The Tea Party is Nothing More Than a Bunch of Cowards and Hypocrites

ted-cruzFollowing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat in his primary election to David Brat, the tea party is riding high with many of their supporters claiming that this is a “clear sign that Americans support tea party values.”

I love how arrogant these people can be.  They love gloating about their “stance for our Constitution,” how much they love guns and how they represent true American values.  Heck, many of their candidates run on the premise that the “Republican establishment” is far too liberal for real conservatives. 

Which begs the question, why doesn’t the tea party run candidates as their own party?  If “the Republican establishment” is so awful, why do they run candidates as Republicans?   Hell, they call themselves “the tea party,” why not create their own actual political party if they think that they represent the “voice of the American people”?

Oh, I know why!  Because they’re cowards and hypocrites.

See, they know if they ran their own candidates as a third party, they’d split the conservative vote between the two resulting in quite a few gains for Democrats.

I guess when it comes to these tea party supporters “standing up for their values,” that doesn’t extend out to having the courage to stand on their own and let the American people decide who they want.

They also love the spotlight that the Republican party gives them.  Running as Republicans, they get all the attention that the GOP provides while laughably trying to claim that they’re “not part of the Republican establishment.”

Essentially they run on the premise that they’re “true conservatives, not Republicans.”

Except when being a Republican benefits their political aspirations.  Think Ron Paul for example.  He’s a Libertarian who ran as a Republican because running as a Libertarian would have cost him significantly politically.  He used the Republican party’s resources while essentially condemning much of what they stood for.

It’s exactly what the tea party does.  Many of these candidates and their supporters love to bash the “Republican establishment,” yet sure as heck don’t mind using all the resources that those they consider part of the “Republican establishment” bring in to the GOP – that they directly benefit from.

But the bottom line is the tea party is too spineless to try to stand alone.  Instead they’ll bash “moderate Republicans” (basically any Republican who might dare work with Democrats to get something done in Washington), and most of the Republican party, while hypocritically using every resource provided to them by the GOP – because they know if they did try to stand on their own two feet, they’d get absolutely crushed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cathryn Sykes

    I think the GOP is caught in a trap of it’s own making. It welcomed the TP, it nurtured the TP and now the TPers are devouring it. Much of the worst of rhetoric and legislation coming from the GOP is TP based…it’s gotten so bad that even moderate Republicans are deserting or ignoring the GOP. Now the TP just gobbled up a major Republican…if this happens in more primaries, the
    GOP will be offering these rabid, foaming at the mouth nutcases as candidates for Congress, and I think a lot of Republicans will stay home on Election Day, while these choices will get Dems out to vote. It’s going to be an interesting election season.

    • adcbeast

      Unfortunately the GOP rebranding effort that started in 2008 with the TP has worked ….

      they wanted to get rid of the W Bush stench from their party .. well .. that has worked .. not to the betterment of the country but of their party

      all the while using that rebranding to obstruct the democratic president’s agenda .. “It’s not us .. it’s the TP” … we all know that is BS but the older radical GOP campaign donors love this stuff

    • Dan Tucker

      Much the same as the Progressives did with the Democrat Party… The problem is that the establishment Republican or Democrat are all about self preservation, gaining power and money for themselves while spewing rhetoric to the land of the sheep and home of the slaves. If you wake up… you’ll realize they look at the demographics of their area and then decide which party to join. Evil is evil.

  • Misael Maldonado

    Don’t ride on the back of the tiger or you might end up inside of the tiger.

  • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

    praise ( 21 st century ) JEEEESUS and pass the tax free tithe—
    smaller govt!!! ( except in states run by regressive white trash republican religious scum)

    • Herbert Smith

      White guilt demorat trash calling people of faith trash. Too funny. What have progressive faithless demorat states done lately? oh yeah, higher crime rates, higher unemployment, higher taxes, etc, etc.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        people of faith
        me: “people of SCIENCE”
        shall we go over the democratic and republican federal policies of past 25 yrs and compare???
        lets have fun and start with JOB CREATION:
        U get the 20 yrs of Reagan and bush 1/ bush 2
        I het the 14 yrs of Clinton and Obama
        (NOTE: U have 30% more time; yet I got millions and millions of more jobs)
        no fun? ok- lets look at how many US military were killed and maimed under the repub presidents VS the democrat presidents since ; say- 1980
        that’s no fun either??? Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        how about:: deficits VS surpluses!!!!
        NO????????????? geeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ur no fun
        religions is for scumbags who want voodoo and do NOT think
        ( praise JEEEEESUS and pass the tax free tithe)

      • Michael Keville

        People of Faith? You mean the Christian Taliban. Idiots like Pat Robertson and the retarded mindless followers like your self who are full of hate, lack compassion and have no idea they are pawns for the Billionaires.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        people of faith………….. SEE: superstition
        remember: the bible is flawless
        remember: jesus ( we don’t know 92% of his life)n is GOD
        remember: “GOD” makes 98% of his ‘children’ born to go to hell ( see: Baptist Christian mantra)
        PRAISE JEEESUS and pass the tax free tithe

      • Jan

        If anyone is a pawn of a billonair its folks like you who lick socialist billonaire-boot! America hasn’t been a freemarket for the last 100 years. Your socialist party is an outgrowth of the GOP early 20th century. Socialism is neo-fuedalism wealth confiscation and equal poverty and rule. The more you tear down the constitution the more you will get anarchy. Anarchy will halt your fascist rule not bring it fourth. You little pricks want corruption of the two-headed establishment bitch. Whatever occurs the collapse of the US dollar favors liberty, the collapse of rule will favor those better off with no rule vs corrupt rule. Sand in your birkenstocks makes you cry, you won’t handle anarchy to well!!!

      • Michael Keville

        Jan, You are a typical right wing retard with a Capital R. Socialism my butt, We have become a Facist Corporate controlled economy largely due to the scum republicans in Congress

      • Kenneth Williams

        Blah blah blah, socialism!. Blah blah blah, socialism! Blah blah blah, socialism!

        You idiots sound like a broken record.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        shall we compare the last 25 yrs of repub VS democrat policies and how they impacted all americans? or— maybe U can tell me WHY the poorest states are republican?
        praise jeeeeeeesus

      • jake

        People of faith? Letting the hungry starve,letting the sick die of treatable diseases,anti abortion but pro death penalty makes you pro birth not ppro life. If you are truly pro life then all life is sacred,not just that life that you in your self righteous generosity deem worthy of it.

  • John

    The only difference between conservatives and libertarians is what they call themselves.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      one extra syllable

      • gypsycho

        and one extra chromosome.

  • Jim Bean

    The war of ideas among conservatives continues and that give the Democratic party, where loyalists obediently consign their individual thought processes to the DNC, a distinct advantage.

  • Stephen Barlow

    What I don’t understand is WHY the OldGuard GOP is running scared from the Ted Cruz’? Is it all that dark money they gleefully cheered about when the Roberts Court misinterpreted the Constitution THEN lied about it being what the founders envisioned in the decision?

    HOW does the NRA hold so much power over them? What is it about gun wielding Domestic terrorists that they created that is so terrifying to their creator? I GET why the Monster terrified Dr. Frankenstein, it was that he couldn’t control it once it was alive.

    I guess that tells the whole story hunh?

    • adcbeast

      OldGuard GOP in’t running scared of the TP .. they invented the TP to rid themselves of the W Bush stain …

      Do you think of today’s GOP as the same GOP 6 years ago? No .. the TP rebranding of the GOP has changed that .. and voters think the 2008 GOP is different than that 2014 GOP …

      a very good CON JOB

      • Thomas Parker

        I think you’re giving the Republicans too much credit for thinking. There is not some Machiavellian mastermind playing political chess, but rather a cancerous growth on the body politic that metastasis every generation or so. The Tea Party is just the latest iteration.

      • Shreknangst

        Everything is too consistent for there NOT to be a Machiavellian factor. But it goes back at least to the Reagan Administration … maybe even Eisenhower/Nixon

      • jake

        I don’t think anyone believes Conservatives have the ability to reason. As for thinking,it is group think,group speak,march in lockstep(goose step) al la Limbaugh and Vulture News.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I agree that the Koch Bros BOUGHT a ‘grassroots’ effort. I think you are right about them trying to ‘multiply by cell division.

        But Boehner was TERRIFIED of losing his job for putting bills to a vote that he knows would pass. He ALLOWED the Government to Close and even said on Leno (or Letterman) that he was herding cats, not leading and that the TEAcats forced him into shutdown so he could get some control over them by LETTING THEM fail.

      • Dan Tucker

        Boehner passed over 300 bills and Reid will not allow any on the floor of the senate. 38 of those were jobs bills, so I would suggest cleaning your own house first.

      • John M

        Name one.

      • jake

        Those Bills Boehner “passed” were totally unreasonable,and he knew it. Those jobs bills would have created thousands of jobs,in China,Indonesia,Mexico,Bulgaria,Vietnam,India,but not one good paying job in the good old U.S.A. Read the bills dan. I did,it is all about giving corporations tax breaks for sending jobs off shore.

      • Dan Tucker

        Clinton passed NAFTA and Obama wants to pass the TPP… Those are American Job Killers. Name 1 of Boehner’s Bills that performs like these… And I’ll continue listening for the flushing of jobs while the Socialists share our jobs and wealth while we get the kids to educate and their diseases.

      • fairness_rules

        Many republicans support the tea party because they give voice and action to principles and concepts they have long wanted but were afraid to propose on their own. The TP is a tool for them.

      • adcbeast

        The tea party after 2008 is complete FAKE .. paid for by big $$$ republicans to rid the party of the Bush stench .. nothing more

        I remember being in Boston in the 90s when the real tea party clowns dumped tea into Boston Harbor every year .. 12 nutjobs in fake 1770s garb .. made me laugh once a year … they protested the tax code and paying taxes in general .. not this B#$%SH#$ about the national debt and deficits .. that’s fake ..

        Now clowns claiming to be “tea party” activists .. LOL .. more like childish fools who have been prodded like cattle ..

      • jake

        Must respectfully disagree.This Tea Party infestation is just the latest in a series of hijackings of the Republican Party over the course of the last three decades. It started with Rush Limbaugh,who,not being able to cut it as a sportscaster,decided to try his hand at hate mongering,and insisting he could think for everyone.Then it was the turn of Jerry Falwell and the born again bigots and distorters of scripture,who decided to politicize God,who allied themselves with the so called social conservatives and culture warriors,who want to dictate how people live.Then it was the neoconservatives turn,with their mantra,WAR!WAR!WAR!.Now it is the Tea Party,a composite of all of them,with a little Facist revival thrown in.States rights is one of the reasons for the Civil War,which shows you how reactionary the GOP(the Get Obama Party) has become.

    • Shreknangst

      They aren’t scared of Teddy Boy — they are scared by the general level of stupidity which defines his supporters.
      Cruz stands for violating the eligibility clause of the Constitution and for crippling the American Economy (which would have happened if we defaulted in Dec 2013, which would have happened if Sen. Sue Collins [R-ME] hadn’t acted).

      • jake

        If they are not afraid of Cruz they should be. He has his lunatic father behind him. This boob is more dangerous than George Wallace.

      • Shreknangst

        Cruz is legally ineligible for President — even though he lies about it — so no threat beyond the damage he can do in the Senate (which is far more serious than a President could achieve).
        His dad was/is a Communist — who fought and killed for the cause; he now uses the fact his sister was opposed to him and Castro (very Civil War brother against brother) to assert ignorance of what he was doing.
        Cruz senior revealed himself in a church speech (cited in book, PRESIDENT TED CRUZ) where he talked of Ted as the annointed one who would redistribute wealth.
        DEATH OVER LIFE refers to Book of Revelation and points to 2015 as year when “Babylon the great city” falls — that is, Washington falls from global stature. But that has already begun — the rise of China and the undermining of the Presidency by the Birthers and Tea Party types.

      • Dan Tucker

        George Wallace the Democrat.

  • Ed Gentner

    The Tea Party movement or the “Teabaggers” as I am fond of referring to their members are quickly taking the GOP down the same road as the Whigs as they continue to fracture the party. The downside of the two party system that we embrace is that as one party evolves when the fringe elements coalesce is the dysfunction it causes to the whole function of government allowing a minority within one party to run roughshod over the majority as a whole. Take issues such as immigration, minimum wage increases, unemployment extensions, that poll after poll show a majority of the whole population nominally supports is frustrated and stopped by a slim majority in one party that cancels out the desires of the majority. At some point self-preservation on the part of the political professionals in the fractured party either prevails or that party disintegrates and what is left becomes a substantially reduced minority party subjugated to the back benches or they attempt a coup to usurp the legitimate government convinced that their cause is divinely inspired.

  • Tamaracboy

    Old truism:
    When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

  • Russell Davis

    The Tea Party is a malignant tumor. Taking resources from the host. Growing and taking up space that the Republican Party desperately needs if it ever wants to get someone in the White House. The Tea Party stand on immigration is alienating the growing population of hispanics. It is possible the GOP will find itself an outcast for a generation.

  • adcbeast

    The Tea Party was created by republicans who saw that the George W Bush presidency tarnished the party for decades ..

    the Iraq war crimes .. the banking collapse .. Katrina response …. massive govt. spending .. etc. .. FAILURE OF MAXIMUM ORDER

    So to APPEAR as a different party than of W … the tea Party was invented .. but as this story points out .. they’re too chicken to run as their own party

    Hmmm … that’s because they’re not being honest about who they are .. they vote the same as the W GOP … but the TPers all get on their soapbox to appeal to the fanatical GOP voters .. they tend to be older voters that live in some fantasyland about the Founding Fathers and their intentions for the country.

  • Neil DeLury

    While I don’t question you assertion as to the cowardice of the tea party, let me add this: ballot laws. The laws are so rigged in many states toward the 2 major parties that it is very difficult if not impossible to get a 3rd party candidate onto the ballot. This goes for tea party, libertarians, greens, pretty much anyone other that republicans and democrats.

  • Altreg01

    I hardly see winning a primary in Va as America has spoken, dont forget Dems can cross vote in those primaries. Put a Tea Partier up for POTUS and he will get crushed in landslide. Winning a primary in an ignorant congressional district does not impress me.

  • Jan

    May your chains set heavily on your cowardly sheepish ASSES! You little progressive tit-sucking sheep! You’re too chickenshit to take care of issues on your own you have to use the gov’t to hurt people and shut people down. Your ideas are bullshit and you fear the truth that Humanity is individualsim and freedom. Surrenduring your humanity to chronie-capitialist world fascist rule makes you lower than a little sheep and you will get slaughtered! Libertarians will live on! Libertarians will defeat this!

    • Michael Keville

      Libertarians are a joke. Charles Koch ran for VP as a libertarian in 1980. He wanted to abolish ( and still does) all the entitlements that shit for brains idiots like yourself take for granted.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      seems jan has big poopie in diapers. hey jan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hows the tax free church doing? and–
      ………and hows the equality of WOMEN AND GAYS AND MINORITIES galling ya?

  • fairness_rules

    This certainly is an accurate analysis!

  • jon

    Begging the question doesn’t mean something makes you want to ask a question, it’s when t you assume the answer as part of the question

  • S. Pelosi

    You sound like “TONY Clifton” (Andy Kaufman’s alter-ego) when you try to pretend to have a backbone. It’s both funny and childlike…perhaps naive.
    The Tea Party DOES need to be imovementts own entity so that the Republican Party can go the way of the Whigs. I agree with you.
    The Constitution is NOT a “living document” to be manipulated through the ages. “Progressivism” is the code word for “we’ll do anything to keep from pissing potential voters off”. Notice that I said “potential” voters. You don’t seem to care at all about what your constituents think…hence the upset in 2010.
    Tea Partyers are smart enough to know that a third party right now would help the Democrats win in the next election. The progressives should fear the term “grass-roots” and “townhall”…BOO!
    Ask Boehner, McCain and Bush how far lreaching across the aisle” got them…
    The current Democratic Party needs to be destroyed, not worked with!
    Progressives…you’re carrying a bag of testicles with a hole in it…