Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Enemy-Making, Resistance is Everything

Part IV in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click these links to read Part I, Part II and Part III.   Enemies. Imagine a world without them. Yeah, that’s usually how most genocides start. … Have you ever noticed that humans seem to need enemies? How, even in relatively peaceful […]

Bought And Paid For: Wisconsin Supreme Court Saves Scott Walker From Corruption Charges

I don’t regularly follow the politics of Wisconsin extremely closely, but something just doesn’t seem right about that state. By all accounts, Scott Walker has been a below average governor, isn’t even very popular and was damn near booted out of office just a couple of years after being elected. Yet somehow he won re-election this past […]

Wisconsin Straw Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Rapidly Gaining On Hillary Clinton

Many people have been skeptical, dismissive or even critical of Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Some have said that he doesn’t stand a chance, or that he would split the vote like Ralph Nader did in 2000, without realizing that Bernie Sanders is not running as a third-party candidate. Others have said […]

Republican Senator: Iranian Ayatollah Might Be More Trustworthy than President Obama

I’ve sometimes joked that President Obama’s success has literally made the Republican party lose its mind. While there’s always a partisan friction between Democrats and Republicans, I’ve never seen such absurdity from a political party as I have when it comes to the GOP and some of the nonsense they say about this president. It’s […]

Where’s The Fox News Outrage Over The University of Kentucky Riots?

Saturday night was disappointing for fans and students of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team. The Kentucky Wildcats, who were heavy favorites to win the NCAA tournament, were defeated 71-64 by the Wisconsin Badgers. Wildcat fans reacted in a way that unfortunately, is all too common in the sporting world. They decided to become […]

GOP’s 2016 Hopes Falling Apart As Scott Walker Becomes Latest Serial Liar Exposed

For reasons unbeknown to me, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been one of the fastest growing stars in the Republican party here lately. The only thing that I’ve been able to come up with for his odd ascension to one of the favorites for the GOP nomination in 2016 is the fact that he seems […]

GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman Tells Constituents To Spy On Food Stamp Users

Republican congresscritter Glenn Grothman hosted a town hall in Oshkosh this past Friday, during which, according to The, he told attendees to ” keep an eye on the types of things people on Food Share buy at the grocery store or ask people for more information if they boast about being on disability.” (source) Grothman […]

Outgoing Republican WI State Senator Rips GOP: ‘How Much Pain Do We Have to Dish Out?’

Despite my fairly well known disdain for the Republican party, I do realize that not all Republicans are right-wing lunatics. Though as the years progress, “moderate Republicans” are going the way of CD’s and flip phones. In fact, I’ve told the few moderate Republicans that I’ve met the last several years that they’re better off […]

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Successfully Defeats Democratic Challenger Mary Burke

It wasn’t completely unexpected, but still something Democrats had hoped wouldn’t be the case: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has successfully won his re-election bid against Democratic challenger Mary Burke. Since Governor Scott Walker was first elected I’ve heard a lot about what’s going on in his state. Whether it’s been his blatant hate for the poor […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Siri Saves the Sabbath, Kirk Cameron Saves Baby Jesus

Hey, Holy Siri!  Pastor Pillow here! We’ve been over this before.  It’s just Siri.  I’m not Divine. Well, God works in mysterious ways.  Anyway, I need your help.  It’s 30 minutes before Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Showtime, and I still don’t have a sermon.  Hello?  Are you there? Good morning.  Do you need a hug? I […]

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