Tea Party Of Louisiana Foolishly Falls For Ridiculous Common Core Satire Story

Image via MarioPiperni.com

Image via MarioPiperni.com

My local station, KATC-TV3 out of Lafayette, is a special place. Ok, their Facebook page is. You see, like many other small market stations throughout America, they have their fair share of vocal idiots and racists. No matter what the subject, within the first few comments someone will either make the issue about liberals and/or Obama. They can post a picture of a beautiful sunset and someone will start talking about Obama’s weather machine and chemtrails. I really feel sorry for whomever they task with the sad job of moderating the comments over there.

Just the other day, there were posts about how in a predominately black part of town, back to school supplies were being handed out through a charity drive. Almost immediately people began asking why they weren’t giving these supplies to white children, and it all went downhill into a racial spat between commenters from there. Want to really see some insanity begin on a topic other than Obama or race? Mention the Common Core standards which are currently part of a court battle between Bobby Jindal (who supported Common Core before he was against it) and Education Superintendent John White.

Suddenly everyone on KATC and on other Louisiana Facebook pages is an expert on Common Core and education, despite numerous spelling and grammar errors that would make Sarah Palin look like a Rhode’s Scholar in comparison. And of course, the education standards are part of a greater plot by President Obama to destroy Christianity and turn all of our kids into gay Communists.

You think I’m joking, but people actually believe this shit. In fact, the Tea Party of Louisiana recently posted a story titled “COMMON CORE TURNS FIRST WAVE OF STUDENTS GAY” from a parody news site called “Broken World News” on their website about the dangers of Common Core, because they’re angry with Sen. David Vitter (yes, THAT Sen. David Vitter) for supporting Common Core.

From Right Wing Watch:

The Tea Party of Louisiana has declared Sen. David Vitter a “turncoat of liberty” because of his support for Common Core, warning yesterday that the education standards will turn kids gay. Vitter came out in favor of Common Core while Gov. Bobby Jindal, who once supported Common Core, is now trying — so far unsuccessfully— to repeal the standards. Angry with Vitter’s remarks, the Tea Party group responed by linking to an article titled “Common Core Turns First Wave Of Students Gay,” apparently unaware that it was from the parody website Broken World News. (Source)

To be fair, this is not the first time the Tea Party and their proudly ignorant local supporters have claimed that these education standards are part of a plot to make kids gay, or liberals. This conspiracy nonsense about government and education goes back to even before President Obama was elected, but it has heightened since he took office. Earlier this year, a Florida state representative made this claim, in complete seriousness.

Again, from Right Wing Watch:

Right-wing activists are rallying behind Florida state Rep. Charles Van Zant, the GOP politician who warned that Common Core will turn children gay.

Van Zant pointed to Florida’s education contract with American Institutes for Research (AIR), a group that produces material focusing on LGBT youth. Those materials, however, are not part of the contract with Florida, and in any case it would be absurd to claim that LGBT-inclusive resources would “attract every one of your children to become as homosexual,” as Van Zant did.

In an email alert today, an alliance of Tea Party and Religious Right groups called the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition told its members to “thank Rep. Van Zant for his courageous stand” for “correctly call[ing] out AIR’s social engineering agenda.” (Source)

They’ve since removed the article, but not before screenshots were taken of the link being the #1 reason on their site why Common Core was dangerous. Go ahead, gaze upon the abortion that is the Tea Party Of Louisiana website. It really is that horrific. To be fair, I don’t even think the Louisiana Republican Party takes the Tea Party Of Louisiana seriously, and now it’s quite obvious why.


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