Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hammers Trickle-Down Economics At Labor Summit

A couple of years ago when I still had my old page “Whiskey and the Morning After Blog,” I created this image about trickle-down economics which quickly went viral. In it, I addressed two of the tired old talking points I hear from conservatives ad nauseam which are that trickle-down economics works and that President […]

Now More Than Ever, Democrats Need The Working Class

There’s a feeling that both political parties no longer represent the working class, and to some extent, that is true. As we saw in the disastrous aftermath of the 2014 elections and evidenced in the lowest turnout in over 70 years, Democrats are doing a really piss poor job of connecting with those of us […]

Conservatives Freak Out About Global Fast Food Strikes

It’s Thursday evening and I decide to take a detour on the way home, giddy with news and updates about the World Wide Fast Food Strikes throughout the day. Fast food and low wage workers of the entire world took to the streets in front of the Taco Bells, McDonalds, and Burger Kings to protest […]