Disgusting Tea Party Candidate Said Female Politician Only Got On Ballot Because of Her ‘Boobies’

chris-mcdanielI’ll admit, I love when I see tea party Republicans and Libertarians clash.  Being that I think they’re both utterly delusional, seeing their craziness collide can be quite entertaining.

But what Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (the tea party candidate for United States Senate) said about one-time Libertarian candidate for Governor of Alabama Loretta Nall was just disgusting.  The comments were made in 2006, but recently came to light now with McDaniel running for United States Senate.

McDaniel said of Nall, “It’s so interesting to see this woman, basically using her boobies, I shouldn’t have said that, to using her breasts to run for office.  If that’s not the most typical Libertarian platform I don’t know what is. The only thing that could probably make the campaign more Libertarian is a heroin needle in her arm.”

Isn’t he just classy?

In the past he’s also mocked complaints over racism, and was the keynote speaker at a neo-Confederate rally in 2013.  You know, just last year. 

Isn’t it amazing how often Republican candidates, especially tea party favorites, are tied to racism or sexism?  But no, they’re not racist or anti-women at all.

While I’m not saying all Republicans are racist or sexist, I am saying that a large number of those who are racist or sexist just happen to be Republican.

McDaniel’s comments weren’t only offensive to Libertarians (especially the heroin part), but they were highly offensive to female political candidates by suggesting that Nall only got on the ballot because of her “boobies.”  And you just don’t say comments like he did by a genuine slip of the tongue.  He clearly has no respect for women.  Then again, most conservatives don’t.  That’s an ongoing problem which has been highlighted most recently by their opposition to equal pay for women laws.

But looking at some of the extremely shady company McDaniel seems to keep, these comments shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.    And as a liberal who often deals with tea party conservatives, his comments fall in line with much of what I hear from these people.

The fact that this guy is actually getting support, even with these comments (and shady connections to racist groups) being brought to light, shows what kind of “values” tea party Republicans really represent.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    How classy and intelligent of him to suggest this! Two things we don’t want politicians to be. Is he also suggesting the populous is so Neanderthal-like that this is how they vote? I would say that was a slam to his electorate!

    • bamcintyre

      An accurate representation of his electorate!

    • Andy Kinnard

      They don’t do this randomly; it’s a reflection of their voting base.

  • katherine norton malek

    As long as he opened a narrative on the close relationship between body parts & their effect on a persons’political career, let’s just agree that because he has a third leg, (crassly referred to in some circles as a “dick” or “prick” ), he’s a Tea Party candidate. You must have and/or be a “dick” or a “prick” to be embraced by said TPers. #censorme #booobiesokdicknot

    • sharla

      I’ve been involved in politics locally and can honestly say that I have NOT seen this to be true with any of the people I have worked with in the Republican Party. Neither Libertarians nor Tea Party people would tolerate this in my neck of the woods. How about if he said it, you take it for what it is worth, an idiotic comment that only reflects on him.

      • tyz228

        yeah. except that similar things seem to be said, over and over, by tea party favorites. …remember the “legitimate rape” comments of teaparty darling todd akin?

      • sharla

        Yes I do, and in my neck of the woods he was denounced for it…totally disgusting.

  • BigRedEO

    I think part of his comments also stemmed from the fact that many conservatives/tea partiers mistake “libertarian” with “liberal”, when they are NOT the same thing. He must have figured that because she is a woman, he could equate her with the most negative stereotype that conservatives have invented of those they perceive to be “far Left.”

  • Tori Crossman

    Yes, using her boobies to run for office. Because we here in ‘Merica can’t tell the difference between a beauty pageant and a government election. Just check out all those junkie supermodels in the House and Senate!

    • Michelle Grasz

      it does sort of explain Palin and Bachman

      • Eoin Maloney

        Psh. Each a 6 at best. If we were really voting on looks, both sides could field much better candidates.

      • MLR

        Uh, I guess I must be blind because I think Bachmann looks scary and I don’t see what the fuss is about Sarah Palin. She’s just a middle-aged, average looking woman with a pea for a brain. She’s no Cindy Crawford, that’s for damn sure!

    • Greg Van Ho

      You are ignorant

  • MLR

    That’s why I don’t understand how any woman would associate herself with the republican party, especially minority women. Allen, you are spot on when you say most conservatives don’t respect women because they don’t. They see us as walking baby factories and heaven forbid we have big boobs because in their perverted and sick minds, if we have big boobs then we must be sluts, or we’re using them to get ahead. It’s sick how these people think. As a matter of fact, just the other day I came across a pic of a girl with big boobs on Facebook with a caption that said “My eyes are up here” or something like that, and the comments about her were just horrifying. Next thing you know conservatives are gonna require us to dress in oversized mumus so we don’t “distract” them sorry ass perverts. I mean, that seems to be the logical next step since they practically want us barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen. That’s why they’re against contraception. And republican women are just as bad as the men, if not worse.

    • GreenFlutterby

      interesting side note – that muumuus became the standard dress for Hawaiian women when Christian missionaries decided that grass skirts (or less) on women were too distracting. Distracting to the missionaries, that is. The local men apparently had not had a problem with the attractiveness of their own women.
      Also note that, in terms of shapeless cover, all you need do is make muumuus in drab colors, and you will have … burkas!

  • Only thing big boobies will get you is a big Booby. Man is reasoning from himself. We must thank him for the heads up.

  • Stephen Barlow

    The heroin comment offended Me more. But McDaniel is not done. Look for him to spew crap in the next election for some seat somewhere. This guy is a power junkie and has the perfect Mississholesomeness to get elected.