was murdered on Friday during a mass shooting, along with six others. While speaking to the media, Christoper’s father spoke about what a “really great kid” Chris was, and stated “You don’t think it’ll […]

Don’t Let The New Republic Fool You, The NRA’s Not Going Down Without a Fight

As I was reading the newest cover piece from The New Republic  titled “This Is How the NRA Ends,” I found myself filled with guarded optimism. In it, Alec Macgillis details several compelling reasons why the NRA’s influence in Washington may be waning. Recent polls show that some Senators have lost support after their “no” votes […]

The NRA: Greater Than 90% of Americans

So, today the Senate voted against universal background checks. Let me phrase that differently…. Today, the Senate voted against something 90% of Americans support. Democrats and Republicans might not agree on much, but if we can’t even pass legislation that a majority of both liberals and conservatives support—we’re screwed. Imagine this for a moment.  100 people […]