Ted Cruz: A Scary Mixture of Michele Bachmann and Allen West

senator-cruzOnce upon a time, Michele Bachmann and Allen West were new, shining stars of the GOP.  The tea party was gaining strength, and Representatives Bachmann and West were two of their up-and-coming leaders.

My, how times have changed.

Since then Michele Bachmann has announced her retirement (at the end of her current term) from Congress, largely in part to her escalating ethics investigation, and Allen West didn’t survive his first re-election bid in 2012.

But Republicans need not fear, both of these characters have been replaced by just one man—Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz seems to encompass the worst of both Michele Bachmann and Allen West.  But the difference is, where Bachmann and West were simply babbling buffoons spouting off some of the most ridiculous lies imaginable, Ted Cruz is much more calculating and deceitful with his mythical version of “reality.”

I’ve listened to countless soundbites or speeches from Bachmann and West, never walking away thinking, “Yeah, that’s someone that stands a chance nationally.”  Ted Cruz, though extremely radical, is much less of a babbling idiot and more of a manipulative sociopath.

Which is exactly the kind of leaders, and society, Republicans want.

Let’s just take a look at each one of these individual’s scores on Politifact’s “Truth Meter”:

Ted Cruz: 58% of the 19 comments (11 of 19) Politifact has fact-checked, they’ve ruled to be inaccurate.  Four, or 21%, of those comments they gave their worst “Pants on Fire” rating.

Michele Bachmann: 75% of the 60 comments (45 of 60) Politifact has fact-checked, they’ve ruled to be inaccurate.  Sixteen, or 27%, of those comments they ruled as “Pants on Fire” lies.

Allen West: 70% of the 20 comments (14 of 20) Politifact has fact-checked, they’ve ruled to be inaccurate.  Three, or 15%, of those comments they ruled as “Pants on Fire” lies.

Three politicians, three terrible records with a well respected, non-partisan fact-checking organization.  But to be fair, let’s look at President Obama’s record with Politifact:

President Obama: 28% of the 488 comments (133 of 488) Politifact has fact-checked, they’ve ruled to be inaccurate.  Eight, or 2%, of those comments they ruled as “Pants on fire” lies.

That means 72% of the comments Politifact has fact-checked for President Obama have, at the very least, been ruled to have a decent amount of truth to them.

Where the three Republicans have atrocious records with Politifact, President Obama has a fairly respectable record when it comes to politicians telling the truth.  While I’m sure some will target the fact he’s been caught lying 28% of the time by Politifact, let’s not forget he’s a politician and well—that’s just an unfortunate part of the game sometimes.

With Ted Cruz I see a much more manipulative, deceptive individual—and he’s extremely intelligent.  Don’t let his tea party affiliation make you think he’s some moron much in the same way as Bachmann and West.

But don’t kid yourself, intelligent or not, Cruz is very dangerous.

Much in the same way Bachmann and West seemed impervious to facts, or how our government works, Cruz displays these same character traits with absolutely no regard for reality.  And not just that, he’s absolutely callous with his blatant distortion of the truth.

His current mission is to “defund Obamacare” by threatening to “shut down the government.”  And he truly believes that this will work.

Let’s not let the fact that Democrats still control the Senate and Obama is President for another 3+ years stand in the way of his delusional thinking.  He honestly believes shutting down the government to force the defunding of the Affordable Care Act will work.

Oh, and apparently he believes that if Republicans do this, Democrats will be the ones blamed.


I was watching CNN recently where he gave a speech and said that the House should propose a continuing resolution that included funding for everything except Obamacare.  Then he instructed Republicans to then not let the “liberal media” paint them as the party who wants to shut the government down, but get the word out that it’s the Democrats who are causing the shutdown.

So let’s see.  A law that was passed by Congress, signed by the President and deemed Constitutional by our Supreme Court is then blocked by legislation which would defund the law (even though Democrats and Obama have clearly said any proposal that doesn’t fund the Affordable Care Act stands no chance).

And that’s how Ted Cruz thinks Republicans can paint Democrats into a corner?  Seriously?

You don’t negotiate for a deal by saying that the one item the other side refuses to budge on is the one item you won’t allow.  Especially when the other side controls both the Senate and White House.

But much like Michele Bachmann, Cruz has seemingly made a career out of blatant lies about the Affordable Care Act.  Which again, I will continue to ask, “If the truth about Obamacare is so terrible, why do Republicans keep lying about it?  Shouldn’t the truth be enough?”

But that’s generally the trend of tea party-backed Republicans.  They tend to have a handful of radical talking points that they obsessively lie about day after day.

Because can a Republican really tell me what Ted Cruz stands for?  Wait, I know.  “Small government, our Constitution, Christian values and low taxes.”

You know, the same thing every Republican claims to stand for.

But while Cruz might be an intelligent individual, his hypocrisy might be even more outlandish than that of Bachmann or West.

There’s just something extremely ironic about a man who was born in Canada (in a health care system funded by socialized medicine), to a father who was a Cuban immigrant, that came to this country after he was born — and now strongly opposes socialized health care and sensible immigration reform.

When he was born to an immigrant family, in a country with socialized health care, and immigrated to this country as a child! 

Then again, “Republican” and “hypocrite” often go hand and hand.

So while Allen West has since been dispatched from Congress, and Michele Bachmann is just over a year away from joining him as a Fox News paid contributor (just assuming, though I think it’s a safe assumption), Ted Cruz isn’t even through his first year of his six year term as a United States Senator.  And if the evidence is correct, Cruz has his sights set on a Presidential bid in 2016.

Which, if you thought the 2012 GOP primaries were a circus—just wait until 2016.  Where the sociopathic, manipulative and nefarious Senator Ted Cruz is sure to be one of the leading Republican candidates.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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