A Tea Party Patriot Tells Us Why He Might Vote For Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

tea party hillary clintonJames Webb is retired. He uses his new free time to go to the gym in an attempt to lose weight, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Webb is also a lifelong Republican, a charter member of his local Tea Party Patriot group, and a self-professed “hillbilly.” The majority of Webb’s videos are gun related: dismantling various firearms, shooting semi-automatic rifles, etc., but his latest video is simply James speaking into his camera about the possibility of voting for Hillary Clinton. Yes, you read that correctly. A Tea Party Republican is seriously considering voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. And it’s all because of Obamacare.

Webb retired at the age of fifty. He tells his audience he was able to do this because of the Affordable Care Act. Insurance is expensive, he notes, especially when you have health problems. But thanks to Obamacare, Webb retired early, and can spend time working out, getting in better shape, and not have to worry about how to pay for his insurance. It’s important to note that James Webb has other videos on his channel which are not in any way liberal. This is not a Democrat, or a progressive, or a man who even dips his toe into the left wing pool. He is a Tea Party conservative, who is considering voting for Hillary Clinton.

What if other conservatives were to look at their own lives, the way James Webb has? What if they came to the same conclusion that Webb did: the party that has helped him the most over the past fifteen or so years is not the GOP? In his video, Webb states he has asked himself which party has helped him more, and he answers “the Democrats.” He continues, saying:

I mean, if it wasn’t for Obama, and that Obamacare, I would still be working. And, uh, with Obamacare, I got to retire at age fifty because if it wasn’t for Obamacare, I would…I woulda had to work till I was sixty-five and get on Medicare.

He points out his gym membership is reimbursed, “some kind of healthy lifestyle plan.” Again, this is not a liberal. This is a self-professed Tea Party conservative, with videos on his channel filled with firearms, and anti-LGBT rhetoric. But something seems to have happened to James Webb, something personal. In another video, entitled “The New America,” he speaks about how America is changing. He chuckles as he admits he struggles to describe what exactly is happening, then says:

The new America, the government is here to take care of the people instead of the country. So, it’s swinging more towards taking care of the citizen which I really don’t agree with. I’ve never agreed with that. I think it should be up to the individual to take care of thereself, and the government take care of our country. 

Webb goes on to support states’ rights:

Let the states have power…states’ rights are just gone.

He then addresses marriage, saying states should have the power to marry, or not marry, anyone they choose, and that states are “blackmailed” by the federal government into submission. Webb uses the right wing term “nanny state” to describe the new America, then says he is now part of it, because he retired and signed up for the ACA.

There is a possibility that James Webb is trolling the entire country right now, and will come out with a rebuttal video saying “Gotcha.” But the sadness in his face when he admits Republican policies haven’t helped him as much as Democratic policies looks authentic. This is a man who went from Republican to Tea Party, and by all accounts, is struggling to figure out what to do in 2016.

Now, if this is real, and James Webb truly has had an “aha!” moment, could it happen for other conservatives? Perhaps Webb could change his mind about the LGBT community, who knows? And maybe, just maybe, somewhere else in a red state, a Tea Party member is realizing that the GOP wants nothing more than to punish the poor, alienate minorities, give more tax breaks to the wealthiest in the land, and blow up countries for the sake of just blowing up countries. Maybe there’s a conservative woman who had a miscarriage, and read about the woman whose Walmart refused to fill her prescription for Misoprostol, and finally understands her party really doesn’t like her, or women in general.

Watch the video below, and tell me what you think. Is James Webb the real deal-a conservative who’s seen the light-or is he just trolling America?

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • TeaBagObamaChin

    As I know plenty of Democrats who can’t stand Hillary. She is a has-been creates a mess wherever she goes! Obama 2.0

    • Frank DiChutney

      VIDEO: Hillary’s Scooby Van Parked In A Handicap Spot


      This is who she is.

  • Michael Davolio

    It’s true that lots of Democrats like me aren’t crazy about the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House. But if not having Hillary means that the likes of Ted Cruz gets to appoint the next Supreme Court justice, then it’s Hillary in a landslide.

    • Joe_the_Troll

      I know what you mean. I’m an independent and have no enthusiasm for Hillary, but she has no opposition that I trust better. This election looks like a real nose-holder.

    • Jim Bean

      You get another liberal on the court and the Constitution becomes extinct and the court becomes a third legislative body. If you like the way the nation is divided now, you’ll love the way its divided when there is no longer a set of central principles to govern by.

      • Pipercat

        Time to make the switch to decaf Jim…

      • Jim Bean

        Have you ever thought about it? What we have now is 9 of the (supposedly) most expert justices in the land consistently arriving at split decisions when asked to determine how a situation measures up against a ‘written in stone’ document – and always voting along the lines of partisan politics.

        Are they applying stone cold analysis, or are they compromised by politics?

        And do you think that a society functions better or worse when they have predetermined set of core values that they can apply when called upon to resolve a conflict?

      • Pipercat

        All the time, but I’m not going down the slippery slope. If ideology is playing a role in legal decision making, then one must rail against the application of ideology. Picking a side, while demonizing the other, will not change things, only create the appearance thereof.

      • SalvaMarsal

        You have some strange notion that if you stare at the Constitution long enough it will give you one and only one answer to every question, and that answer will always line up with what you want to believe. That is not the way it works. It is almost always a matter of interpretation that takes into account many factors. The justices on the right are the ones who have strayed the farthest from the actual text of the Constitution. They admitted as much when they sought to limit their rulings on Hobby Lobby and Gore v. Bush. Citizens United and their rulings on gun control also strayed from both the Constitution as written and established legal precedent.

      • Peter Mrozik

        We do have a set of principles we live by, its called the Constitution. The issue is a radical right-wing ideology that seeks to warp the meaning of the Constitution to conform to their reactionary demands. Get another conservative on the court – If you like the way the nation is divided now, you’ll love the way it is divided when there is no longer a set of central principles to govern by, just the most recent whim of the Koch brothers and their right-wing toadies.

      • Avatar

        behold the biggest crybaby in this site. You spend too much of your time in here yet you still haven’t learned about the core principle of liberals.

      • Jim Bean

        What ARE the core principles of Liberals. About the beginning of life? About lying? About cheating? About sexual conduct? About mutual respect? About personal responsibility? About contribution to society?

        There are many of us who would love to know.

      • SalvaMarsal

        Off the top of my head, I can think of these liberal principles:

        – forming a more perfect union
        – establishing justice
        – ensuring domestic tranquility
        – providing for the common defense
        – promoting the general welfare
        – ensuring the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

      • Eva Cutler


      • strayaway

        If those are liberal principles, why have liberals turned their back on them resulting in measurably worse racial relations, a declining standard of living for most Americans, a resumption of the cold war, an additional $8T of debt billed to our children as a blessing of liberty, and the Holder injustice department allowing government officials to lie, spy, and prosecute Obama’s political opposition while supplying Mexican gangs with automatic rifles? Hillary even accepted $8.3M for her foundation from a Ukraine oligarch while she was Secretary of State. How did that promote the general welfare?

      • Avatar

        Thanks for make my point so the rest can know how you can be.

  • suziel813

    love hillary. 2016

  • Frank DiChutney

    When he says something positive about Hillary, liberals refer to him as a Tea Party Patriot. When he votes for a conservative, they refer to him as a

    Liberal hypocrisy could not be more transparent.

    • Avatar

      Yet the hypocrisy on the right are more off chart not seen since height of Roman Empire.

      • Frank DiChutney

        Was there a lot of hypocrisy back then?

  • thurstonfluff

    I would be very cautious with this story. First of all it requires we believe a tea party person is rational enough to accept reality over the story line that Obamacare is evil incarnate. Second it seems more than a off that someone who could afford to retire at age 50 can get health insurance subsidies. You have to have a pretty decent sized income to save enough to retire that young. Third doesn’t it seem a bit odd that such an undesirable person who seems fairly lazy and just might vote for a Democrat for the first time because of the free stuff they helped him get. Isn’t that precisely the narrative the right used when trying to rationalize why Obama won the last election? This dude is as likely to turn out to be a plant by conservative operatives than a genuine Tea Party nutcase who suddenly found his sanity.

    • Jim Bean

      Subsidies for Obamacare are based on annual income as reported on your tax return, not accumulated wealth. You can be a multimillionaire and still get someone else to pay for your health insurance if you’re living off principle rather than investment income.

      I’m 65. My wife 51. Our calculations indicate she can retire earlier if we divorce for awhile. Her lack of income will create a situation where others will have to pay for her healthcare while I use Medicare. If we stay married we’ll have to pay and that’s a deal breaker. Its a great system for those who know how to (ab)use it.

  • Frank DiChutney

    Dead Broke Hillary Dodged Sniper Fire With Her Immigrant Parents In Tuzla

  • Another site linked me
    to this. Decent writing, with enough elements of truth woven in, like reduced
    employment opportunities causing early retirement [for those who can afford it
    or under employment for those that can’t] due to the law of unintended [or not]
    consequences fabricated into zer0care legislation. Webb must be part of the 1%
    or how else does this guy afford those bloated forced crony capitalist premium
    payments with the increased co-pays and hefty out of pocket expenses. I’m in my
    50’s and always provided for my own health insurance until I got sticker shocked
    out of the health insurance market by the increased expense the new law
    created. Just at the time that I will probably be requiring the use
    of more health care. There is also the circular argument about the gubmit taking
    care of the people, as apparently the gubmit has become the sole source of GDP
    in this nati0n and pr0vider for 320 million citizens, without c0nfiscating
    anything from other citizens who they’re also supp0sedly c0mpassionately
    ‘caring’ for. I like good satire and see this writer specializes in