The Tea Party Has Pushed Republicans Past the Point of No Return

teapartycrazinessCongratulations Republicans, you’ve finally done what Democrats haven’t been able to do for decades.  You’ve destroyed your own party.

Sure, it’s not dead yet, but trust me—that’s the party’s current course.

See, Republicans unleashed the Tea Party on this country in hopes of washing themselves clean of the Bush administration.  They figured, after 8 years of that nonsense, the only way they stood any chance at gaining national acceptance was to hit some kind of reset button and “brand” themselves as the “new party” for “fiscal responsibility”—and this time, we mean it!

They also tied in the racism that’s ruled the Republican Party for decades to help build an irrational hatred towards President Obama.

And don’t let Republicans fool you, the Tea Party was as much about ridding themselves of the vile stench left from the Bush administration as it was a vessel to attack President Obama.

See, they blame President Obama for—well, everything, and claim we can’t blame President Bush.  Except, where is George W. Bush?  Oh that’s right, he’s been hidden away since the day he left office.  He hasn’t campaigned for GOP politicians, hasn’t given big public endorsements and wasn’t even invited to the RNC this past summer.

So it seems liberals aren’t the only ones who realize Bush is to blame for our economic mess.  By their blatant avoidance of anything and everything George W. Bush, Republicans realize this as well.

But while they used blind ambition in a failed attempt to defeat President Obama, they also managed to light the fuse that’s destroying their own party.

And now they’ve reached the point of no return.

This idiocy went on full display just after Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast.  Republicans went nuts when pictures surfaced of Republican Governor Chris Christie embracing President Obama.  How dare he!  How dare Christie be seen publicly working with Obama!  How dare he work with Obama to try and help the people devastated by a horrible storm!  How dare Christie—act like a human and not a Republican drone programmed to attack Obama for anything and everything.

I promise you those pictures following Hurricane Sandy cost Christie any chance at becoming the Republican candidate for President—ever.

After they lost the presidential election and seats in the House and Senate, Republicans attempted to “re-brand” themselves soon after.  But the problem is, they can’t.

In less than 6 months after they tried to seem more “mainstream” with some of their views, you’ve seen them drift further and further back to their radical right-wing base.

They’ve created a giant problem for themselves.  To be a national candidate for office,  you have to win your party’s primary.  A primary for those who don’t know is the election within a party to determine which candidate will represent them in the general election.  In many places only registered members of the party can vote in these elections.  Meaning that when a Republican candidate is selected, they’re often selected by just registered Republicans.

So, what these candidates have had to do is pander to their far right-wing base to even become the GOP candidate.  But, to do that often means you have to take stances on issues that nationally, and in general elections, are not very popular.

It’s a choice.  Either they run on more generally accepted ideas, and risk losing their primaries to more conservative candidates, or they pander to this far right-wing base and risk losing the general election.

And while some Republicans tried to bring their party towards the center on a few issues these last few months, their base just wasn’t having it.  You began to see infighting between Karl Rove and other right-wing pundits, Tea Party groups attacking Fox News for being “liberally biased” (that alone shows you how insane these people have become) and local movements that threatened to attack any Republican politician in their upcoming primaries that might compromise and work with President Obama to pass legislation.

The truth is, the Tea Party has pushed the GOP so far right, they can’t go back.

There’s simply no point to try and appeal to more moderates, because their base won’t allow for it.  But they can’t win over a society that’s becoming more moderate by appealing to only the far right reaches of their political party.

Their only real option is to embrace the implosion.  The only hope they really have is for them to allow the far right wingers in their party to engulf their party to such extreme measures that the desperation within it will force their constituents to seek more moderate solutions.

It’s basically like demolishing a home instead of renovating it.  There comes a point where it’s better to just destroy the whole thing rather than rebuild it from a shell.

And make no mistake, the Republican Party is but a shell of its former self that’s past the point of renovation.  This party once represented the likes of Lincoln and Eisenhower, yet now is represented by people like Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

Their only option now is to let the implosion continue, and hope once the party is reduced to rubble they can build it back up to resemble a party that represents most Americans—not just the radical right.  I won’t be holding my breath waiting for this to happen. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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