Jeb Bush Blatantly Lies About Planned Parenthood in Desperate Attempt to Save His Campaign

It’s not exactly a secret that most Republicans oppose the Constitutional right for women to have control over their own bodies, including choosing for themselves whether or not to have an abortion. Even though this issue was settled over 40 years ago, Republicans continue to do anything and everything they possibly can to deny women […]

An Open Letter To Idaho State Rep. Vito Barbieri

Dear Representative Vito Barbieri, Hale and good morrow, sir. Today is Tuesday, February 24, 2015. The date, especially the year, is paramount to this missive, given your recent comments on lady parts. You, a state representative for the great state of Idaho, asked an actual doctor if…well, rather than try to paraphrase, let’s just actualphrase, […]

South Dakota GOP State Rep Insists Planned Parenthood Is ‘Worse Than ISIS’

It’s been a crazy month since Republicans took power in the United States Senate, and their state-level counterparts have outdone them with some bills that really make you wonder just how far the party is willing to go ahead of the 2016 elections. Don’t get me wrong, Republicans in Washington have pushed a 20-week abortion […]

Warren Buffett Has Given Conservatives 1.2 Billion Reasons To Lose Their Minds

While I often talk about issues that are currently going on and add my own personal perspective to them, sometimes a story comes along that I just have to write about because I know it will send conservatives into unintelligible tirades. Now I’m sure most conservatives already aren’t fans of multibillionaire Warren Buffett.  He’s become […]

Mike Huckabee’s Sexist Comments Display Just How Ignorant Republicans Are About Women’s Health

Oh Mike Huckabee, there was actually a time when I didn’t think he was that bad of a guy.  Then again, I only knew a small fraction about him and the small sample size I had been given seemed to show a fairly level-headed Republican. Well, I was wrong. I’m sure many of you have […]

Texas Republicans Waste Millions on Special Sessions, One Thinks Wendy Davis Should Pay Up

It has come to my attention through a variety of news sources that the Texas GOP, specifically state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, wants Senator Wendy Davis to pay for the costs of holding yet another special session. In case you were living in the Alaskan tundra or completely turned off all news sources for the past […]

The GOP has turned “Pro-Life” into code for “We Can’t Stand Healthy, Educated Women.”

Even though I long ago parted ways with the Republican party and the religious right, the one thing that bothers me is abortion. No, I’ll never revert back to the protests I walked in every January in Washington on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, but it is something that I wish was safe, legal […]