Talk About Scandal—Remember When Conservative Hero Ronald Reagan Sold Illegal Arms To Iran?

irancontraYou know, I’ll be the first to admit Democrats have flaws, huge flaws in some instances.  If you follow my writing at all, or my page Right Off A Cliff, you know I often call out liberals when I think they’re acting ridiculous.

But in my back and forth with conservatives, the one trait I see most often is their inability to be honest with themselves.  Now they can spout off any number of right-wing media driven talking points, or bash President Obama at the drop of a hat, but most seem in absolute denial about the facts within their own party.

Take for instance these “scandals.”  From their made up Benghazi one, to “umbrellagate” and now the IRS situation, Republicans are “shocked” by what they call the absolute corruption within the Obama administration.

But let’s look at a couple from their own party.

Who’s old enough to remember Iran-Contra?  For those who don’t remember it, I’ll give you a quick summary of the details.  Basically, several Reagan Senior Administration officials were caught selling illegal arms to Iran in the hopes of freeing 7 American hostages.

So not only did the Reagan administration sell illegal arms to an enemy, they negotiated with terrorists.

Of course, President Reagan “knew nothing about this.”

So if Reagan claims he knew nothing about the illegal arms being sold, either:

  • He admitted to being incompetent as a leader
  • He lied

There were, however, several convictions from the Iran-Contra fallout, with a few being overturned on appeal.  But for those whose convictions did get upheld, they were eventually pardoned by President George H. Bush right before he left the White House.

You know George H. Bush right?  The Vice President during the selling of illegal arms to Iran—and the man Republicans still elected in 1988.

Could you imagine if Obama was caught selling illegal arms to Iran and negotiating with terrorists?  Some Republicans have talked about impeaching him for “talking points” following Benghazi, just imagine if he was the President during Iran-Contra.

Or maybe we should look at the Beirut attack in 1983 that took the lives of 241 Americans, 238 military and 3 civilians. For those who don’t know what this is, it was an attack by a terrorist group with a truck bomb. The Marines on location were ordered by President Reagan not to load their weapons so they would look more like “peacekeepers” rather than armed hostels. Nothing quite like ordering the military into a hostile area, then telling them not to load their weapons. But hey, I’m sure if Obama did that, Republicans wouldn’t have any problem with that, would they? After all, they re-elected Reagan in 1984.

Then what about the Iraq War?  Remember when their President campaigned for months about the dire need to invade Iraq and get those WMD’s?  How many did we find exactly?  Zero?  Over 4,400 Americans dead—zero WMD’s.  But yes, let’s get “outraged” over 4 American deaths in Libya.

Can you imagine if Obama started a war in search of WMD’s, which led to the deaths of 4,400 Americans, and found exactly zero.

Then even if you want to focus on these “scandals,” there’s an even bigger one we should be looking at which just developed — who was it that edited those Benghazi emails, then “leaked” them to the press to try and artificially inflate this story in the first place?  Republicans have spent millions upon millions in taxpayer money based on emails which were edited to make Hillary Clinton and President Obama look bad.  That is the real scandal.

It’s just amazing how badly Republicans want bring down President Obama (and Hillary Clinton) that they’ll fake this outrage over their own made up “conspiracies,” yet:

  • They love a man in Ronald Reagan who sold illegal arms to Iran
  • Elected George H. Bush, who was the Vice President when we sold those illegal arms to Iran
  • Elected, then re-elected, George W. Bush who sent thousands of Americans off to die in Iraq, and found exactly zero WMD’s

But please, Republicans—tell me more about a Marine holding up an umbrella, the “conspiracy” in Benghazi which is based on edited emails and the IRS situation which occurred while a man appointed by George W. Bush was in charge of the IRS.

I really care what you have to say.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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