Scott Walker Just Bungled Women’s Rights So Bad, He Might Have Blown His 2016 Chances

When it comes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, I just don’t get it. I don’t follow Wisconsin politics extremely closely, but nothing I’ve heard about what’s going on there has really been positive. Even Walker’s job approval numbers are fairly low for someone who just won re-election this past November. Yet, for some reason, as a […]

Arizona Republicans Want Doctors to Tell Women That Some Abortions are Reversible

Words cannot express how sick and tired I am of having this debate over a woman’s right to have control over her own body. It’s absurd that we’re over 40 years removed from Roe v. Wade, where our Supreme Court ruled that every woman has the right to have an abortion, and we’re still having […]

Jon Stewart Loses It: The ‘F*ckery’ and ‘Dumbassery’ in Congress is Out Of Control (Video)

To say Jon Stewart was on fire last night would be an understatement. Stewart was as snarky and intense as I’ve seen him in quite some time while discussing the current shenanigans going on in the Senate over a bill aimed at curbing human trafficking. For those of you who might not know, currently there’s an anti-human trafficking […]

Virginia Republican: A Pregnant Woman Is Just A ‘Host’ For Fetus

I’m not sure why we’re still having a debate over abortion in 2015. The Supreme Court ruled on this issue over forty years ago. The debate over whether or not a woman has the right to have an abortion is over – conservatives lost. Yet here we are, still having to deal with this nonsense. It all […]

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech Was Both Inspiring and Disheartening

In case you haven’t heard, Patricia Arquette gave a rousing speech at the Oscars last night about women’s rights. The moment she gave it, social media lit up with words of praise for the Oscar winner – and the praise was indeed warranted. She used part of her moment in the spotlight to make a powerful […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham Exposes Just How Little Many Republicans Care About Women’s Rights (Video)

When Republicans talk about women’s rights, I’m always amazed at their absurdity and ignorance. Where in the GOP platform is there anything that remotely seems “pro-women”? Sure, they claim many of their anti-abortion measures are about protecting women’s health (such as those passed here in Texas that set ridiculously stringent standards that abortion clinics must […]

ManBook: A “Men’s Rights” Facebook Full of Crazy

Thursday afternoon, my husband and I were perusing the Interwebz, actively avoiding going outside into the Arctic cold, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a post from Jason Dye about “ManBook.” ManBook? What in the world is this, I wondered, and clicked the link. Here’s part of the incredibly lengthy introduction, from […]

Fox News Host Degrades Young Women, Says They Should Stick with Tinder or

When it comes to voting demographics, females are one of the groups that drive me the most insane. For the life of me, I really don’t get why so many women vote Republican. Just take the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 for instance. Of the 535 members of Congress (House and Senate), there […]

Ridiculous Yahoo Article Tries to Exploit Sexual Harassment for the Sake of Fake Outrage

I might get slammed for my opinion on this, and that’s fine. But I just ran across a Yahoo! Sports article that made me ashamed that I actually bothered to even read it. It started out when I saw the headline: Tristan Thompson kisses a sideline reporter, and he really, really screwed up. For those of you who […]

What The Hell Have Republicans Really Done For Conservative Voters?

Conservatives like to go on and on about the horrific policies of the Obama administration and how terrible Democrats are. But something that I seem to always notice is missing is what their party has done for them. See, as a liberal who voted for President Obama, I can tell you what he’s done for this country: […]