Fox News Contributor Claims Jesus Would Approve Of “American Sniper” (Video)

Todd Starnes, a frequent guest and contributor on Fox, fired back at Michael Moore’s most recent “American Sniper” Tweets on Monday. Moore has gotten himself in trouble with red-blooded conservative Christians in the past, but his comments on the film, and snipers in general, have riled up patriotic pundits and keyboard commandos alike. Starnes, like […]

Missouri Church Raffles Two AR-15’s to Bring People to ‘Follow Jesus’

When I think of real Christian values I think of being caring, forgiving, generous, hopeful, loving, accepting – you know, those values for which Jesus Christ stood. But apparently for a church in Joplin, Missouri, real Christian values involve raffling off AR-15 rifles. Because nothing says “good Christian values” quite like a military-style semi-automatic assault rifle.  I’m […]