Ted Cruz Ally Larry Pratt Says The Second Amendment ‘Was Designed For People Just Like The President’

Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt. Image via Media Matters.

Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt.
Image via Media Matters.

I wrote last week about a claim by Larry Pratt (the executive director of Gun Owners of America) that President Obama is like Hitler, and that he’s coming to take our guns. The threat of a gun grab is a long-standing conspiracy story that’s always been on the fringes of the far right for at least a couple of decades, but it seems to become more of a mainstream thing any time there’s a Democrat in the White House. It usually does no good to point out that despite all of their dire predictions, executive orders by many presidents have come and gone, and yet there hasn’t been a single one to send confiscation teams door to door to take their firearms.

Larry Pratt seems to have had zero reservations about hanging out with Neo-Nazis and members of the KKK while spouting his twisted interpretation of the Second Amendment in the past, but his latest statement may be bad enough to earn him a little extra scrutiny from the Secret Service.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, spoke to Roger Fredinburg on his far-right radio show in April about the attempt by Congress to restrict armor-piercing bullets. Pratt, responding to Fredinburg’s theory that the left wants to take away everyone’s rifles, said “we figured that’s kinda what they were up to.”

“The Second Amendment was designed for people just like the president and his administration,” Pratt said. “And yes, if the New York Times and the Rolling Stone, and whoever else wants to have a hissy fit, yes, our guns are in our hands for people like those in our government right now that think they wanna go tyrannical on us, we’ve got something for ‘em. That’s what it’s all about.”

“The Second Amendment,” he continued, “is not about hunting, it’s not about target shooting, it’s about Democrats who want to take our rights.” (Source)

Funny thing is, I don’t remember anything in the Second Amendment that mentions any political party or using it as an excuse to gun down people you don’t like or agree with politically, but that’s exactly what he’s stating here. It’s worth pointing out that Larry Pratt isn’t one of those people who just recently jumped on the “mah guns” bandwagon with the rise of the Tea Party after President Obama’s election. He created Gun Owners of America in the 1970s and has been preaching anti-government rhetoric under the guise of gun rights lobbying ever since. While the NRA winks and flirts with the fringes of the gun crowd, Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America has embraced them on multiple occasions, which led to his forced resignation from Pat Buchanan’s 1996 presidential campaign.

Larry Pratt isn’t stupid, but as the saying goes, he’s crazy like a fox. He’s had a long history of opposing any gun laws – even bipartisan legislation like expanded background checks – and has been described as the “snake handler” of the gun fetish cult. He also enjoys the support of Ted Cruz, who credits his election to the United States Senate to Gun Owners of America.

Sen. Ted Cruz has found a close friend in Gun Owners of America, and he wanted to make sure they knew GOA has a special place in heart during a “tele-town hall meeting” with the group.

GOA is a hardline gun rights group led by Larry Pratt, who has been connected with white supremacist groups and is credited by the Southern Poverty Law Center for writing the book that “introduced the concept of citizen militias to the radical right” in which he detailed how “death squads” could be organized in the U.S.

A YouTube video with the audio of the call was posted by GOA this week, and one can hear Cruz, who is running for president with the GOP, praise the group for being “patriots” and “fighters.”

The Texas senator goes on to thank the group, saying GOA “played a critical part in helping get me elected” in his 2012 campaign. (Source)

The question is will gun owners – or Ted Cruz and other Republicans – distance themselves from Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America after these latest assassination suggestions? Based on Larry Pratt’s long history of extremism and Ted Cruz’s political history of catering to the fringe of the Republican Party and gun extremists, I’m going to say they won’t.


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