Reading the General, or Ixnay on the “Sherman Didn’t Burn Enough” Bumper Sticker

Then sang we a song of our chieftain That echoed over river and lea; And the stars of our banner shone brighter When Sherman marched down to the sea! * One-hundred fifty years ago this week, General William Tecumseh Sherman sat on a log on the Broad River—not far from where I type this evening—and […]

It’s Become Apparent that Republicans see the Government Shutdown as Some Kind of Game

The Republican antics following their shutdown of our government have been nothing short of pathetic.  For many of them, specifically those supported by the tea party, they simply don’t get it. Then again, they never get much of anything.  But they really don’t get this. However, the part that infuriates me the most is how these people […]