OMG, Sarah Palin Stuck a Banana in Her — The Problem with Personality-Driven Politics

The human beings who designed our republic took great pains to ensure that our political processes be stripped of monarchical trappings. Yet 200-plus years into this democracy science fair experiment, our political system finds itself controlled by a narcissistic overlord: when it comes to politics in the United States of America, Personality is king. We […]

After Rand Paul Got Caught Plagiarizing Speeches, His Website Starts Removing Speech Transcripts

I’m sure by now many of you have heard about the story where Rand Paul was caught blatantly plagiarizing the Wikipedia page of the science fiction movie Gattaca during a speech where he claimed abortion, mixed with science, might lead to eugenics. That revelation then lead to deeper investigations of his speeches, which produced evidence […]

Unbelievable: Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing Science Fiction Movie’s Wikipedia Page While Giving Speech

When discussing Republicans, I often point out that I believe many of them live in some alternate reality which only seems to exist in a fictional world that they’ve created in their minds. In the case of Rand Paul, that world seems to be found in a 1997 science fiction movie starring Ethan Hawke and […]