Taking Advantage of Thanksgiving, Trump Did One of His Most Shameful Things Yet (Video)

Understandably, many Americans were busy over the last few days getting ready for their Thanksgiving festivities. Unfortunately for all of us, being one of the biggest holidays of the year doesn’t change the fact that Donald Trump is still “president,” which means he rarely takes a day off from proving that he’s a national embarrassment.

For instance, remarks he posted on Thursday where he managed to turn a “thank you” to our deployed troops into a train wreck and one of his most shameful moments as “president.”

To nobody’s surprise, Trump spent a good amount of his speech trying to brag about himself, suggesting that without him, our military wouldn’t know how to “win.”

In other words, the last almost 17 years American troops have been fighting and dying in Afghanistan, they weren’t fighting to “win.” At least not until Trump came along, that is. The “winning,” as he calls it, is all because of him — not them.

All the effort fighting ISIS over the last few years that’s seen their influence shrink in both Iran and Syria? Eh, that’s nothing. No one did anything worthy of praise until Trump came along. Just ask him.

“The fight against ISIS is coming our way,” Trump said. “It’s coming our way, big, big difference. A lot of things have happened. They say we’ve made more progress against ISIS than they did in years of the previous administration. And that’s because I’m letting you do your job.”

Former NATO Supreme Allied commander retired Admiral James Stavridis slammed Trump’s pathetic speech.

“Frankly, I commanded that mission, as the NATO commander, that’s a NATO mission,” Stavridis said. “I had 150,000 NATO troops, about 100,000 Americans. I assure you, they were fighting to win every minute of every moment under previous presidents.”

That was when he wasn’t telling deployed troops about how well the economy is doing. Because, you know, troops deployed all around the world, especially those at war, are really interested in seeing a “president” brag about the stock market to make himself look good.

In a message that should have been nothing more than him thanking the troops for their service to the country and the sacrifices they make, Trump does what he always does — he made it about him.

It’s always about him.

Whether it’s visiting victims of one of the most destructive hurricanes to hit the United States in years, trying to help out a U.S. territory that was completely leveled by another storm, helping keep three Americans out of a Chinese jail, or even speaking in front of a monument honoring fallen CIA agents — Trump will always make it about him.

Even something as simple as a thank you video to our troops, Donald Trump managed to make mostly about himself and how the brave men and women who’ve been serving this country long before he ever disgraced the office of the presidency apparently couldn’t “win” or fight for this nation properly — without him.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

Watch Stavridis’ comments below via MSNBC by way of Raw Story:

Allen Clifton

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