Tea Party Activist: ‘Gay Supremacy’ Worse than White Supremacy

mary-bakerIn a glaring example of delusion, insanity and just utter stupidity, Mary Baker, leader of Conservative Moms for America and speaker for the Tea Party Express, recently wrote a blog where she claimed that “gay supremacy” is worse than white supremacy.

Baker wrote, in part:

I could disagree with the beliefs of white supremacist and still hold to Biblical views about life, marriage and sexuality. Many people in America fought against their own kind in order to rid us of this hateful group but Gay supremacist have bullied every sector of our nation and now sit as the giant bully against all Americans who disagree with their radical agenda.

How do you define irony?  By comparing gay rights activists to white supremacists when white supremacists often use religion to justify their views on minorities – the same way these “religious freedom” people try to use religion to justify their hatred toward homosexuals.

She continued:

Gay Supremacy is becoming a monster that carries greater evils than white supremacy ever did….I could disagree with the beliefs of white supremacist and still hold to Biblical views about life, marriage and sexuality.  Many people in America fought against their own kind in order to rid us of this hateful group but Gay supremacist have bullied every sector of our nation and now sit as the giant bully against all Americans who disagree with their radical agenda.

The ignorance is amazing, isn’t it? If you really want to stomach it you can read her full blog post here.

Gay rights activists simply want equal rights for homosexuals.  They want the same rights that heterosexuals have – that’s it.  But these religious radicals seek to infringe upon those rights the same way white supremacists want to infringe upon the rights of minorities.

She finished this disgusting rant off by saying, “Our state government must now take the lead in protecting the religious freedoms and right of expression of the citizens of their state from this new enemy the Gay Supremacist.”

These people just don’t understand, they are the ones acting like white supremacists.  They’re the ones that continue to try to discriminate against people with which they disagree – the people they see as second class citizens.  And they use religion to justify their hate, intolerance and ignorance.  Something many white supremacists do as well.

History shows us time and time again that those who seek to discriminate against others, for whatever reason, are always on the wrong site of it.  Just as history will show that individuals like Mary Baker, and those like her, are on the ignorant side of history when it comes to gay rights.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Michelle Grasz

    I don’t understand the issue…how does someone being gay affect her religious rights? Did I miss something?

    • bamcintyre

      Her religious rights include being able to discriminate on anyone who doesn’t believe in the same fantasy she does.

      • FoxnewsisaTrojanhorse

        Like you just did.

        You get that right for yourself, but you liberal bullies deny others that same right.

      • Guest

        Yeah, you homosexuals are perfectly normal. SMH

    • FoxnewsisaTrojanhorse

      “being gay” has nothing to do with it. I have no problem with who you are and what you do. My problem is when you force me, against my religion, to bow to your religion.

      My religion says gay sex is a sin.
      You lovers of Big Brother (liberals) deny me my freedom of religion. As per all of the current court decisions, you use Big Brother to FORCE me to honor and condone your favored sins, directly against my religion. This is the definition of religious intolerance – on your part.

      You deny me freedom of religion. You force your religion on me, thru the unlimited power of Big Brother.

      • Dennis

        Great, great comment. You hit the nail on the head. Christians know that homosexuality is a sin but when they tell the truth they get persecuted for it. As a christian I dare some one to defy the truth to me.

      • Michelle Grasz

        How do they know this? By picking parts out of leviticus, which was the Hebrew bible not the Christians who are followers of Christ, some of them anyway
        If you are going to skim through bits and pieces of the bible for justifying your argument then you have already lost and it is a pointless argument to use Hebrew laws in an American court backed by another document you haven’t read.
        Not one of the 38 comments I received could answer my question how a gay person could violate their religious rights…mostly because you dont understand or truly follow your own religion…find another argument or start another religion where you can make it up as you go as that is what you are doing anyway…oh and you need to start another country because religion doesn’t trump law in this one

      • Dennis

        God’s law trumps all man made laws. If you are a homosexual then just keep your mouth shut because you have no moral argument. Homosexuality will always be a sin.

      • That’s stupid. What if God sent hir Son to earth again to say it isn’t? Since s/he is the Supreme Being, I imagine s/he could change hir mind about anything s/he damn well chooses.

        Also, if you’re talking to people who don’t believe in your God, your assertions don’t mean shit. Religion–any religion–is only for the people who choose to follow it, not the general population.

      • Dennis

        He’s your God too whether you like it or not. You don’t want to believe because you don’t want to be accountable for your sins. I’ve got news for you stupid, you will be accountable anyway. No one escapes judgement. Non believers will be judged for their sins and believers will be judged for their works.

      • You know, people like you are what gives Christianity a bad name. I think Jesus would be very displeased with you.

      • Dennis

        Give me a reason why he would be displeased with me. In fact I just relay the message he gave to everyone You are just scared of Jesus. You better be scared of dieing right now.

    • therain

      Hey homosexual, how about the businesses who were sued because they wouldn’t violate their religious beliefs?

      • Michelle Grasz

        Not that it matters but I am not a homosexual, I am asking how selling a pizza to a gay man violates your religious beliefs? Not selling is in violation of the law so yes a gay man could sue you but what is that compared to your soul?
        So again where in whatever religion it is that you practice does it say you cannot do business with a homosexual

  • robingee

    It doesn’t affect you, pumpkin. Just live your life. K?

    • Sure, I live my life while other human beings and citizens of this country are being discriminated against for a bogus reason.

      That sure makes me a wonderful person, now doesn’t it?

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • therain

      Actually, homosexuals try to force us to accept their lifestyle. So, pumpkin, your folksy tone doesn’t hide the fact you are trying to push a sick lifestyle on the rest of us. K?

  • actoraustin

    You used the same quote twice and tried to pass it off as a separate quote. Don’t try to manipulate the news, it makes our side look weak.

    • Phil Keast

      Actually, the use of the same quote twice seemed appropriate. Because if you missed the truly horrid prejudice and hypocrisy the first time and didn’t scream in outrage, then reading it again drives home the fact that this women does not deserve a forum for her hate-filled ranting.

      OK, apologies, freedom of speech, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I defend your right to say it”. Still, puh-lease, lets get together a gay lynch mob and remind her how true “Supremacists” act. Actually, lets not, we are better than that, and she isn’t worth the cost of the rope.

      • therain


  • John

    A black woman serving as a mouthpiece for the Tea Party. Why doesn’t it surprise me that she could be one of those “house n****r” types? If you belong to a group that faces a certain degree of discrimination, you have no right to advocate discrimination against another group.

    • prytani

      crazy ass she is…people are responding and commenting to her about her brilliant piece (OMG) black supremacy and how the blacks forced their hatred on the poor white people just like the gays are now?????..and she is like exactly…has she not looked in a mirror…what is wrong with her..really really really hard to even go to that blog…the people that respond to her are so out of touch…and the hatred from the gay community that they are railing about … that is insane…they, this conservative, close-minded ignorant, family values spewing, Christian????, (right), organization are so full of hate ~ it is called projection -by-the-way…you call out other people for what YOU REALLY ARE…I wonder why we even bother to respond…it just makes my head explode that we have this much ignorance in this country…

    • richard

      Wow John, a proggressive using the “N” word?! now that’s what I call liberal tolerence! what a hypocrite!

    • FoxnewsisaTrojanhorse

      That’s some real bumper-sticker thought depth there.

      You are the discriminator who says discrimination is wrong. I’m the discriminator who recognizes that we all do it and it is a necessary component to liberty and freedom. If you can’t discriminate against what you believe is evil, you are not free.

    • therain

      Yeah, you clowns don’t sound bigoted at all.

    • auntielib

      So I take it you, for example, refuse to discriminate against KKK members, and refuse to discriminate against those who enjoy dragging homosexuals in back of their pickup trucks, John?

  • johnbuoy

    ♫ She’s just a nowhere girl, living in a nowhere world, spouting trash and stupid filth for nobody…♫

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    stated because she didn’t “taste” the true horrors of either discrimination.
    easy to say ” that’s the way it is” when U haven’t walked in the tattered and painful shoes of those who suffered

  • kissyface

    the stupidity virus is spreading

  • Dave

    The only way to stop a bad guy that discriminates is with a good guy that discriminates…..or something like that, because…..derp.

  • Leon

    “Reply by Mary Baker yesterday:
    I have known many gays as well, my son is homosexual, but he comes over and lays on his moms lap as he did when he was a child he is 28 years old. He knows how his dad and I feel about his lifestyle, but our role is to show him grace and mercy, because God showed us grace and mercy when we were in darkness, but if my son tells me I have to accept him and his partner or he will not have fellowship with us anymore, then we won’t have fellowship. We don’t try and force him out of his choice and he has no right to force us out of ours.”

    Do not judge before fully understanding someone’s position. She is not discriminating anyone’s rights. She is just stating what she sees, just a few days ago a CEO was bullied to resign because sometime in the past he made a $8000 donation to an organization that does not support same sex marriage. Where is the tolerance in that? Tolerance goes both ways, “We don’t try and force him out of his choice and he has no right to force us out of ours.” Those are her words.

    At least before she is bullied (which I know she will be), try to weigh things in a more unbiased way.

    • Mike Mallard Sr

      I understand your statement. Most here will not. To most Progressives tolerance and agreement are the same. If you disagree, but tolerate then you’re are a hater and they have no tolerance for you.

  • Mickie Lynn Halley

    I’m looking for the part where gays are using the bible to assert they are genetically superior to other sexual orientations.

    • therain

      Don’t worry, they will make up anything to push their perverse agenda.

      • Mickie Lynn Halley

        asking to be treated fairly is not a “perverse” agenda. I’m guessing no blowjobs for you.

  • The military gay movement is destroying families and needs to be stopped. It is sinful nature that attempts to smack God in the face. Just like we don’t accept folks that condone murder, bestiality, or theft, we shall never accept this morally corrupt behavior either!!

  • Tony Sammons

    I agree with her 100%, for gay rights activist, it’s not enough for them to have equal rights, they want everyone to agree with their lifestyle choice, and if you don’t they will make every effort to destroy your career and credibility, they also want us to agree to teach our children that homosexual lifestyle is normal and condoned by Almighty God, this is when it infringe’s upon my religious right’s, Gay right’s activist have bulled their way into every aspect of government, free press and both the private and public sector with intimidation and threats of lawsuits, they are indeed an evil presence in in a lost and dying world.

    • Dan

      Amen, Tony! I have been a public school teacher for 35 years and I knew 25 years ago when the “honor diversity aka tolerance” movement was being spewed at all the schools that it wasn’t really about honoring different ethnicities, it was all about forcing people to accept homosexuality as the “new normal.”

      The last two generations, generation X and the millennial generation have been socially engineered by the mainstream media and academia into believing this ideology. Gays are always portrayed in sit coms and movies as the “life of the party,” funny, well adjusted type guy when the CDC tells quite a different story about the many diseases that are much more common in the gay community.

  • therain

    No, you homosexuals are the ones infringing on our rights. There have been many instances of Christians being sued by homosexuals because they wouldn’t violate their religious belief, I guess you didn’t realize that not all people are pajama boy pansies. We fight back.

  • Colleen Mitchell

    Why is it that when you say you don’t agree with
    homosexuality you are automatically told you “hate gays.” I
    don’t agree with it but I have MANY gay friends! And I agree that this
    automatic labeling does illustrate an intolerance of my view that is nothing
    short of the “supremacist” mentality.

    I don’t agree that homosexuality is right.
    I don’t “hate” gays
    I am not “afraid” of gays.
    I just disagree!

    My opinion is not based just on politics.
    My opinion is not based just on religion.
    It just IS!

    Show some of that liberal tolerance you are always demanding
    and “tolerate” MY opinion with the same graciousness YOU DEMAND from me!

  • cady

    This woman has stated the truth and your disgusting for saying she is discriminating.. you see or do you see? Homosexuality is a sin against GOD. Maybe your an atheist or GODLESS?.. can you discrimate between sin and the sinner? Do you know the parralels between the two? The sinner is loved by God, the sin is an abomination in Gods sight. In other words, God loves the sinner , hates the sin. What does God have to say about it, check the Word of God, the Bible. Oh you maybe need some knowledge… so we are the me
    ssangers of the word, cause hearing the word opens u the truth.

  • oldagg

    Actually, in the area of controlling speech (hate crime laws that punish what you think and say) and punishing people who decent by using the power of government to force businesses to sanction their lifestyle and participate in their ceremonies, the homosexual lobby is more akin to the Nazis than the simple white supremacist.

  • Nio Walters

    The problem that is becoming apparent to people is that the gay movement is not trying to obtain equal rights, rather through it’s actions is attempting to gain superior rights. A case in point is the cases with the photographer and baker. In both cases, their religious feelings forced them to turn down a paying job that involved supporting something they feel is wrong. The gays involved could have simply gone to another photographer or baker, yet they went to court. Yes, the courts agreed that they were discriminated against because the courts seem to think that gay rights (not mentioned in the constitution) were more important than religious rights (see the 1st amendment about freedom of religion). Although the gays won that fight, the backlash is yet to fully be realized when people start becoming more active to support their right to express their religious freedoms. Equal rights, yes. Special treatment, NO.

  • Dan

    The gay and feminist agenda since the 1960’s have had as their underlying theme, to change the definitions of both marriage and the family, and in so doing undermine the basic institutions upon which societies are based. Marriage and the family are the two social institutions that God first ordained. He created a man and a woman for a definitive reason. They are different and each have their own roles in the marriage and in the family. From marriages children are produced and each child has a parent of the same gender from which to learn about the roles of being a man or a woman.

    You can mark the rise in divorces in our nation, which has greatly hurt the institution of marriage and the family, to the rise of the feminist movement which teaches that marriage is nothing more than legalized servitude to your master (husband).

    Feminism would rather have the young Jezebels of the movement jump into bed with whatever male they are attracted to, with no strings attached, not looking for a committed relationship, just taking care of their sexual needs.

    Feminist leaders don’t want their sisters to be “tied down” with children when they should be “asserting themselves in climbing the corporate ladder,” which feminists relate as the true measure of female independence and control.

    Mothers are demeaned as less important, backwards, and not as intelligent as the women who choose to be in the workforce. So you can see how feminism has hurt both marriage and the family.

    Now, in the homosexual agenda of redefining the role of marriage, they are saying that either a father, in the case of (two lesbians who adopt or having one female partner inseminated) or a mother(two gay men who adopt a child) are not important in the proper social development of the child. There are numerous scientific studies that show that the most well adjusted and successful children are those who are raised with both a mother and father in the home.

    People who choose to disregard what God’s word says a marriage and a family are; are choosing to play God themselves. They are saying, Not your will be done God, but my will be done.” These people are in good company as this is the reason that Lucifer was kicked out of heaven. He thought of himself equal to God and wanted to be the one making the decisions.

    As we as a society continue to change and cheapen the definition of these two important institutions we are seeing more and more young people resolve to not even get married, saying, “What’s the point?”

    • Mary

      Very well said. Amen.

  • Good heavens. Where are all of these anti-gay trolls coming from?

  • Michael Johnson

    Problem is Gay and Lesbian people can’t face the truth no matter what it is. For example: Queer is queer no matter what you call it! This is the same as “A rose, by any other name is still a rose”. So, it holds that if you Gays and Lesbians can’t call yourselves queers then you can not face the truth. It holds true with your liberal beliefs as well.

  • Dennis

    Mary Baker is right!!!

  • street

    religious belief dont discriminate people do being a follower of Christ is a choice through out the bible people are giving choices. If a person approaches me and ask why i do not support Gays. i would explain that they have a choice to their life style and i wouldnt impose my belief on any of them, im not the one to judge they would have to answer to God. i would further explain Because GOD says its an abomidalbe life choice i cant support it, but i would support freedom of choice and expression we are are given that right its just when you are persecuted for that right it causes a problem. GOD love the sinner not the sin. He even turned away from his son Jesus when he took the sins of man unto himself.

  • auntielib

    “Gay rights activists simply want equal rights for homosexuals.”
    Patently false, as even other threads on ForwardProgressives proves. For example, consider the thread about Amazon, and how some “gay rights” activists want Amazon to not allow their customers to donate to the Boy Scouts of America.