Tea Party Republicans Seem Determined to Destroy the United States for Their Own Benefit

lee-paul-rubio-cruzI’m reaching a point with tea party Republicans where I no longer know what to say to these people.  The idiocy emanating from that part of the Republican party is so vast that they’ve passed the point of ideological political differences and have fully embraced outright mental instability.

I really believe these people have every intention to destroy the United States.  It’s the only way they can get what they really want.

But what do they want, you ask?  Well, a country based on a Constitution they wished existed, crafted by theology—controlled by the rich.

See, the Constitution as it stands now doesn’t support the kind of nation they want.  They want some kind of Constitution based on theocracy.  Something that our current Constitution doesn’t support.  Which is clearly stated right from the beginning, where it says Americans have the “freedom of religion,” which also means freedom from religion and freedom to practice any religion.

But we really can’t just focus on “tea party Republicans” because it isn’t just about a label as much as it is about the people involved.  Sure, the “people” have flocked to the Republican party, but long ago many of these areas that are currently “tea party-backed” regions of our country were once filled with staunch Democrats.

Well, that was back when Democrats embraced racism and religious radicalism.  Then came the “Southern Strategy” and the Republican push to appeal to white racism in an attempt (successful attempt, I might add) to drive white voters to the GOP.  The rest, as they say, is history.

So simply saying “Republicans” when referencing this push to destroy our country isn’t 100% accurate because some of these areas, and people, were once historically aligned with the Democratic party.

But as these people shifted from Democrats, to Dixiecrats, to Republicans and now “tea party Republicans,” they’ve made it clear that there’s one group of people they support, and want in control of this country—wealthy, white, straight, Christian males.

And that’s basically it.

But our Constitution doesn’t set up a nation for that.  Our Constitution has:

  • Ended slavery
  • Given women the right to vote
  • Ended segregation
  • Given women the right to choose what to do with their own body
  • Provided a pathway for immigrants to become American citizens
  • Separated church and state
  • Ended segregation
  • Given us the Civil Rights Act of 1965
  • Protected voting rights
  • Begun protecting same-sex marriage rights
  • Defended “Obamacare”

And many other things which aren’t supported by “tea party Republicans.”  Because we can’t forget that historically, many of these areas that are very Republican are the same areas that supported slavery, opposed the right for women to vote, supported segregation, opposed civil rights, continue to attack voting rights and stand strongly against “Obamacare.”

So while the name of the political party might have changed over time, the backwards ideological beliefs of many of the people in these areas (specifically tea party Republicans) really hasn’t changed much at all.  Sure, there’s been some evolution, but not much.  After all, in many of these areas, they still don’t even believe in evolution to begin with.

Because let’s be honest — have states like Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia or Louisiana ever been on the right side of history on any of these issues such as slavery, segregation, women’s rights or civil rights?

Yet they believe they’ll be on the right side of history when it comes to the battle over health care, gay rights and our economy.


But as they continue to lose battle after battle, tea party Republicans have seemingly embraced the idea that the only way they can build the country they want is by burning this one to the ground.

I fully believe many of them want a full-on revolution.  They want an economic collapse so disastrous that it turns millions of Americans on our government and pushes our country into complete and total chaos.

There’s little doubt in my mind that they believe by doing this they can create such a dire environment that they’ll be able to build the government back up to what they really want.

Because let’s be honest, the Constitution (in its current configuration) will never let them build the kind of theocracy they want.  Sure, they tell themselves that they’re the party for “Constitutional values,” but that’s an absolute joke.  They only support the Constitution the few times it supports their ideological beliefs.  In the many instances it opposes their ideology, then suddenly many of them are talking of secession or revolution.

Hell, these people run for office on the pretense that government is evil.  They harp on this belief that government is horrible, out to destroy the “American way of life” and cannot be trusted.  Isn’t it a little ridiculous to build an entire party to run for public office based on the notion of the evils of—public office?

Isn’t it a little bit of a conflict of interest to run on the premise that government can’t do anything right, then seemingly do everything in their power to make sure government—can’t do anything right?

I know I can’t be the only one who sees some kind of deep underlying ulterior motive that’s driving this wave of tea party Republicanism.

Because who really benefits from a weak government?  It’s not the American people, trust me.  It’s the rich.

While millions of people preach about the horrors of government, complaining about the billions of dollars corrupting it, they seemingly fail to grasp the concept that the people behind corrupting our government are the very same people would love for it to be weaker.  It would save them billions.

They wouldn’t need to buy off politicians — there wouldn’t be any need.  They’d bypass government and do whatever they wanted.

And as this futile Republican government shutdown continues, and the threat looms of economic collapse by not raising our debt ceiling, many tea party Republicans are celebrating all of this.  They want everything to go straight to hell.

After all, what would be better for a political movement that builds much of their platform on how terrible our government is than to sabotage and destroy it from within?

They want us to fail.  Because if we do, they’ll get the opportunity to rebuild this nation based upon what they want.  A theocracy, masked in a veil of Constitutionalism, controlled by the richest of the rich among us.

Image via The Daily Beast.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • srsmith

    The two main things I get from this article is….The tea party is a government version of the KKK…..and the government destroying the ‘American way of life’? the government is the reason we have an ‘American way of life.’

  • Beverly Haley

    Let us not forget who is pulling the Tea Party’s purse strings, Mainly the Koch brothers who I have always believed are using us for their own grand experiment. They want to control the United States, they are drunk on their own money and power.

  • Wayne Bassett

    The South will rise again, eh?

    • 65snake

      I sincerely hope the hell not.

  • RRuin

    What the media and the President and Democrats are finally catching up with is the fact that the shut down and the debt breach are what the Tea Party and their minions want. John Boehner is a tool in the worst way. A weak man who is incompetent, who bellows indignation as he aligns himself with the domestic terrorists who want to destroy this democracy. The President cannot give them anything because they are terrorists. But in the end they have gotten what they want. A country driven into the ground that they believe will turn to them.

  • SouthernLiberal

    Please don’t lump all Southerners into the same category. Atlanta is Democrat, as are all large cities. I live in the ‘burbs surrounded by Tea Party crazies, but keep in mind, that almost half of the people here who vote are Democrats. We just lost to the majority.

  • patricia spinazzola

    I have been saying this since the TP came into existence. Their main reason for being is to destroy the government. Most people who run for office go to DC with the hopes of IMPROVING government. Their definition of improvement may not be the same as mine or my representatives, but then there is that dreaded thing called compromise. We all wind up with some of what we want, and as long as government does a fair job of executing its duties, we are a pretty satisfied lot.

    However, these TP’ers are very angry, hateful, people. They want no part of compromise, no improvements. They want to burn it down and start all over. It’s easy to see, if you just listen to those they elected, and watch them as they foam at the mouth at their town hall meetings. They are very strongly authoritarian. They want to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They want their lives made easy by having a set of absolutes, no gray areas. It’s uncomfortable to be conflicted, to wonder if you are right or wrong, if what you believe is, indeed, true. Through absolutism, it lifts all burden of discomfort. What they get in return for that lack of discomfort is, however, the curse of living with perpetual anger; anger at those who think differently, anger at those who make their own decisions, anger at different lifestyles, anger at freedom, anger at…..well, everything.

    For me, I’ll take the discomfort. Anger is defeating. Most Americans would make the same choice, I believe. For that reason, the Tea Party will be defeated, they will become no more than a footnote in history. It will happen, sooner or later. For the good of my country, I pray it is sooner.

  • Richard Vickers

    you guys sound as crazy as the tea party! they are all conspiring against you to bring down your perfect liberal government. oh no! while yes, i think most tea party members are probably racist, i don’t think they are the ones pushing for congress to not fund obamacare. i thinks its millions of people on both sides who are more libertarian than red or blue. they realize that the already bloated government is once again trying to over reach its legal and fiscal limits. no matter how you slice it, the government doesn’t have the right to tax you for NOT buying something you do not want. we need less government involved in healthcare (in everything really), then we would see the market adjust itself. Anyone who can read a history book can see this.

    • Invictus Corruptus

      Liberal government? Those two words show how absolutely clueless you are. If our government is anything it is a corporatist government. Just look at some of the people Obama has chosen for his administration.

      I’ve spoken with a couple of tea party members who I work with. They don’t want government doing anything. They take joy in all of the manufactured scandals that waste time and tax payer dollars.

      It is apparent that the tea party/republican party wants to gut the government and privatize it. The author is correct also in those on the right wanting a theocratic form of government. They want to impose their own form of Christian Sharia law on the rest of us.

      Since day one the republican party worked to make Obama a one term president. They used a scorched earth strategy, not caring what the affects would be on the citizens or our country.

      Fascism is creeping closer and closer to America and it will definitely
      come to us with a cross draped with the American flag. Sadly the ignorant, low information neanderthals on the right will support this much like the German people supported Nazism in the 30’s.

  • Edward Krebbs

    “crafted by theology—controlled by the rich.”
    Uh, rich man, camel through the eye of the needle ?
    (Yeah, I know I’m lifting the quote out of context. But that works for the fundies just fine.)

  • Kerry Bowden

    Just saying I am in the middle so you can understand where I am coming from. I see the teaparty doing their damage from their side and you progressives doing the same thing to get your way. The only way that we will get through is to work together so we all win not one side.Never have I heard the teaparty say they want a christian country. I also know that if you flood the system with people such as food stamps the system will fail. Or with healthcare 90% of the system is being changed to help 10%. Couldn’t there been a better way.Then we are in the same situation as England was in the 70’s. Then you get a Margret Thatcher is that what you guys really want.

  • clr1390

    The John Birch Society has been pulling the strings since Barry Goldwater lost. They have been working their way in every election from local, state, and federal. The country they want is a far cry from Barry Goldwater days. King Ronnie would not be pure enough for the stone age purist.