The Tea Party Has Pushed Republicans Past the Point of No Return

teapartycrazinessCongratulations Republicans, you’ve finally done what Democrats haven’t been able to do for decades.  You’ve destroyed your own party.

Sure, it’s not dead yet, but trust me—that’s the party’s current course.

See, Republicans unleashed the Tea Party on this country in hopes of washing themselves clean of the Bush administration.  They figured, after 8 years of that nonsense, the only way they stood any chance at gaining national acceptance was to hit some kind of reset button and “brand” themselves as the “new party” for “fiscal responsibility”—and this time, we mean it!

They also tied in the racism that’s ruled the Republican Party for decades to help build an irrational hatred towards President Obama.

And don’t let Republicans fool you, the Tea Party was as much about ridding themselves of the vile stench left from the Bush administration as it was a vessel to attack President Obama.

See, they blame President Obama for—well, everything, and claim we can’t blame President Bush.  Except, where is George W. Bush?  Oh that’s right, he’s been hidden away since the day he left office.  He hasn’t campaigned for GOP politicians, hasn’t given big public endorsements and wasn’t even invited to the RNC this past summer.

So it seems liberals aren’t the only ones who realize Bush is to blame for our economic mess.  By their blatant avoidance of anything and everything George W. Bush, Republicans realize this as well.

But while they used blind ambition in a failed attempt to defeat President Obama, they also managed to light the fuse that’s destroying their own party.

And now they’ve reached the point of no return.

This idiocy went on full display just after Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast.  Republicans went nuts when pictures surfaced of Republican Governor Chris Christie embracing President Obama.  How dare he!  How dare Christie be seen publicly working with Obama!  How dare he work with Obama to try and help the people devastated by a horrible storm!  How dare Christie—act like a human and not a Republican drone programmed to attack Obama for anything and everything.

I promise you those pictures following Hurricane Sandy cost Christie any chance at becoming the Republican candidate for President—ever.

After they lost the presidential election and seats in the House and Senate, Republicans attempted to “re-brand” themselves soon after.  But the problem is, they can’t.

In less than 6 months after they tried to seem more “mainstream” with some of their views, you’ve seen them drift further and further back to their radical right-wing base.

They’ve created a giant problem for themselves.  To be a national candidate for office,  you have to win your party’s primary.  A primary for those who don’t know is the election within a party to determine which candidate will represent them in the general election.  In many places only registered members of the party can vote in these elections.  Meaning that when a Republican candidate is selected, they’re often selected by just registered Republicans.

So, what these candidates have had to do is pander to their far right-wing base to even become the GOP candidate.  But, to do that often means you have to take stances on issues that nationally, and in general elections, are not very popular.

It’s a choice.  Either they run on more generally accepted ideas, and risk losing their primaries to more conservative candidates, or they pander to this far right-wing base and risk losing the general election.

And while some Republicans tried to bring their party towards the center on a few issues these last few months, their base just wasn’t having it.  You began to see infighting between Karl Rove and other right-wing pundits, Tea Party groups attacking Fox News for being “liberally biased” (that alone shows you how insane these people have become) and local movements that threatened to attack any Republican politician in their upcoming primaries that might compromise and work with President Obama to pass legislation.

The truth is, the Tea Party has pushed the GOP so far right, they can’t go back.

There’s simply no point to try and appeal to more moderates, because their base won’t allow for it.  But they can’t win over a society that’s becoming more moderate by appealing to only the far right reaches of their political party.

Their only real option is to embrace the implosion.  The only hope they really have is for them to allow the far right wingers in their party to engulf their party to such extreme measures that the desperation within it will force their constituents to seek more moderate solutions.

It’s basically like demolishing a home instead of renovating it.  There comes a point where it’s better to just destroy the whole thing rather than rebuild it from a shell.

And make no mistake, the Republican Party is but a shell of its former self that’s past the point of renovation.  This party once represented the likes of Lincoln and Eisenhower, yet now is represented by people like Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

Their only option now is to let the implosion continue, and hope once the party is reduced to rubble they can build it back up to resemble a party that represents most Americans—not just the radical right.  I won’t be holding my breath waiting for this to happen. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • xnerd

    I have been saying this for 10 years . The Republicans are ass-hatting themselves right out of existence.
    During the bush years, the average (whatever) poll was only 32% support of any random republican agenda item… Now its along the lines of 23%.

    I believe that 23% represents the last of the last…. The dumbest of the dumb if you will.. The last hanger on’s to an obviously disingenuous ideology.

    I think that enough people have wised up to the useless tits that the GOP is at the point of no return. At one time they accused the left of being elitists, but after all is said and done they can not hide the dripping middleclass blood from their hands. Slain and chopped up to feed their corporate cronies.

    Their biggest mistake was to stop hiding their hands.
    The seemed to have thought that people were stupid enough to keep buying into their bullshit….

    Turns out only 23% are stupid enough.

    • Mary G.

      It’s probably no accident that the high school drop out / illiteracy rate in a lot of areas hovers right around….. wait for it…. 25%!!!!

      • John Winkle

        it alsow holds to the top1% the richest of the richest who wants us to be poor and stupud

  • mmmmikkimac

    May the GOP moron’s keep on so they can go ice skating on a frozen lake in Hades when they ever gain control of congress and the WH again.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Watching the GOP devour itself has been exquisite.

  • They have hoisted themselves on their own petard. That “Giant sucking sound” you are hearing is the Republican Party rapidly circling the drain. Glub, glub.

    • Fed up with Half-wits

      “…hoisted themselves on their own petard.” Sums it up perfectly. : )

    • Jim Wetherell

      Let me pull the flush handle.

  • Scott6113

    Don’t count them out. Social issues are the sideshow. The mojo of the party are plutocrats. Saturation ads steer low-information voters to join the zealots to the pro-corporate candidates. As long as they outspend the democrats, they will win some.

    • lindylou

      Thank you. The biggest problem with the democratic/progressive party is to become complacent. Pulling our party together is like herding cats, but the republican party is mindless jello, it’s all pretty much the same flavor and if you poke it it snaps right back. As much as we all deplore the Bush presidency, the real villains are Cheney and Rumsfeld, and they still can control too much. Too much is being said about Obama not being liberal enough and increasingly becoming more conservative every day, but he has had to govern against massive odds and has had to give in too much in order to make ANYTHING happen.

  • Matthew Doc Brashear

    this is all well and good. So when are the DEMOCRATS going to show up and do something!!! Anything!!!

    • saltcay

      When the TEAPUBLICANS stop voting down EVERYTHING that the Democrats try to solve. Such as passing a jobs bill, veterans benefits, human rights acts, etc. The only thing the TEA Partiers can do is vote 37 times to repeal Obamacare!

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re not to bright. You didn’t even research that Obama care vote record did you? The republicans have only voted for a full repeal of the ACA 3 times, they have tried to repeal, defund or amend it 37 times and had the democrats not rammed it through post haste. Those 37 tries I mentioned would have been conducted in committee and possibly rectified before it became a law.

      • Jason Post

        Just my 2cents but to me, a vote is a vote. And voting 37 times to either repeal, defund, or amend the ACA is still voting 37 times in the face of a guaranteed veto while not paying attention to real problems that plague our nation is absurdity to an infinite exponent. And when enough people have seen them without their clothes, the Republican Party will go the way of the Know-Nothings.

        Government has a role, always has and always will. Whether the teapublicans like it or not.

      • Charles Vincent

        Had the bill actually been read debated and fixed prior to its passage they wouldn’t have made all those attempts after the bill became law.

      • Jason Post

        Listen to yourself, are you really suggesting the Republicans had a plan all along to “fix” the ACA?
        The answer is no.

        Do you really believe what you are writing? If you do, I have a rich prince cousin who lives in Nigeria who will transfer funds in the amount of $20 million into your bank account (of which you can keep 30%) if you send a check for $3000 to me to begin the transfer process. You see, my relatives in Nigeria are in trouble and have to get the money out of the country soon. Make check payable to Jason Post. Thanks.

      • Charles Vincent

        No I am saying none of them read it and passing hastily drafted laws is a bad idea. I think the ACA is a colossal mistake for many reasons, covering economic and constitutional grounds.

      • Sams__Computer

        Mr Vincent You Are Correct – ObamaCare Was A Colossal Mistake – Here’s Why:

        1) In the last 60 years, Reps (Of a False Jesus) did nothing to help “We The People” – While Democrats who were (Of the True Jesus) said let there be Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare etc, for the people of the most powerful nation on Earth. Just as Jesus did & and it’s in the Christian-Religious-Moral-Majority-Right-Republican-Bible! But Reps just keep taking from poor & middle-class and give tax breaks & subsidies to the Rich & 1%.

        2) In those 60 yrs. The Reps have chipped away at the Dems Social Programs & Voting Rights Act. Today Reps continue harming & excluding Americans of their Social Security, Medicare & Now desperately must kill ACA & Preventing many Democrats from their voting rights. Those are the Reps 2 Key strategies for winning upcoming elections so they gain the power to perform the final mother lode of Death Panels, the killing of ACA.

        3)The Colossal Mistake here is THIS: If Republicans can’t kill this Jesus-Caring-ObamaCare – Millions of new Citizens who benefit from ACA and all their families & friends are going to (At This Moment In Time) find out how great it is to have Affordable Health Care. These millions of “We The People” will Vote For Democrats Till The End of The Republican Party – Why? Because they love having health care & They know Reps will kill it.

        Smart thinking Reps Know This is True – That’s why it’s so crucial to kill it now with 47 stab in the dark attempts ending in an embarrassing failure & waste of time & tax dollars.

        Take Care Everybody!
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      • Michelle R. Knight

        That was fantastic!! You hit the nail on the head!!

      • Sams__Computer

        Thanks Michelle – Stay Focused on our next elections & keep the faith for “We The People” Of, By and For the People – Not The 1%.

      • Charles Vincent

        “1) In the last 60 years, Reps (Of a False Jesus) did nothing to help “We The People” – While Democrats who were (Of the True Jesus) said let there be Social Security, Medicare, ObamaCare etc, for the people of the most powerful nation on Earth. Just as Jesus did & and it’s in the Christian-Religious-Moral-Majority-Right-Republican-Bible! But Reps just keep taking from poor & middle-class and give tax breaks & subsidies to the Rich & 1%.”

        Jesus has zero to do with the ACA. The democrats have plenty of skeletons in the closet, the most obnoxious one being their filibuster of the civil rights act in ~1964. And we won’t go into their affiliation with the kkk.

      • Charles Vincent

        “2) In those 60 yrs. The Reps have chipped away at the Dems Social Programs & Voting Rights Act. Today Reps continue harming & excluding Americans of their Social Security, Medicare & Now desperately must kill ACA & Preventing many Democrats from their voting rights. Those are the Reps 2 Key strategies for winning upcoming elections so they gain the power to perform the final mother lode of Death Panels, the killing of ACA.”

        The democrats social programs are our economic wealth. In 2011 our government spent all but ~100 billion of the total revenues for that fiscal year on just the mandatory spending, which includes SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and the interest on the debt. The ACA will only add to those mandatory entitlements. Then there was the discretionary spending which is what we consider traditional government that when added gave us a ~1.1 trillion dollar deficit for 2011. Those social programs are digging this country a nice deep economic grave.

      • Charles Vincent

        “3)The Colossal Mistake here is THIS: If Republicans can’t kill this Jesus-Caring-ObamaCare – Millions of new Citizens who benefit from ACA and all their families & friends are going to (At This Moment In Time) find out how great it is to have Affordable Health Care. These millions of “We The People” will Vote For Democrats Till The End of The Republican Party – Why? Because they love having health care & They know Reps will kill it.

        Smart thinking Reps Know This is True – That’s why it’s so crucial to kill it now with 47 stab in the dark attempts ending in an embarrassing failure & waste of time & tax dollars.”

        Your family and friends might benefit short term but long term it’s going to push us deeper in to debt. A debt that will reach ~25 trillion dollars and weight us down with ~137 trillion dollars in total debt according to the CBO by 2023.
        It’s only 40 time that congress has voted not 47. And there have only been 4 votes for full repeal. The other 36 were to amend, defund, or repeal portions of the bill. If the bill had not been rammed through post haste those changes might have been made in committee like it is supposed to.

      • Sams__Computer

        When our great Country, Not just the Dems Passed Affordable Health Care for the good of “We The People” it was not the seeking of a Democratic or Republican Benefit or Answer – Republican Romney & Jesus the physician have already done the correct Answer on that score. Republican Teddy Roosevelt has already ran on the same Health Care Platform & Clintons too, so it’s not a Republican or a Democratic Answer – It’s the Correct Answer & So let us all NOW move forward not to the past to bicker or fix a Blame Game anywhere. It’s a fool game I won’t play.

        We All Made the correct Answer – All of us including the Moderate Republicans i.e. The Bob Dole, Colin Powell & Conservatives, Indies & Progressives of a compromising spirit Not of extreme Obstructions. America has decided on Obama over extremism – But Let’s Stop There!

        Why? Because WE as a People must not seek to fix a Blame out of a past that’s gone. Let us all continue choosing the Correct Answers not the extreme ones – Let us all, the Libs, Progressives, Independents, Moderate Republicans & Supreme Court who all said YES to Obama & Health Care – Let’s all Seize this Present Moment for the good of the People, instead of focusing Blames Upon a past that’s gone – Let us all accept our own responsibilities for the present to keep accomplishing good answers & good deeds for People right now and in the Future.

      • Charles Vincent

        I got my info from the congressional gov site that shows how people vote. Full repeal votes are far different that voting to defund, repeal or amend parts of the whole. Rushing a crappy bill with more flaws than you can count through is what caused the 37 votes you’re lamenting about. Your still not to bright, considering you make wild assumptions about where I get my news, and your feeble ad hominem attacks don’t make you look very intelligent. Last time I checked neither party was concerned about anything but their own self serving interests.

      • Charles Vincent

        This is the post my reply is directed at. Ire moved the link that was in it mods dot let people post links in replies in my experience.

        saltcay Charles Vincent • an hour ago −
        You are calling me not too bright? I stated they voted 37 times to repeal. I don’t care if it was a partial or full repeal, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is, the Teapublicans are going to oppose anything the President Obama tries to do. This is according to your beloved FAUX NOIZE

        37 times brought to a vote??? REALLY??? How many times have they voted in favor of a Veterans Jobs Bill??? How about restoring the early childhood benefits to support Head Start, a program devoted and proven to work in the education of our youth? How about any type of benefits or improvement to senior citizens?
        Yeah, now I really know who is NOT TOO BRIGHT!

      • saltcay

        Are you really that dense? Repeal is REPEAL. What has the TEAPUBLICAN QUEEN, Michelle Bachmann called it? REPEAL!!! You want to call me “not very bright, feeble attacks, not very intelligent? I will much rather take the Democrats self serving interests as long as they are doing things that help the common American, as opposed to the uselessness of the GOP only trying to help each other in their bids for re-election by giving money to the wealthy corporations that don’t need or deserve it.

      • Charles Vincent

        Do you understand the legislative process? They do exactly that they repeal or amend bills all the time they just do it in committee before it becomes law something the democrats brought on themselves by passing it before they could fix the problems in the first place.
        “I will much rather take the Democrats self serving interests as long as they are doing things that help the common American”
        That’s just it they are both only interested in promoting their own self interests.
        “GOP only trying to help each other in their bids for re-election by giving money to the wealthy corporations that don’t need or deserve it.”
        The democrats are complicit in this activity as well, hypocrisy is unbecoming.
        Please don’t confuse free market capitalism with corporate cronyism aided by the political people in Washington.

      • Donna

        A) that person wasn’t even talking to you 2 months ago but……
        B) you can pull yourself off of your own high horse. Nothing you’ve said did anything except make me long for the wasted time I spent reading your … opinions.
        C) continuing to read on shows that apparently you are only impressing yourself.
        …….. My suggestion to you would be your suggestion to a Democrat, “Live in the now. Learn from the past & move on.” None of your rhetoric has diddly squat to do with the article. Face fact doll, your party is a bust. The folks you’ve invited to the dance have sent party goers to the party on a different block.

      • Charles Vincent

        1) your assumption that I have a party is false.
        2)I wasn’t talking to you why are you commenting here
        3) you’re crazy if you thing what I said has anything to do with an I’m better than you attitude.
        4) my original comments were made 2 months ago as well.

      • Paul Shene

        The “both sides do it” fallacy.

      • Charles Vincent

        It’s an empirical fact look at contemporary history.

      • Darren Embry


      • Charles Vincent

        Fine keep your head buried in the sand it makes little difference to me.

      • Darren Embry

        Nice five-dollar word there by the way, but it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

      • Charles Vincent

        Are you referring to my use of the word empirical?

      • Darren Embry

        Maybe. Or “You’re”.

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re mistaken.

      • Bruce L Arvidson II

        But see this where You are missing the whole point. Yes Dirksen did ask the Democrats to end their filibuster and the Democrats did. But The MODERN day Democrats have asked the Republican party to quit filibustering the nation for the past 5 years, but they refuse to. And yes, that is exactly what they are doing. They have stated that they will make President Obama a one term President, as soon as they found out he won. And when they couldn’t even accomplish that, they have come out and stated they will NOT agree to anything President Obama lays on the table. And 75% of what President Obama has suggested was originally a republican idea. But the tea party has dug their heals in and now the Republican party is sinking in the quick sand it created for itself.

      • Charles Vincent

        Obama is a train wreck and a liar on top of it he has brought nothing but shame to the office of the president. And congress is full of them as well. I personally think they all need walking papers.

      • Randy

        Not only are you unable to put together a proper sentence, you are part of the problem with this country. You are one of the millions of racist, selfish people who agree with the insanity of the TeapubliKKKans. I am enjoying being able to sit back and watch you morons squirm as the President makes progress in spite of all the obstruction from your heros….

      • Charles Vincent

        OOOOOH yay ad hominem attacks. That’s your only retort calling me names, you’re a joke. Its Heroes not heros Chief. See what I did there???

      • lindylou

        “The “both sides do it” fallacy.” may be a fallacy, but it is a meme that rings on both sides. It IS a common appeal used by kids in a schoolyard brawl, and
        it doesn’t work there either. Insofar as comparing the two major US parties there is enough for discussion without dropping little word bites that don’t mean anything. No matter how much importance one puts on the major social issues in this country, when life begins, gun ownership, homosexual marriage, birtherism, immigration, the Republican party has created a major diversion to the extent that they swallow up all our time, money and energy to resolve before real government can start.

      • gavin johnston

        Please note that writing “Your still not to bright…” defeats the whole “Democrats are stupid” argument. Your sentence begins with two grammatical errors. Hardly a display of superior intelligence. As such, it calls into question the veracity of your (yes, that spelling is correct in this context) contention that the folks on the Left have their facts and figures wrong.

      • Charles Vincent

        Ad hominem attacks make you look even less intelligent than what you accuse me of. I also don’t feel the need to correct minor mistakes in grammar or spelling as its does not contribute to rational debate.

      • Ellistrey

        rational lol

      • Darren Embry

        Honestly the spelling corrections are just icing on the cake. Some people do it to be douchebags, others tend to do that to “throw the book” at people whose postings have much more serious issues. If you want to talk about things that do not contribute to rational debate, the “both sides do it” fallacy that others have mentioned is another, more serious one.

      • Randy

        I agree that if you cannot put together a proper sentence when attempting to sound smarter than someone else, you have failed. “Your not to smart” makes no sense at all. “Your” shows possesion, “To” generally precedes a destination. Just so you know, “YOU’RE not TOO smart.”

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re a bit late chief. and making mistakes doesn’t make someone unintelligent it make s them human, so as soon as you’re perfect I might be inclined take your post with a little more seriousness.

      • Darren Embry

        The only person who said anything about where you get your news from is you. It’s like you’re responding to parallel universe versions of the people to whom you are responding that said things they didn’t actually say in this universe. This is part of why people like you are the problem. Nothing good gets accomplished because your freakout hell zoo party can’t wake up from its self-inflicted nightmare and listen to adults.

      • CherMoe

        Whenever ANYTHING in this country has been started, it takes a bit to work the “bugs” out. I’m sure it was that way with both Social Security and Medicare … yet both programs have been HUGELY successful in this country. To set fire to a whole program rather than “tweaking” what needs to be changed as we go along, makes a whole lot more sense than the whole country going under (except the 1%) due to the weight of health care and bankruptcy. The only ones who make out on that scenario is the 1%, as usual! The self-serving interests are, as usual, most prevalent on the right-wing side. While Democrats like to turn a profit here and there, they at least work on BEHALF of American citizens they’re elected to represent. Except the “blue-dogs.”

      • Charles Vincent

        “Social Security and Medicare … yet both programs have been HUGELY successful in this country”

        Really? Is that why the CBO projects Them being bankrupt and why our honest legislators are using SS medicare and Medicaid as a personal slush fund? and when the baby boomers start retiring large numbers that SS will tank because there is nothing in the fund because the government borrowed it to help pay budge short falls? and now on top of those unfunded liabilities we add another in the form of the ACA are you that oblivious to what is happening?

        http://www DOT nytimes DOT com/2010/03/25/business/economy/25social.html?_r=0

        http://crfb DOT org/blogs/cbo-social-security-looks-much-worse-we-thought

        http://www DOT npr DOT org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2013/09/17/223366240/cbo-report-warns-of-long-term-debt-problems

        http://harvardpolitics DOT com/arusa/runaway-medicare-and-medicaid-spending/

      • SlikLizrd

        Where have you been !??? The Republican-controlled House has now voted FORTY (40) times to repeal the Affordable Care Act — you know, the one that Republicans demanded and then voted against unanimously.

    • jimtoday

      What are you talking about? Republican Primary candidates do not fall under the purview of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or President Obama, believe it or not.

    • Paul Shene

      I’m taking this to mean when are the Democrats going to push back? Some of them have. Tammy Baldwin for example.

    • CherMoe

      Actually, they’ve been busy trying to clean up the Republican messes all by themselves. Which is probably a good thing, because every time a Republican gets involved, it costs the taxpayers money to shut down their whining and to bail them out all the while they’re destroying America.

  • Matthew Reece

    Over the next few decades, if people are not successful in abolishing the state in favor of a market anarchist society, there will likely be a new two-party system of the Democratic Party versus the Libertarian Party, with the Republican Party going the way of the Whigs and the Federalists.

    • fivefoottwo

      Agreed. This is when it’ll get really ugly.

  • Rechan

    The thing is though that districts are so Gerrymandered, many of those Republicans can continue to be insane and not be punished for it. While Senators have to deal with an entire state, a House member can keep his rabid constituents and continue – witness Bachmann or Steve King for instance as examples of this.

    Sure, the way things are going, they won’t be able to take the Senate or Presidency anytime soon. But as we’ve seen, all the GOP needs to do to completely lock the Government into a stalemate is to control the House.

    It also makes me wonder how the corporate masters will respond to this whole thing.

    • yep, i agree.

    • C.C.Reamy

      Your point is well taken, but trust me I’m feeling a “new” wind
      blowing……Republicans can’t turn this ship around, and none of their tricks
      are going to work for them.You have folks in those Gerrymandering districts who
      also depend on Social Security, Medicare, Meals-on-Wheels etc., and are looking
      for relief from having to cut their pills in half because of the cost,(and
      thanks to ObamaCare they won’t have to anymore). When they go into that voting
      booth to pull that lever, they will do so this time with their OWN best interest
      in mind. They’ve had a taste of what the 2010 election let loose on the
      country….and I don’t think people will soon forget.
      “Trans vaginal Ultrasound” will not distinguish between Democrat or

      …..and that should be enough to bring everyone out to the polls to get
      rid of them and their insane agenda…!

  • jim55price

    The thing to realize here is that Conservatives aren’t our problem. Our problem is the modern Republican Party. A car without both gas & brake pedals is dangerous : the same goes for Liberals & Conservatives. For decades, we’ve been fed the delusion that Libs & Cons are mortal enemies. The fact is that both are endemic to the human condition. We either learn & incorporate this into our politics, or we will inevitably eat ourselves alive no matter which side is holding the reins.

    This means, as this article points out, that we need to let the Republican Party go ahead and die. What this article doesn’t specifically state, though, is the very next thing we need to do : we need to help the surviving Conservatives build a new party that actually conserves something other than the wealth & power of the wealthy & powerful. Otherwise, despite our best efforts & intentions, we’re buying into the delusion that salt should assassinate pepper & up should murder down. This doesn’t serve our purpose or anyone else’s, at least outside of lunatic asylums and Fox News.

    If you have difficulty imagining helping a Conservative, spend some time with Jonathan Haidt’s excellent TED video on the moral roots of Liberals & Conservatives. We do have common ground, if you know where to look.

    • Willy W

      It was an illuminating TED Talk, and I highly recommend it to others, but better understanding conservatism made it even more clear to me that the Republicans in congress hardly resemble what a true conservative believes and does.

      • Paul Peterson

        Ditto for “Christian.”

    • fivefoottwo

      Finding common ground thru compromise has always been the ticket when our country is strong. I so agree with your suggestion of at least pulling for a healthy replacement for the GOP built on the premise of what our country stands for, just a difference of how we get there.

      If Libertarians are allowed to find power thru people and take it to victory at the polls it’s gonna be a tough row to hoe.

      • jim55price

        Fortunately, it’s unlikely any true Libertarians will ever do much of anything bigger than a breadbox. Ever wonder why there’s never, ever been even a single Libertarian government? That’s why.

        Sadly, that means a Libertarian vote = a Republican vote. /gnashteeth

      • fivefoottwo

        I agree with what you’ve posted. However, the more $$ floating in politics, the more we we aren’t recognizing just what they’re buying. I understand being from Kansas leaves me out of the loop (ha! admitting to BEING a “breadbox”), but I can tell you the shrewd and sneaky tactics are absolutely coming from Libertarians. They’ve pretty much sealed up the GOP here. Many Kansans think it’s the “Tea Party” but it’s the Libertarian $$ who are putting these folks in office. The big bucks in our politics are playing the game quite well. They’re going along with the religious right on social issues like abortion but they are buying our tax code and tuning down entitlement programs for the needy in grand fashion. These folks are stepping up class warfare and I’m not sure the people can see what they’re doing. We’ve lost any sign of moderate government we’ve ever had in Kansas. The big bucks behind this? None other that the Koch Brothers who are self proclaimed Libertarians.

  • i won’t believe it until i see it. when they get voted out of the majority and our next president is not a republican….. THEN i’ll believe they’ve finally imploded. right now i still think they have too many ways to cheat and a lot of money behind them.

  • WGAF

    GOP…..Please Proceed…….Thank you.

  • Charles Vincent

    Below is a historical list of every political party this country has had since its founding. The important thing to remember is you might not like the Republican Party but if they go there will be a party to replace them and they can be worse by a hundred fold, so be careful what you wish for.

    The following parties are no longer functioning; they are listed in order of founding.
    Federalist Party (c. 1789 – c. 1820)
    Anti-Federalist Party (c. 1789 – c. 1792)
    Democratic-Republican Party (1792 – c. 1824)
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    • Donna

      Your point? Aside from the fact you’ve obviously learned a new “trick” called cut and paste. Seriously …. yawn.

      • Charles Vincent

        Ooh goody more ad hominem attacks.
        Here’s my point;
        The important thing to remember is you might not like the Republican Party but if they go there will be a party to replace them and they can be worse by a hundred fold, so be careful what you wish for.

      • mike trottier

        Hey Charles, How much worse can it get????? It can ONLY get Better.

      • mike trottier

        the republicans are so low, they’ll need ladders just to get UP to the bottom

      • fivefoottwo

        Hey Mike, I’m not around these parts often and sure don’t want to tread on any “inner workings”, BUT I learned a long time ago. When ya think it’s bad? It can and sometimes does get worse. I have no doubt the GOP is absolutely fragmented to the point of being insignificant. That’s a good thing. However, it’s no time to take our eyes off the ball. . . . .our form of government needs two viable political party’s. We don’t have that now and look where we are. We have a president with some good ideas and Congress can’t move anything thru for him to approve OR veto. That’s not good.

      • Charles Vincent

        I think you’re forgetting Murphy’s law mike.

  • way2go

    It isn’t over yet! I live in a state where around 60% think like the 23% mentioned below. This thinking is common in the South and is far from over. I don’t think they can win any National elections but you will see some of the radical right elected again in state and local elections, unless they completely self-destruct, which could happen. They can’t last much longer.

  • nmexmatt

    shhh, you weren’t supposed to tell them! They are doing such a fine job of destroying themselves we don’t need to tell them how to fix it!

  • sincejan

    they think its 1913, i cant stand those people

  • fivefoottwo

    The Tea Party is takin’ the heat for wrecking the GOP for sure, the brains and $$ behind the Tea Party are Libertarians, tho. It’s the younger libertarian ideology which is hoodwinking the older classic conservative. A sad thing to watch. Very bad for the country.

    Classic conservatism is being kicked to the curb and that’s not good for the U.S. We need two viable political party’s for our system of government to work at it’s best.

  • Cindy Piper-Salyer

    This is the most asinine thing I’ve ever read!

    • standbehindtheyellowline

      Do you care to explain, why? What part of moderate do you see in the republican/t-bag party? Or do you prefer the over the top, make no sense to most, it’s all about quantity instead of quality party? I am not trying to be hateful, would just like to hear the insight with some facts.

      • Charles Vincent

        “I am not trying to be hateful…”
        Here is the problem, as long as you and people like you spew vehemence like “t-bag party” or any other playground name calling nothing will get done. And when you say things like that followed by I am not trying to be hateful… Well you already know you’re being hateful.

      • standbehindtheyellowline

        Well princess, correct if I’m wrong. Wasn’t that the big deal to be called as they stapled t-bags to their pointed little heads. They named themselves, if they don’t like it, staple roses to their pointed little heads!

      • Charles Vincent

        This response also encompasses my earlier post. They named themselves the tea party not teabaggers this term is derogatory just as much as libtard is derogatory when used to describe people on the left.

    • monkeyshine

      And *poof.* She’s gone.

  • Bendwat

    Allen, please stop these kinds of blogs. We don’t want to give them any help by explaining their lunocracy.

  • pamelalipkins

    Idiots with money.

  • glebec

    I have been saying similar things since Reagan was elected. The Republican economic elite have been feeding and encouraging racism, anti-science, anti-education, extreme fundamentalism since the Reagan administration. His foreign policy was to encourage his friends leading Arab / oil countries to do the same. They raised a lot of wild tiger cubs and teased them constantly and now are shocked that – having grown up and fed up being lied to – are enraged and unleashing their fury around the world. Prior to Reagan the GOP was a more sane, business based party. He and Lee Atwater designed the course and set the strategy and we are all reaping the horrors of it. The only answer in the short run is to throw all Republicans out of office everywhere, as none can lead intelligently until their crazy voter base has had 20-30 years out of power to die off and/or learn something.

  • Daddycool67

    I just wonder how long the real owners of America (the multi national corporations) will let this continue.

    • fivefoottwo

      good one. . . . .

  • TheFatherofLies

    A bit of an emotionally tinged rant but there’s merit in it.
    Republicans swarmed the House in 2010. The Democrats were absolutely pulverized. The win was vindicating to the TEA ethos even as that movement currently dies in the cradle. It was a moment of rebalancing after massive Dem gains in ’06 and ’08. As Crazy Biden once put it “the pendulum swings…” 2012 was a win for dems by all measure: They gained seats in the House, retained a Senate they statistically should have lost, and kept the WH after Obama’s rather turbulent first term. 2014 will see the R’s get the Senate and probably keep the House. However 2016 will likely see the biggest shoe-in for the WH in living history and she isn’t a Republican.
    And the Republican’s will not have forged a new (or more centrist identity as the Dem’s did on Bill Clinton’s back) by then.

  • Virginia in Barre Town

    Talk about being hoist with their own petard! They embraced the Tea Party crocodile to get the votes, and now they”re being eaten alive and they don’t like it. Well, boohoo. How about if the moderates create their own party and leave the Teapots to sail or sink their own boat? Better to go off on their own than share living space with cannibals, eh?

  • Pete

    I agree. However, the Deomocrats must unite, get a backbone, and push these Republicans right off the cliff. There needs to be legislation in this country to do the important things we need done. The Democrats need to act alone – counter the Republican “No”.

  • AngryBM

    Yes, its is possible that Republican party may not win a Presidential election for decades BUT DEAD, or POINT OF NO RETURN, not exactly. Thanks to Gerrymandering and acceleration of districts re-mapping due to Civil Rights Act being gutted, Republican party may and probably hold on to House for many years to come.

    On another note, I’m tired of the false equivalency tactics by the right, no both party do it, or they are equal. NO, that is not true. Yes, many politicians on both sides are on corporation’s payroll BUT there has not been one, not a single bill from House Republicans, that helps the middle class. I can think of many that helps corporate America but not a single one that helps the middle class. All this talk about jobs being the priority, where are the job bills, but they have time to repeal Obamacare 40 times.

  • Klee

    In Virginia, if you vote for the Democrats, you have to sign an oath that you will vote for the Democrats in the main election. How crazy is that?