The Tea Party is Throwing a Racist Hissy Fit in Mississippi

cochran-mcdanielThe tea party in Mississippi is really angry.  After all, how dare African Americans vote, right?  Because that’s pretty much the message I’m getting after Chris McDaniel lost his Republican primary battle against incumbent Thad Cochran.

Especially after a few Democrats, who happen to be African American, admitted to voting for Cochran.

In Mississippi, you don’t have to register as a Republican or a Democrat to vote in primary elections.  Though Mississippi law does state that you can’t vote for a party’s primary candidate if you don’t plan to vote for that nominee in the general election.

And because some African American Democrats have admitted to voting for Cochran, McDaniel seems to think that somehow qualifies as something that should be investigated, because as he put it, “There is something a bit strange, there is something a bit unusual, about a Republican primary that’s decided by liberal Democrats.”

I guess he forgot about the tens of thousands of Republican voters who also voted for Thad Cochran.

There’s just one problem – McDaniel doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Let’s say some Democrats did go vote for Cochran – so what?  According to Mississippi law that simply means they are required to vote for him in the general election, if they vote.   There’s nothing illegal about what they did, unless they vote for a Democrat in November.

And good luck tracking all of that.

But what seems to have really angered the tea party is that they’re assuming, because Cochran sought out the African American vote in Mississippi, that they’re the ones who tipped the scale in Cochran’s favor.

Now McDaniel is questioning the “sanctity” of the vote.  Essentially throwing a hissy fit (he’s still yet to officially concede) because how dare African Americans exercise their legal voting rights in Mississippi, right?

Some tea party officials are even encouraging McDaniel to run as a write-in candidate in November.

I just find it absolutely ironic.  Tea party conservatives like to go on and on about our Constitution and our rights as Americans, yet here they are whining and complaining because some Americans (specifically African Americans) exercised their right to vote.

Though a real irony if all of this is that McDaniel voted in the Democratic primary in 2003.  Of course he initially denied this, though he later admitted he did vote in a Democratic primary.  Which, now that he’s complaining some Democrats did the same thing during his Republican primary, would make him a hypocrite.

But what’s really at the heart of this tea party hissy fit in Mississippi is the assumption that African Americans made the difference.  It isn’t just that McDaniel lost, it’s that they’re assuming that African Americans are the ones who gave Cochran the victory.  And as we’ve all seen since the election of President Obama, tea party conservatives aren’t big fans of African Americans having the power to decide – well, anything.

Even if it’s true that African American Democrats gave Cochran the victory, it isn’t illegal by Mississippi voting laws.  Though I’m sure many of the racist tea party conservatives in Mississippi wished it was.

This is just another example of the tea party throwing a fit because reality, and our Constitution, didn’t coincide with what they wanted to happen.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Stephen Barlow

    This is PRECISELY why the Mississippi primary laws are so vague and unenforceable. The Anti Civil Rights Democrats (who are the grand parents of todays Racist Republicans) allowed for Democrats to ‘vote in’ the guy they wanted to LOSE in the primary, and allowed themselves to vote against their primary pick in the general election, thus keeping the South Democratic for generations.

    Not only was McDenial hoisted by his own petard, he was butt screwed by it too!

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      I hope U—as I———— am enjoying watching the regressives slowly wither and die………… I wanna live long long long so I can see them all crumble to the white trash religious dirt they all are

      • Fuck You

        I hope I live long long long so I can see you in public one day and cut your fucking throat and smear your worthless blood on your children’s faces as I strangle them with an American flag.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        sadly; small dicked “guys” such as U commit suicide as they are true patriots; patriots who love America SO MUCH that they kill themselves so we americans do not have to watch them cry/change their soiled diapers and hear them complain as 2 how they never figured out how EASY it is to get a sexy woman any time ,,,,any time!
        ……………………. does ur mom know how micropenile you are? after all; she and your scuzzy dad did both add to your paltry genetics
        we americans are enjoying the pedantic lachrymosity of white trash religious scum who are stupid enough to give TAX FREE money to a house of VOODOO ( church)

        I live in pompano beach FL: 150 yds from the beach……………. please visit if U can get the money as U live in some white trash land-locked scum state

  • Jane Doe

    Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Love it, pesky voting rights

    • Fuck you

      Don’t worry, soon voting won’t matter because the hundreds of thousands of illegal children growing up in Texas will begin to vote democrat like they were programmed when the Obama administration got them here safely and in better condition than our vets. Once Texas is blue, the communists, I mean democrats will never lose hold of the oval office.

      • Leucadlover

        I can’t wait for that day! A country that progresses into the future. Here are your choices, leave the country, be hateful and miserable, or take a Spanish class, eat a taco and be grateful that the people who have to come here for survival are taking the slime that oozes from your mouth instead of popping you in the mouth for your insults. If you don’t like the fact that our neighbors are forced to leave a beautiful, yet corrupt country, write the President of Mexico with your rants. He is the one you should blame, not our humanitarian president.

      • Jane Doe

        Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, love how ignorant and annoyed you are. Your ignorance is what is making your kind obsolete AND creating the very situation you profess to hate. Mostly you asshats just campaign for the Dems via your behavior and literally anything (like your response) that comes out of your mouths….thanks for working so hard to ensure that Texas turns blue 4eva, yeeehawww dickless daddy!

      • ponderingpath


  • Allen Clifton is a fascist

    Democrats literally cannot make themselves out to be any more ignorant than they are right now. It’s turning into a fascist regime where nobody has rights unless it coincides 100% with what they want to carry out. No free speech, NO CARE FOR VETERANS, no private health care, no senate approval of appointees, executive order is law, no protective firearms, no practice of ANY religion considered “white”. Unless you’re a democrat, you’re labeled a racist, bible thumping, gun toting redneck who should have a big government finger wagged at them. Obama’s been in office for six years, I would love to hear some stories about great successes that he’s brought during his administration. And how the war in Afghanistan is over, our own veterans are being cared for instead of tens of thousands of the children of illegal aliens in Texas, how great everybodies health care packages are, how well doctors are doing and the real boom in the medical field, not to mention engineering and every other major occupation in our economy, how Obama didn’t say that these illegal alien children “are the future of this country” and not American born children. Oh wait, none of those happened.

    • strayaway

      ” I would love to hear some stories about great successes that he’s brought during his administration.”

      Challenge accepted-
      1. Circumstantial evidence suggests they caught up with Bin Laden and slid his body into the Indian Ocean.
      2. Obama had a hand in funding the development of Chevy Volt EV technology. Eisenhower might have developed it for making the Country safer (national defense). Obama did it for “green” reasons but the horse is out of the barn and it is good technology capable of making us less dependent on foreign energy.
      3, He caught a fly in his hand during an interview – something which everyone in the world watching could respect.

      Ok, my list is a little short but someone had to step in to defend Obama’s honor.

    • Leucadlover

      Your mistake is thinking the life of a veteran that joined the military by choice is more valuable than any child, especially a suffering poor one.

    • surfjac

      “It’s turning into a fascist regime..”
      Yes it is thanks to the koch bros. and other oligarchs. Better look up what “fascism” really is before you start throwing that word around. Oh btw, everyone knows that the koch bros. are into this fascism/oligarchy thing so please, save your reply for someone who is, you know, not very smart or educated.

    • surfjac

      “Obama’s been in office for six years..”
      I see you have trouble with arithmetic and calenders too.
      Obama was sworn in on the day that the right wing of America swore to make him a one term President, January 20, 2009 which is less than six years ago.
      And the veterans? Well, if president frat boy and the evil dick..cheney hadn’t lied to America and actually, y’know, wanted to win in Afghanistan rather than enrich the MIC, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many of them AND we’d have a little more money to spend on the ones we did have AND they could’ve put their energy into fixing the problems in the VA that have dogged that institution for a long time.
      But yeah, Obama inherited all this shit so obviously it’s all his fault.
      You just don’t have a clue, not even about the obvious shit.

      • ponderingpath

        Correct you are: If not from Cheney-Bush we wouldn’t have so many Veterans now suffering from PTSD, and various other war-wounds.

    • ponderingpath

      Allen Clifton is a fascist: I SEE, you still cannot get over the fact that WE have an A-F-R-I-C-A-N- A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N- president- HAHAHAHAHAH-CRY BABY RACIST

    • ponderingpath

      Allen: WHO CREATED “Our” war in Afghanistan? What “health care packages” were there before the Affordable Care Act? You DO comprehend how legislation is created don’t you- IT BEGINS IN THE house and then moves to the senate. When you have folks whose only job is to NOT DO then nothing is accomplished. Go on PBS and review the animated version of how a “Bill becomes a Law”. Then you can intelligently engage in some type of dialogue. Oh, when you go to your house of worship on Sundays do you pray to the White People’s God?

  • Tillmann Puschka

    If they want (and obviously NEED) the black vote, shouldn’t they provide blacks with some kind of incentive to vote for them? campaigning on a platform of racism probably ain’t gonna get those teabaggers many votes from black folks.

  • MLR

    Well if the black vote tipped it for Cochran I am fucking happy. I’m not black but even I am sick and tired of how insulting they are towards African-Americans and minorities in general. I’m so tired of them pushing this false narrative that all minorities are on food stamps or some kind of government assistance. **Newsflash”” white people are on government assistance just as much or more. It’s amazing how conservatives rail against welfare for the poor but don’t mind welfare for the rich (oil and farm subsidies, tax cuts and tax loopholes). We the taxpayers are subsidizing Walmart and McDonalds in the form of tax breaks and providing food stamps for their impoverished, underpaid employees, but I don’t see a single conservative rail about that. The media, well they’re just as bad (with a few exceptions) because they allow these same people to go on their show and disseminate misinformation and fear-mongering. Their latest fear-mongering is soccer. I mean seriously, when do these people quit with their stupidity??

  • Michael Bean

    The more baggers lose, the better my day is.