Fox News Complains That Reagan-Era Program Has Been ‘Hijacked’ By Obama

President Obama recently blasted the folks over at Fox News for constantly stereotyping poor people as being lazy and wanting handouts. This portrayal has long been a talking point repeated over and over again by conservative media as well as the people who parrot the propaganda word for word. Even conservatives who receive financial assistance […]

Republicans Now Want You To Have A Photo ID When Using Food Stamps

Republicans in Congress are proposing a new law that would require photo ID in order for recipients of food stamps to use their EBT cards. At first, this looks like another attempt by conservatives to harass the poor and marginalize them like recent voter ID laws have tried to do. Unlike voting, making the argument for […]

5 Issues On Which Republicans Are Right – And Devastatingly Wrong

I’ve been called both a radical leftist liberal by conservatives and right-wing conservative in disguise by liberals.  But I also believe that if both the far-left and far-right disagree with you, then you’re probably doing something right. I’ll be honest, I don’t think Republicans are wrong on everything.  In fact, I agree with them on […]

Fixing Our Welfare System Starts By Doing This One Simple Thing – But Republicans Won’t Like It

As cuts to SNAP benefits for millions of Americans have been on the forefront of the news lately, it never ceases to amaze me how simple an issue this is. Yes, we spend a lot on government programs to help poor Americans.  Programs that I wholeheartedly support.  That being said, major reforms do need to […]

Republican Congressman Whose Family Received Millions in Farm Subsidies Mocks People on Food Stamps

Often the words “hypocritical” and “Republican” go hand and hand.  After all, these are the people who talk often about “small government” while massively growing government, and claim to be “fiscally conservative” yet seem to always drastically grow our national debt when they control the White House. So when Kansas Republican Representative Tim Huelskamp mocked people […]

Want to Know the Root of our “Welfare” Problem? It’s the Corrupt Idiots in Congress.

It seems that every properly organized propaganda campaign or classic Disney film has a hero, a villain and a damsel in distress that only the dashing hero can save. In the fairy tale we’re about to discuss, the damsel in distress is America and only by defeating the evil “welfare queen,” can she be saved. […]