Alabama Republican’s Christmas Message Probably Won’t Leave You Feeling Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Alan Harper represents the 61st District in Alabama’s State House. Like many other Republicans across the country, Harper decided to voice his ignorance and fearmonger against Muslims, issuing a hateful statement on his Facebook page about convenience store owners. Alan Harper isn’t just some racist with a blog, he’s an elected official and he’s using his […]

Two Boston Men Assault Homeless Hispanic Man, Claim Donald Trump Inspired Them

Republican candidates have been trying desperately to outdo Donald Trump, and tearing each other apart in the process. As the party’s base shrinks and contracts further to the fringe, political rhetoric that is often indistinguishable from hate speech becomes more and more common, especially during primary season. If you look back through American history, the […]

Rand Paul Says Immigrant Workers Are Taking Our Jobs Because Americans Lack A ‘Work Ethic’

Whenever the subject of poverty and the economy come up, Republicans often like to blame the poor for being lazy and unwilling to better themselves. At the same time, they like to complain (as Donald Trump is doing right now) that American jobs are being lost to foreign workers. Oh yeah, and on top of […]

Donald Trump Says Mexicans Are Bringing ‘Tremendous Infectious Disease’ To US

Donald Trump has made bashing Mexico and immigrants the centerpiece of his campaign, something other Republican candidates for president aren’t too thrilled about. On the other hand, there are candidates like Ted Cruz who are supporting his horribly bigoted remarks, quite possibly doing so in hopes of gaining his endorsement when Donald Trump inevitably drops […]

Ted Cruz: ‘I Salute’ Donald Trump’s Racist Remarks About Immigrants

While Donald Trump continues to embarrass the Republican Party with his comments about Mexico and immigrants, the son of an immigrant, Ted Cruz, is standing up for him. Right now, the Republican Party is in the midst of a civil war pitting the evangelical Christian and Tea Party fringes represented by candidates like Donald Trump, […]

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert Wants To Drop A Nuclear Bomb On ISIS

The Republican Party has a very big problem, and it’s not just with racism. The Republican Party has far too many people like Jason Rapert, a state senator from Arkansas who is luckily not in charge of our military. It’s also safe to say that politically, Sen. Rapert shouldn’t be allowed on social media for […]

GOP Candidate Refers To Whites As ‘Traditional’ Voters, Wants to ‘Divide and Conquer’ the Poor

Political candidates, especially some of our friends over on the far right, still haven’t received the memo that in this day and age, cameras are everywhere. No matter what you say, where you say it, or when you said it, chances are very good that someone will send footage of anything slightly dumb that comes […]

Todd Starnes’ Xenophobic Opinions About Cantor & Detained Immigrant Children

Todd Starnes is a ridiculous Culture Warrior, racist and Rush Limbaugh-wannabe who likes to make stuff up. He’s also xenophobe with questionable intelligence – but most people who make it their living to indiscriminately defend the indefensible appear unintelligent even when they have high IQs. Recently, we caught Starnes making stuff up about immigrants. And now he’s […]

New Year’s Resolution: To Find Better Insults

It never fails. When the progressive press features an image or story of yet another Sarah Palin, Duck Dynasty, Tea Party, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the insults flail. The fact that they’re being insulted isn’t the problem, though. It’s how they’re insulted – using terms consisting of  words like ‘stupid,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘schizo,’  ‘insane,’ […]