5 Reasons Why We Need to Stay the Hell Out of Iraq

While in the back of my mind I always knew Iraq was eventually going to turn into a giant mess, it’s still a bit surreal that in 2014 we’re still having to deal with the problems over there caused by the incompetence of the Bush administration. And while I think it’s clear that we’re going […]

The Problems in Syria Have Left Republicans and Democrats Scrambling for Answers

A topic that should have been more mainstream before just the last couple of weeks — the continuing and escalating civil war in Syria — is finally getting some of the national attention it deserves. ¬†And by doing so it has caused quite the controversy. On one side you have Democrats, the liberals who are […]

The Massacres In Syria Debunk Popular Libertarian Anti-War Rhetoric

If you follow my Facebook page, “Right Off A Cliff,” you probably know there’s a “love/hate” relationship between me and Libertarians. Well “love/hate”—without the love. I think most of them are narrow-minded individuals who lack the ability to see the “big picture” on much of anything and cling to a overly simplistic ideology which often […]