Ted Cruz Begins Sad Backtrack on the Importance of ACA Website as Site’s Issues Fade

cruz-idiotYou had to know that this was coming.  After weeks and weeks of right-wing propaganda pointing to the failures of the Affordable Care Act website as the proof that “Obamacare” is a failure, now that it’s pretty much fixed and working, we’re going to start seeing Republicans minimize the importance of the functionality of the website.  Which is exactly what Ted Cruz’s sentiments were with his tweet where he said that a “Faulty website is but 1 symptom of Obamacare.”






In other words, “Damn, now that the website is working I won’t be able to use it to attack “Obamacare” so I need to downplay the importance of it.”

It’s just sad.

Funny, to people like Ted Cruz a broken website is a “sign” that proves “Obamacare” is a failure.  However, a fixed website — well, that’s no big deal.

Granted, the HealthCare.gov website is still working out a few of the last remaining bugs, but by most accounts it’s well on its way to being 100% fixed very soon.

Then I love how Senator Cruz falls back on the short-sighted talking point of “higher premiums, cancelled plans and decreased access to your doctor.”

First, he never mentions the millions of Americans who are actually paying less for health care.  Yes, some Americans are paying more, but many are also paying less.

Second, “cancelled” plans is actually not completely accurate.  Sure, plans are being cancelled — because they’re substandard health insurance plans.  

Also, he fails to mention the tens of millions of Americans who won’t gain access to affordable health insurance due to Republican obstruction in state legislatures that are refusing to expand Medicaid.

Now, what’s a bigger travesty?

  • People being forced to purchase more comprehensive health insurance plans, –or–
  • Millions of Americans living in poverty and being denied health care because Republicans refuse to expand Medicaid

I’m going with the refusal to expand Medicaid to help millions of Americans living in, or near, poverty.

Then he went on to the myth of Americans having decreased access to their doctors.  The Affordable Care Act does nothing to health insurance which would change access to anyone’s specific doctor any different than health insurance companies had been doing previously.  As doctors go in and out of HMO’s, many times people are forced to switch doctors because their health insurance no longer covers their previous doctor.

This is not something that’s been created by “Obamacare.”  It’s just a previous issue blatant liars like Ted Cruz use to try to stir up fake fear about the healthcare law.

So while his tweet wasn’t anything earth shattering, I found it funny that as HealthCare.gov has began to work far better than it was, Ted Cruz acted very quickly to start backtracking on the importance of the site’s functionality — even after weeks of using its issues as a tool to “prove the failures of Obamacare.”

I’m sure this pattern of backtracking on the importance of HealthCare.gov’s functionality is something we’ll see from many other Republicans going forward, as the website continues to show few (if any) signs of the initial setbacks it suffered.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pamela Porter

    Shut up Cruz.

    • Gatortrapper

      Soundly constructed argument littered with critical facts. Well done. ha ha ha… Socialists always can rail about something but can’t construct a rationale argument that will support it so they just say “shut up.” Typical.

      • thomasbone63

        You know Mr. Cruz, you probably are a educated asshole.

      • Gatortrapper

        Great language. Sure to have a lot of persuasive effect.

        Why is it that folks can’t discuss issues civilly? I always remain open to new facts and arguments and am known to change views when compelling facts or a better argument is offered. But I’ve found that “Progressives” tend to be deaf to anything that contradicts their worldview in the least. It’s as if they all suffer from group cognitive dissonance and would deny that the moon circles the Earth if acceptance of that fact would undermine some closely held viewpoint. And that’s why I can’t support any of them for office, such blind adherence to an idea or person cannot lead to good policy or good outcomes.

        But thanks for the endorsement of my post. Yes, I did work my way through graduate school and I’m glad it is reflected.

      • msease

        Oh my, how fascinating…I believe the same thing about conservatives…especially the tea party variety.

      • Gatortrapper

        I’m sure you do. Make your case for your position and demonstrate your receptiveness to contradictory facts or argument.

  • I Once Was Andrew

    My new healthcare plan is better than my old one and costs 13 cents a month. Thanks, Obama!

    • Laurie Moore

      Tell your friends!!! To tell their friends!!!

    • hermanprovi

      I am very suspicious of your 13 cents a month plan. There is no such thing in the ACA! Are you a republican? HUmmmm

      • Actually, I just read an article on the Daily Kos where the contributor who wrote the piece alleges he originally had a 3 cent premium per month, and opted for a higher premium. I do not know that this is false or true, but just saying.

    • Middle of the Road

      If you are only paying .13 cents a month, you didn’t get your insurance under the ACA.

      • majii

        S/he probably did. I’ve read news articles of non-Medicaid people getting their insurance for free. It all depends on what the applicant’s level of income is, what plan level s/he chooses, number of dependents, etc.

      • Mr Smith

        Have you taken into account subsidies? I got a plan under the affordable care act with gold plus coverage and half million dollar yearly cap for $30.00 a month with 95% subsidized. Try to get that without “Obamacare” oh and I have preexisting conditions, this is the first time in my life I have been able to get healthcare.

  • Miss Jayne P

    Isn’t Ted Cruz Canadian, anyway? Why does any real American listen to him?

    • Laurie Moore

      Doesn’t he get his healthcare for FREE??? ASK HIM!!!

      • Dave

        We don’t want Ted, thank you very much.

        You should have listened to us. Your healthcare is better than it was but a far cry from where ours is.

        Also sorry Laurie Patriots rule! lol

      • wishnwell

        His wife’s employer insures him under her policy.

  • Laurie Moore

    AMericans do not deserve the life they are allowed to live. They vote for guys like this because they are ungrateful and angry. It’s why a compulsory 2 year Public Service enlistment for all high school graduates, in the military, the health service, Peace Corps, Americorps, a CCC style camp or on a WPA type project.

    Imagine how hard it would be for a trust fund baby to pass legislation canceling food stamps on a pregnant mother if he lived on them for 2 years. He’d be like like Charles Bunghole III on Mash, except he would be denied any subsidies from home. Only GI for those guys!!

    • Gatortrapper

      And you served? I did my time in the late 70’s and used the GI Bill to get through college and into law school and worked the whole time as well. What did you do?

      And your hyperbole about pregnant mothers being denied food stamps begs several issues: First, if she is so impoverished, then why is she getting married, very often without the benefit of marriage? And most importantly, the Tea Party doesn’t seek to take those away from her, but rather to impose the degree of accountability necessary to prevent aliens from using them to fill shipping containers to be sent overseas, and doing so with such abandon that the stores actually sell the containers and help handle the shipping, all paid with EBT…. You offer nothing to address that. But you will falsely claim that our concerns are directed at the impoverished woman who choose to have sex outside of marriage and did not insist on use of the birth control (and while that is not a universal “fact” and I am NOT suggesting that it is, the fact is that some 50% of all children are born out of wedlock and paid for by Medicaid.) And even as we disagree with those “life choices” we don’t support removal of SNAP help when they qualify despite your lies to the contrary.

      • thomasbone63

        Hey Gator, you have all the stats. Now we are for women rights to abort if thats their choice, however you are here preaching about unwed mothers having babies and you have to take care of them. You can’t have it both ways. Incidently, if you saw the the President conference on tv today, you will know that you have no chance to appeal, remove, flush the ACA. Its here to stay. Tell your party to do their job and start moving some bills to get this country running.

      • Gatortrapper

        You raise several issues but are unclear about them. So you are for use of abortion as a form of birth control. Wow. Very enlightened, but actually a ruse by men artfully crafted to make it seem like something else.

        You phrase this in the form of “women rights” but in reality this about men avoiding responsibility and being able to act on their sexual urges with reduced obligation and duties that society has always imposed on men for such activity: you know, it’s called doing the right thing. But it’s a really cool way of dodging male obligations to couch it as a “women rights” issue. Very smart way for men to avoid telling the truth about their real object: getting laid without using birth control.

        And my position isn’t inconsistent. You’ll need to point out how NOT advocating reduction of support for unwed mothers somehow results in a position on abortion which I never mentioned.

        And you have no clue about the legal issues. I’ll take my 1991 law degree up against that lightweights any day. I’m sure I’ve tried more cases than he ever did and he isn’t that smart. He just gives a good speech, but anytime he has to speak without a script he flounders and stutters as he searches for words before settling on some tried and true “sound bite” that may or may not be relevant to the point he is responding to…

        The law will likely fall when people like me start challenging it when we finally get standing to sue to challenge the Constitutionality which is after we are assessed and pay the tax that the law imposes, seek its refund administratively and are denied. ONLY then under the Anti-Injunction Act will we have standing to sue in federal court and raise those issues. And since when would believe Obama anyway? He has shown that he only tells the truth about once a month, and probably lies about that too. But you folks go ahead and follow him for one reason and one reason only while we will be the open minded, thoughtful party we always have been. You know the party of 13th and 14th Amendments, the party of the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Act. The party that Martin Luther King Jr.’s FATHER was a member of. Those folks.

      • thomasbone63

        Look educated fool, i don’t even want to deal with you anymore. When you dean with a ignorant person, you say “you are right” and leave them alone. chow

      • Gatortrapper

        Taking a hint from you I’ll merely say “you are correct” and say good bye. Have a great day, but I do suggest that you refrain from using derogatory terms. Now what you read into my use of “you are correct” I’ll leave to you to ponder.

    • msease

      Brilliant, by the way!!

  • thomasbone63

    Cruz, Backman, Boehner, Mitchell, Palin, should just shut the hell up. They never came up with a alternative, just cristisize .

    • Moe Syzlak

      No they shouldn’t shut up. The more they talk, the more likely we secure the presidency another eight years from 2016 and beyond. Also, the more the old white folks die off, the more progressives will rally and control both branches of congress. I’m a middle age white by the way haha and I can’t stand old whitey haha. Back to point, even the younger crop of conservatives are even on board with the majority of progressive issues but unfortunately, they tend to be too ignorant to recognize it and will continue to vote against their interests.

      So I applaud Cruz, Bachmann, Palin, Santorum, Perry, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Beck, Drudge, Alex Jones, Rush, Fox News and Heritage Foundation to keep spouting their garbage. The more they do, the more the country will continue to turn their backs to faux conservatives.

      All I say is that we as liberal/progressives owe it to ourselves to encourage these idiots to keep on. With every word these tools speak, they are destroying their own point and therefore securing a good future for our country. It won’t be a turn overnight but nothing is. Fredrick Douglas stated ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress.’

      I think the temporary sacrifice for which we are fighting against is worth it. I know I’m willing to with my very last molecule, strand of DNA, atom and fundamental particle to win against faux conservatives.

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, again…encourage these morons speak. It’s an awesome advantage we liberals/progressives have. Believe it or not, they are inadvertently on our side but too dumb to realize it.

      • regressive rightwing trash


      • Guest

        I’m assuming the first letter of the alphabet is all you learned haha. I salute you and please encourage them these honorable conservatives to continue. I, as a liberal/progressive, want with every fiber of my being for them to keep speaking.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        aaaaa-men!! I love watching the ridiculous regressive white trash republican tea bag party implode,,,,,,,,keep up the great work- the new one of “dissin” the pope is PRICELESS!

      • Guest

        I’m assuming the first letter of the alphabet is all you learned haha. I salute you and please encourage these honorable conservatives to continue. I, as a liberal/progressive, want with every fiber of my being for them to keep speaking

      • Moe Syzlak

        Were you saying amen. I only got part of the aaaaaaaAAAAA

      • Moe Syzlak

        Sorry if I misunderstood you

      • Gatortrapper

        So you pursue suicide to common sense…. got it.

    • Gatortrapper

      Just where in the Constitution is it that “healthcare” provided by a “government of limited, enumerated powers” is found?

      • thomasbone63

        It pass the house, senate, upheld by the supreme court and was a mandate for the last election. yit up. Tell your Republican Congress to do the peoples bidding. All this paid vacation without doing any work is ridicules. Get in your party ass.

      • Gatortrapper

        The use of foul language doesn’t help your case friend.

        And the GOP is doing what I elected it to do.

        Passing the Congress without a GOP vote and using a Supreme Court decision that tortured the English language in order to contrive a decision that “barely” gives it life. You should be very concerned that we are going to slaughter the Dims next year.

      • majii

        It is the Preamble and expressed by the words, “to provide for the general welfare.”

        From Google–Definition of welfare~




        noun: welfare

        1. the health, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group.

        synonyms:well-being, health, comfort, security, safety, protection, prosperity, success, fortune;

      • Gatortrapper

        Sort of runs contrary to the expressed view during debate and passage and subsequent adoption that it was government of limited enumerated powers subject to those specifically outlined, not general phrases describing the area within the limited, fenced area they (the Federal government) was granted to range. But hey, if you want to hang your hat on that type of language when you set the limits on what is permissible with respect to use of your property or authorize your kids to exercise when the situation arises then you do just that. Reminds me of the line in “The Big Chill” when the Jeff Goldberg character, (if memory serves) says that “rationalizations are more important than sex. When was the last time you went a week without a rationalization?”

        “But Dad, you said I could use the car…..” when your17 year old ends up in Miami on a joy ride. I mean technically you didn’t disallow that use, right? That’s the same rationale that you libs use to expand the range of authority of what is a very limited range of power. But I guess your law school was better than the one I attended so I’ll let you have your fantasy that the General Welfare clause conveys plenary police power to the national government and that the plain language of the rest of the document and its amendments are of no import. You depend on that all you want and I’ll stick to my position.

      • msease

        hahahahahahah!!! DREAM ON!!!!

      • ozebloke

        Doesn’t the preamble to your Constitution talk about promoting the general welfare? I’m pretty sure everybody having access to affordable health care is THE DEFINITION of promoting the general welfare…

      • Gatortrapper

        The General Welfare clause is not a blank check that expands upon the limited delegation of enumerated powers that follows. To ascribe such an expansive view to introductory language would eviscerate the balance of the document. Rather it is an expression of the purpose of government within the restricted areas in which it is to operate, not an expression of the boundaries of those areas. But you can rationalize it all you want, just do so with the foreknowledge that you cannot reconcile it with the idea that any provision of the Constitution is thereafter subject to any textual limitation and that when other hands are on the levers of power that their interpretation may not comport with your own.

    • majii

      When Boehner was asked in a presser today whether the republicans would offer their alternative to the nation, his response was, “We’ll see.” This informs me that they have no plan which would be as comprehensive as the ACA.

  • thomas

    Can’t we just stop talking about him. Talk about his voting record, talk about something that makes him relevant to his current political position. That way when it’s time to vote again, people will KNOW exactly what he hasn’t done to help them.

    • Jim Bean

      Its hard to stop talking about him when he was so right and Obama was so very, very, wrong (and now wants to delicately do himself what Cruz said needed to be done in the beginning.

  • frank cunningham

    wait….now that we have actual health coverage…doctors who have been treating EVERYONE now…wont treat them when they actually have health coverage?….really?they will still get paid and the number of people getting health coverage is not different…..but now they will get paid from the patients instead of people who having having their premiums increased….get it?….the same number of people in the pot and the same amount of money in the pot….just being paid differently…..

  • timlinerud

    It’s 100% better than their plan

  • I’ve thought that the President was playing 3D chess with the ’52 pickup’ crowd in all his other dealings with them, have I lost sight that maybe the President trotted this out ON PURPOSE just to watch the circus?

  • txthinker

    And Cruz The Loser’s constant pattern of lie after lie are the sign of a faulty Senator.

    • Gatortrapper

      But of course the only one that we can point to and show has lied time and time again is named “Obama.”

  • shopper

    Our new plan is half the cost of the old with much better coverage. Will save at least $5000/year. We both have pre-existing conditions.

  • shogun768

    Ugh. I hate Cruz’s creepy eyeliner face.

  • Dennis Baxter

    Ted Cruz #voteout

  • Ram Garcia

    I hate to say this, but there is some truth to Tea Turd Ted Cruz regarding your doctor….Some doctors still have questions about joining the health care exchange….We currently have insurance with a major company and they are also providing a plan on the exchange which is cheaper and offers comparable benefits…My doctor is listed on the regular directory but not on the exchange directory….So we were left to choose paying the higher cost and continue with our family doctor who we have been seeing over 20 years and knows our medical issues or get a cheaper premium and start all over with a new doctor…Starting new is scary, expecially at our age… So we will remain with our current doctor….Having said that, We still support the ACA because it will allow the millions who have NO insurance to now be able to receive treatment when the family member, especially the children, become ill and not have to wait and finally go to the emergency room which in some cases is to late….

    • Gatortrapper

      You need to take a closer look. The reality is that those “millions” will now have a method of payment for services they cannot access as doctors withdraw from the market. Great job.

  • evans2012

    Rafael Ted Cruz, go back to Canada.

  • Sherralyn Caylor

    Cruzs wife pays for their insurance from Goldman sachs. 40,000 a year

  • Rev. Janell Smith

    Cruz is just another ALEC, Koch-rot Bros., Heritage Foundation, Heritage Action minion incapable of being a man representing all of his constituents!

  • Middle of the Road

    Someone should tell Allen Clifton to stop lying and get his facts straight. He makes a good point about the Obamacare website running a little better, but he totally loses his credibility when he suggests that “millions” of Americans are paying less for health insurance because of Obamacare. In fact, only 106,000 people signed up for Obamacare during the first month it was available. And out of those people, how many actually saved money vs. how many simply signed up? This is a far cry from “millions” of people saving money due to Obamacare. If we are going to make a point to the Republicans, we should at least get the facts straight, which Clifton failed to do. We are still paying the price for Obama’s blunder stating that “people with insurance will be able to keep their existing policies.”

    • mngrayfox

      What you fail to mention Middle of the Road is that those people who had their insurance cancelled HAD VERY SUBSTANDARD insurance. Yes, the President should have used better verbiage when he stated his facts about the ACA, but the fact remains that those policies had high deductibles, limited or high co-pays, many had no hospital coverage, no prescription coverage, fixed lifetime limits, and the loss of coverage if the patient has a preexisting condition or loss of coverage if they develop a preexisting condition and are the reason that many Americans with such policies go bankrupt if they get sick!

      These are the major reasons for the ACA! To provide coverage that will meet the needs of any individuals medical care, and do away with high use of emergency care for those without insurance. You and all of us end up paying for this care which MUST be provided by emergency rooms in the cost of our policies.

      The old addage “you get what you pay for” applies here. So, if they have to pay more to get REAL healthcare coverage then that’s the price they will have to pay. So, lets give the plan a chance and stop dissing it and let us catch up with the rest of the world and provide decent health care for those who need it. We all will benefit in the long run.


    Wait ’till the “sticker shock” they refer to
    is the shock that their premiums are LESS!
    The GOP’s greatest fears are becoming a reality.
    People want the ACA to work.
    They want people to have access to affordable,
    secure health insurance.
    Exactly what the Republicans were fighting &
    their lies are being exposed………

  • sfwmson

    we need to have the president’s back on this. We need to encourage young people to sign up—it’s the only way it will work.

  • motorfingaz

    Sick of his weak effeminate face.

  • Jim Bean

    I didn’t see much ‘right wing propaganda’ pointing to the website debacle as proof of Obamacare’s ‘failure’. They said it was proof that the O administration lacked the expertise to handle such a large undertaking. It was the high Medicaid enrollments and non-existent private insurance enrollments that they point to as proof of failure because it means the program will be insolvent from the get-go.

  • Gatortrapper

    Well this is as contrived a piece as there can be. Of course the issues are going to shift as time passes and the status quo changes. What is funny is Clifton’s use of intellectually dishonest arguments and “recasting” of facts in order to display them in a more favorable light.

    For example, the failure of the the launch of the website was never, in my view anyway, evidence of the failure of the PPACA as a program, but merely evidence of the inability of government to efficiently and effectively perform a function that the free market is well suited to perform. Better to have had competitive bids for vendors to have offered their services to create the website rather than the government displaying the arrogance of trying to do it “in house.” Sort of like a non-lawyer expecting to win a complex case representing themselves or me trying to successfully trying to re-plumb my entire house from sidewalk connection to second floor commode. Or Clifton trying to write a cogent, persuasive article.

    Let’s take apart his flawed prose. “First, he never mentions the millions of Americans who are actually paying less for health care. Yes, some Americans are paying more, but many are also paying less.” This is really flawed: first, it assumes a lot of facts as there can be no such assessment until all the numbers are in so we have no idea of the net result overall, let alone with the specificity necessary to say that “millions of Americans are actually paying less….” So that is pure conjecture that may, or may not, prove to be true in the end. But intellectually dishonest to convert “hope” to fact and assert it. Call this a “Clifton FAIL.”

    Now his next assertion that is again intellectually dishonest: “Second, “cancelled” plans is actually not completely accurate. Sure, plans are being cancelled — because they’re substandard health insurance plans.” This is intellectually dishonest on several levels, something that Clifton seems uniquely gifted in accomplishing. The stance of Obama is two fold; first, “the PPACA didn’t require these to be cancelled” and “the policies are substandard.” Well Clifton seems to ignore the first Obama position, for the very obvious reason that it is pure sophistry to suggest that telling an industry that they could no longer offer plans without certain benefits and then imposing rules that made those changes necessary to comply “dis-qualifiers” from inclusion in the “grandfather” clause to then argue that the two were unrelated and there was no direct cause and effect. I guess even Clifton couldn’t swallow that one, although he must have enjoyed the choking sensation of the attempted palter. But the biggest dishonesty is the imposition of someone else’s “judgment” on another to tell them was is acceptable and what is “substandard.” Now that is as pedantic as they come and begs the question on just what am I trusted to use my own value system to weigh now and in the future. And shouldn’t there be a pause on this contrived argument given the widespread reports that people strongly disagree with that blanket assertion?

    And finally, we get to the dishonesty of selling “universal access to insurance” with no preexisting exclusion and other disabling factors being overridden by law. Instead the slight of hand trick is “Also, he fails to mention the tens of millions of Americans who won’t gain access to affordable health insurance due to Republican obstruction in state legislatures that are refusing to expand Medicaid.” But didn’t the Dims and Obama “fail to mention” that little hidden provision that “oh and by the way since many of these folks will not be able to afford care under any circumstance we are going to force them onto a poorly functioning, enormously expensive system that we provide at YOUR additional expense: it not being the case that there was room in the budget for the 10’s of Billions of new funding needed to provide Medicaid expansion. The only way to do that is to raise taxes, costs to the individual: or both. But that wasn’t highlighted was it. Another “Clifton FAIL.”

    Cruz accurately points to the flaws and faults and the fact that one
    gets ameliorated over time due to an incredible investment of time,
    effort and money, doesn’t detract from the larger flaws that remain. We
    will see our healthcare system collapse and we are seeing it unfold in
    slow motion before our eyes. Cruz is dead on in objecting to this as
    frankly on the list of priorities of human needs as almost universally
    agreed, medical care comes in a distant fourth to food, shelter and
    clothing. And if as communists claim medical care is a right then why
    are we not addressing higher priority “rights” that have a more
    immediate impact before we address the lower priority one?

    On the same stage Clifton loses again as all he has is feel good
    rhetoric that ignores reality and diminishes individual freedom and
    liberty to “substandard” status.

    I’d love to debate this fool as it would be fun taking him to the woodshed.