An Open Letter to Bill Clinton, from a Former Neighbor and Bernie Sanders Supporter

Dear President Clinton: We used to be neighbors, though I doubt you would remember me.  I used to live just down the street from you on F & 19th.  I often took evening strolls by your government housing quarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, and waved.  Every once in a while, a sniper atop the White House […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Would Use Military Force Against Congress As President

Conservative pundits and politicians love to portray President Obama as a lawless domestic tyrant who has shredded the Constitution. Hardly a day goes by when Fox News hosts don’t ask if he’s violating the Constitution or insinuate that he’s a Marxist Muslim sent to destroy America as we know it as part of a secret […]

What if?…Obama’s Pending Lincoln Moment

Nobody won. President Obama aged two decades in two weeks.  (Who knows?  Maybe Oil of Olay will ultimately win for that.)  The national economy is out $24 billion.  (And it’s not as if we can send the Koch Brothers an invoice.)  Rational residents in Alabama, Texas and the Potato State must somehow live with the […]

Sharkocalypse Now

Welcome to environmental Guernica.  Here be waters teeming with sharks and discursive thoughts.  And worse:  Homo sapiens and their deadly opposable thumbs.  Swim at your own risk. … Shark Week is over.  Wasn’t that nice?  Let us return to our regularly scheduled destruction of our Little Blue Planet. … In 2011, ‘sharkologist’ Christopher Neff suggested […]

Why This Liberal Isn’t Worried About CISPA

You know, I get it.  The issue of cyber security is very tricky.  On one hand you have the real threat of a cyber attack—and face it folks, it’s going to happen one of these days.  On the other, we risk a giant invasion of our electronic privacy as Americans by accepting a bill such […]