The Real Reason Republicans Hate Welfare And Food Stamps

These days, it seems that the majority of conservatives tend to view the world through a very simplistic scope that allows little room for discussion, interpretation, or compromise. We have reached a point where any questioning of unregulated capitalism automatically gets you labeled as a socialist, communist, Marxist, or Fascist because those are all interchangeable […]

Where’s The Fox News Outrage Over The University of Kentucky Riots?

Saturday night was disappointing for fans and students of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team. The Kentucky Wildcats, who were heavy favorites to win the NCAA tournament, were defeated 71-64 by the Wisconsin Badgers. Wildcat fans reacted in a way that unfortunately, is all too common in the sporting world. They decided to become […]

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart Square Off in Epic Debate About White Privilege in America (Video)

Any time Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly square off in some kind of debate, it’s always must-see television. And while I’m not really a fan of O’Reilly, I’ll give him credit for being one of the few conservative media personalities that has the courage to actually go on The Daily Show.  Well, Stewart didn’t beat around […]

The Open Carry Movement Isn’t About Rights, It’s About Fear – And A Little Racism

Open Carry Texas backed off on their plans to march through Houston’s 5th Ward. Not because they finally realized the folly of their endeavor to somehow prove to the minority neighborhood that open carry of military-grade firearms was in their best interests. Oh, and apparently the neighborhood already had plenty of firearms, as demonstrated by […]

Why Should Skin Color Make a Difference? The Uncomfortable Burden of White Privilege

Having both lived in the South all of my life and being into punk rock for over a decade now, I’ve had the sad misfortune of running into people who are racists. From the pine scrub woods of Florida, to the Appalachian mountains, the lowlands of Georgia and now to the bayous of Louisiana, I’ve […]