Tea Party Group Releases Ad So Ridiculous You’d Think It Was Rejected from ‘The Onion’ (Video)

freedomworks-propaganda-adI just watched an 86 second video that left me speechless. I’ve seen a lot of propaganda before, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to me. But the ad I just watched put out by tea party group FreedomWorks against net neutrality might be the biggest pile of crap propaganda ad that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know if I should laugh or become enraged knowing that they were trying to be serious – and that conservatives would believe them.

What this ad tries to do is claim that the Internet that we’ve all known our entire lives, the Internet where all content is delivered to consumers at the same speed for which they’re paying, is anti-competitive and only benefits big business.

Reality check: Big business wants the death of net neutrality to happen – because it’ll favor big business! 

This ad is so absurd that it actually contradicts itself.

One of the lines in the ad says:

“Supporters of the plan call it a free and open Internet, but in reality, it is anything but.”

Then the next line goes on to say why the Internet in its current form is so “terrible”:

“The same speed, the same prices, the same access…”

Yes! That’s called Internet freedomNet neutrality is the truest form of Internet equality. You pay for an Internet connection and that’s the speed you’re given to every single website on the Internet. 

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, your website is delivered at the same speed as every other company. Whether you’re visiting us small folks here at Forward Progressives or a massive conglomerate like Fox News, both sites will be delivered to you at the same speed to which you’re connected.

That’s an amazing thing. And that’s what they’re trying to kill. They want to create an Internet where you might get Fox News delivered to you at the 30 mbps that you’re paying for – meanwhile a website like this one, that can’t afford to pay these extra fees, will then be delivered to visitors at a much slower rate.

Ending net neutrality is the definition of providing a competitive advantage on the Internet. It gives big businesses a huge advantage over smaller startups.

The Internet, as we know it now, has been the best tool for innovation humans have ever seen. And these bastards are doing everything they can to kill that. They want to take an amazing vessel for providing information and access to the entire world and hand it over to big business so that they will be able to buy and sell usable access to it.

This video is absolutely appalling. To even try to call the Internet anti-competitive is laughable.

And if these disgusting, bottom-feeding vile propagandists get their way, the Internet will be destroyed. Ending net neutrality takes the control out of your hands and puts it in the hands of companies like Comcast, and whatever big corporations decide to pay those companies for premium access to deliver their sites at faster speeds while throttling the competition that can’t afford to do so.

People must start caring more about this. I’ve written a few articles about net neutrality over the last few months, and I’ve been ashamed at how little traffic and feedback they received compared to stuff about Sarah Palin or Fox News.
Protecting net neutrality isn’t just a battle for Internet access, but for free speech. The right for all of us, at any moment, to log on to the Internet and start a blog or a business or even a Facebook page, and let our voices be heard. Where a company like Comcast can’t throttle the speeds to a competitor or an anti-Comcast website simply because they don’t want their costumers having easy access to that information.

We cannot allow big business to destroy the Internet. 

And we damn sure can’t let these right-wing radicals like FreedomWorks poison and corrupt this battle by making it into some left vs. right fight. Because it’s not; this shouldn’t be political at all.

Breaking down net neutrality is as simple as this:

  • Do you like control over what you view on the Internet? If yes, then support net neutrality. 
  • Do you want your Internet provider to determine what kind of access you have to websites you visit? If no, then support net neutrality. 

The only people who should support ending net neutrality are greedy Internet providers and big businesses trying to create a massive competitive advantage on the Internet.

I’m passionate about this fight and I hope you all are too. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know that you’re with me. Let’s all come together to fight this wave of misinformation and no information. Because far too many people are either being fed lies like in this video, or they simply don’t even know that a massive battle to save the Internet is currently being waged.

Watch the pathetic joke of a propaganda ad below (if you can stomach it) via FreedomWorks:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • barefoot bob

    These people are in a race to the bottom. They’ve perfected the recipe for perpetual ignorance, and it’s a very simple and effective one. Be satisfied with your opinion, and content in your knowledge.

  • I agree with you entirely. The Tea Party is ridiculous. They claim to be Christians but they are anything but. In fact, I believe they were the group Jesus warned us about – the wolves in sheep clothing. They pretend to love America, yet at every turn they try to destroy her. They pretend to want to get things done, but then throw a tempter tantrum and shut the government down. The Tea Party claims it is the party of God, Jesus, and Apple Pie, but it’s actually the party hoping to institute its own brand of Sharia law. Thank you Allen for keeping us informed!

    • msdeb

      Yes and its only going to get worse for the GOP because of this split in the party. But let them bicker among themselves and maybe this next election the democrats will take their butts to the polls and vote. Al franken didn’t run away from Obama and he got re elected.

      • Macdoodle

        The GOP is dead….liberals pre November election.LOL!

      • Quirkydude Kev

        They’ve just been give 2 years to provide more proof what a bunch of backwards idiots they are. They will do themselves in.

      • Di Kelley

        Mac, the only reason Republicans got elected? was because the only ones that got out *to* vote were the white male over 50 crowd that generally *votes* republican. The younger voters, women, and hispanics that typically vote democrat didn’t turn out much. And even then there were a couple of close races that Republicans took even with the low turnout for your more liberal voting groups. That says something.

      • ReeFungorio

        I keep hearing Democrats say this, but it’s demonstrably untrue. How about a few facts rather than this vague bullshit that is easily disproven?

      • Bernie Herrera

        ok if it’s demonstrably untrue then go ahead and demonstrate that it’s untrue. Or they can just do it the GOP way and keep repeating it whether it’s true or not.

      • woodwoman

        Yes, and the younger voters, the blacks, hispanics and women are all the targets of voter ID laws. The GOP has no new ideas but they’ve got ways to keep you from changing the old ones. Don’t let the “troublemakers” vote. I guess you gotta use what you have and they don’t have anything but this.

      • HankMurphy2021

        … “younger voters, the blacks, hispanics and women are all the targets of voter ID laws” . . . wow I dont even. . please explain? What are you trying to say about those groups of people??

      • ReeFungorio

        AL Franken would have been re-elected if he killed someone. This is Minnesota.

      • karensc

        Like in South Carolina, Mark Sanford, who deserted his post as governor without telling anyone where he was to go have sex with his mistress while is wife and children were in South Carolina got elected to Congress simply because he has an “R” behind his name. He’s scum, but that doesn’t matter to you people. As long as they’ve got the right letter behind their names, they could kill their mother and children, and they would still get elected.

    • Anonymous

      Religion and politics shouldn’t mix it just creates more chaos in the world. that’s like mixing ammonia and bleach.

      • Years ago, I saw an interview with a man from Texas who had been a minister, then retired to go into politcs. Afterwards he said with regret, “When you mix politics with religion, you just get politics.” I think of this often.

  • Pipercat

    I hate finger quotes….

  • worrierking

    Isn’t that the music they play at funeral homes during viewings?

    Leave it to the baggers to want freedom for corporate interests to come before freedom for everyone.

    • disqus_nDZBoh4LcN

      Wow what a great insite. Yes, it is our own funeral.

  • lindylou

    My head hurts from this.

  • Edwin

    I don’t know why as a liberal/forward progressyve that I’m so butt-hurt about Democrats having gotten such a butt-kicking last week, but I am.

    It makes ne want to curl up in a ball in the fecal position, suck my thumb, and just cry. I hate those Republicans, but Damn, why are we such losers??

    • PAldrighetti

      We don’t really try to win. We are corporate enablers. That is the Dem role, it seems, since Bill Clinton.

      • Edwin

        Agree. And it seems as if Obama cares more about Goldman Sachs than he does you and me.

        Sigh. It’s a sad day for America.

      • DavidD

        If he didn’t he wouldn’t be President.
        That fact still does not negate the responsibility to vote by the individual elector.

    • DavidD

      Because the Democratic party is funded and controlled by people who don’t really represent the vast majority of wage holders who are alienated and don’t show up to vote..

    • Rob Bailey

      Dude, rethink that “fecal position” comment…

      • turdpipe

        No, I think he nailed it.

    • ReeFungorio

      Because the entirety of Liberal Progressivism is a giant lie. There is not a more racist, intolerant, hateful or dishonest group of people on the planet. People are starting to figure it out,

      • Dan Childers


    • Chas Mcarty

      Six years of professional propaganda spreading fear and distrust. It worked. Goebbels could not have been more effective and whatever they claim they will do, we can be sure that they are not going to de-program any one before 2016. Instead, they will pump it up.

  • Albigensian Heretic

    The embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger Effect; they don’t even know how ignorant they really are.

  • Jason Paul Hayes

    First, she either needs to blow her nose, or film this when she doesn’t have the flu.

    • JustTheFactsMa’am

      That, and get rid of that ‘vocal fry’ speech affectation.

    • Andy_Kreiss

      Or she took her elocution lessons from Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. Along with her Thinkin’ Classes.

    • lkb

      …and Air Quotes??? Really?!?!?

    • Longbowgun

      I don’t agree with her position.
      I also don’t agree that we should be insulting her.
      Ad Hom doesn’t make us correct.

      • Cat L

        She’s a brainless teabagger. She doesn’t deserve respect.

      • Longbowgun

        I agree that her presented position is stupid – a 12 year old could refute it and even I’ve even seen Republicans say that regulating net neutrality is the only way to go. But, it doesn’t help our position to call her “brainless”. Presenting the fact that the providers are already extorting the net is all that is required to refute her position. Whether we respect her or not doesn’t matter. If we go ‘to the person’ we show our worth as reasoning people.

        There is a huge difference between:
        “Her position is flawed: The net is currently for sale to highest bidder.”
        “I don’t like her because she uses air quotes sounds bad.”

      • Ellen

        why is everyone worried about respecting her, she is obviously an actress
        paid to present this info… this is NOT her personal opinion

      • Allan Taylor

        Better stop it now Longbowgun, you’re only likely to garner more respect for yourself, rational thinking, and civility…and for many on both sides that just wouldn’t be right! (J/k)

  • StopHyperbole

    The problem with the argument this ad makes is the “high school blog” pays the same amount as “netflix” which isn’t fair. The problem is that it isn’t true. Sites pay for the bandwidth they use, not by what type of service they provide and that would *not* be changed by net neutrality. They fail to realize that *not* having net neutrality would allow the likes of Verizon, etc al to crowd out the “high school blog” traffic in favor of the netflix’s who will pay a premium to do so. Rest assured, Freedomworks would be the first to yell “foul” when their bandwidth for their content gets throttled because they won’t pay to play.

    • Jon

      I work for AT&T, we restrict bandwidth for alot of reasons, if someone pays more, they get more, if they publish content that is in contradiction to what the head office disagrees with, then they start to have problems with “outages” in the area or delivery. I do it all the time. We get directives on a list each week, we call it the hard time list.

    • John M

      And rest assured, no matter what laws were in place, who passed them or what companies were responsible, they’d find a way to blame Obamaa!

  • Javafutter

    First of all whoever shot this used the wrong filter turning her into a Dr. Suess shade of blue. Secondly she just did a Ted Cruz….turning freedom of access for everyone into the same thing and pretending she’s on the side of the little guy.

    Tragic someone so young has been indoctrinated into their Oligarchial efforts.

    • DavidD

      Bought off more likely.Tea Party officials have very sticky fingers.

  • You can’t fix stupid. Pure and simple. The Tea Party is the party of stupid…and they strive for new levels of stupid.

  • Rinnie Ulmer

    Gawd..wish that stupid girl in the video could go blow that nose or something. How damned irritating is it..that you have that drivel thrown about by a gal with a nasal problem. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww……(shuddering off the gag reflex)

  • Jared Dahl

    Comcast and other ISP’s want to double dip. They want to charge me to use the internet, then charge Netflix or Ebay because I use their sites. This does not even consider the chilling effect on democracy when Comcast decides they don’t like a particular website’s take on issues and decides to silence them by making their site load very slowly.

  • jh1289

    I’ve been a software developer for 23 years, and this commercial is crap, just pure crap. I’ve never seen a commercial that is such blatant propaganda. The Internet is “anything but” equal… what? Why isn’t it, right now at least? What nonsense.

  • Andrew Hoak

    Ow my mind hurts….mixing politics and religion in here us just adding fuel they can use to push for this to happen this is why im not christian

  • christianh

    People did crash the FCC comments server… Around 2 million comments were submitted… 95% were for neutrality…

  • lindylou

    She even LOOKS a little nutty.

  • Kim Serrahn

    The only reasons they don’t Net neutrality are
    1) big dark money in their pockets.
    2) Control over the masses i.e. what they think and say.
    So I’m think this kinda goes against the 1st amendment, free speech and all. Talk about being like Nazi Germany.

  • 1fullsailkid .

    Anyone and Everyone who actually said to themselves “This chick makes a lot of sense” should kick themselves in the nuts or vag as hard as the can because we can’t afford any more morons on this planet.

  • Elizabeth

    Theory: this lady is a hardworking actress supporting two kids, sadly missing valuable income this month from a bad head cold. But then the tea party needed a person to deliver their message and literally could not find a single attractive person without a head cold willing to say this madness in front of a camera. Desperate tea party hires poor, head cold actress because she’s under the age of 60 and can do the finger quotations without laughing. Secretly liberal and oh so clever head cold actress happily and intentionally records terrible sounding commercial and then gleefully uses the Tea Party’s money to buy her gay best friends a wedding present and send her kids to science camp.
    (Just let me have my fantasy!)

  • Kerry Wright

    Everytime they drag out one of these taking heads, it shows all of us, what they realy think of the American people, “we are so stupid, they can force anything down our throats” lets show them we are not!

  • maxmom

    Oh, yea. That clears it up! Absolutely no explanation whatsoever, other than net neutrality is bad.

  • ThomasCampbell

    So, as far as I can tell, this whole site isn’t actually about reporting
    “news”; it’s just “reporting” about Conservatives, so they can piss off
    liberals and continue to sew divisiveness in America. Or am I missing
    something here?
    Just about every article listed is about either the
    GOP or some other conservative issue. Where’s the part that’s supposed
    to be about going Forward and being “Progressive”? it all seems to be
    just a hodgepodge of creative conservative-bashing–basically, a rehash
    of all the negative campaign ads I saw during the recent election
    Does anyone on here actually have anything constructive to say or is it all just whining?

  • JanMutcher

    Anyone who uses “air quotes” is not to be taken seriously.

  • Cemetery Girl

    The ad added to my headache. But why nitpick on her looks or her voice? I’m sure their goal was a normal person that understands the issue explaining it to viewers. At least that’s what they wanted viewers to believe. So why pick at her looks? Why pick at her voice? It has nothing to do with the crap they are passing off as truth.

  • Debo Jenkins

    what do you expect, this chick talks through her nose!

  • HankMurphy2021

    As a conservative, I can tell you this stance the TP has taken on net neutrality is going to DESTROY them. This is it, they are done.

  • Someone get this women a dose of some Claritin and common sense!

  • Linda Warren

    Sadly some will believe this BS – the same folks who believe FAUX is real news and the videos shown aren’t edited .

  • counterblow

    that was the dumbest shit I have ever seen, told by some valley talking ho who sounds like she could say “Oh My God, Becky look at her butt” any minute!

  • Weedbay Guy

    Holy crap on a cracker.

  • Thaddeus Kozubal

    And, with Ted Cruz in charge of that committee, all these asshats like Cruz are going to believe this shit. This is just another ploy of the republican party to pay their election donors big time. What is this SHIT?

  • Xcalicoco

    She needs to blow her nose. [And then go re-do 1st grade…]

  • Mike Dickey

    This woman’s arguments are so full of holes it looks like Swiss cheese and she needs to take something for that nasty cold she’s got. Net neutrality will make it even for everyone instead of being controlled by three companies controlling the internet deciding who gets the bigger bandwidth and who has to put up with the slower speeds because they don’t agree in principle with what the three big companies think that is suppression of information that is control we don’t need that, we need net neutrality.

  • Hata H. Zappah

    Perhaps if these people want to talk about “clearing a few things up,” they maybe should pick someone that doesn’t sound like she’s just getting over a cold she’s had for weeks? bullshit Seriously, this is how you tell the difference between satire and propaganda.